LA Confidential: Sonic Bloom #003 - The Season So Far x All-Star Break

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 120, 2026


I swear the JBL has been a big adjustment for me about EVERYTHING! Our team is doing well we are Top 2 in the West and has been figuring it all out. The cohesion is building and having great leaders in Juice (Chris LaCruz) and Griff (Derrick Griffin) has been god sent. I learn a lot in practice and just hanging around with these cats. My game has been up and down, my minutes also up and down but I need to stay consistent which is a feat of its own. The game is so methodical here, it's all about strategies and the right personnel. Which thanks to our front office, our team structure has the right people at the right positions. I'm having a lot of fun but some games I'm just hella fuckin' frustrated. My shot is coming along but I know I have a long way to go to be a factor in this squad and I'm hella committed to the cause. Being young, fly and hungry in a big city such as Los Angeles where Hollywood is where it's at, there can be a lot of distraction but I have such great vets that keeps me grounded. I need to learn the game more, the ins and outs, I need to be the best to ever do it in a baggy short shorts, you know what I mean? I'ma take my time, whhoaaa.


STATLINE - 19 points (8/10 FG, 3/4 3FG), 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals (21.5 GmScr)

This was my first big game in my career Day 16 against the Skyhawks. Boy am I cooking, 19 points, I attacked the rim 5 times and made all of it. I shot 3/5 from the outside and I missed 1 long jumper but whatevs haha. I was playing both point and off guard and I made most of my damage in the 2nd quarter dropping 12 points there but the game was too close that I only played a total of 24:22 which is no problem that is already extra minutes compare to my average. I was cookin' mufuckas though I got 6 points from transition, you know because I'm stupid fast, 7 points from pick and roll and 4 points from Iso, you know, cooking! But yeah kiddin' aside it was a chore guarding them Skyhawks guards, JJ (Jamal Johnson) and Malik (Malik Phillips) but I think I fare well. Dropped 5 dimes no turnover, yessir! Grabbed 3 rebounds and got like 2 steals, you can't go easy on my playa'. I love the feeling of it! I felt like I belong. I was interviewed 1st time post-game and I have to get my mack on as this shorty was interviewing me looks like my type. Haha. I did my Hollywood Keiron look and BAM!, we good.

STATLINE - 20 points (7/14 FG, 4/8 3FG, 2/2), 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal (19.8 GmScr)

Oh I remember Day 47 our win vs the Scorps that was my 1st double-double, I was the boardman that game pulling 11 boards (season high), what you know about that? Sonic Bloom have hops son. I kept it balanced 6 defensive rebounds and 5 offensive rebounds, outjumping dudes. Against the Scorps I was given about 25 minutes of playing time as Juice played less than 30, so he let me go buckwild. Game was done by half-time really and we just keep on pressing till the buzzer sounded. I scored 20 big ones (season high), shot 4/8 from the outside, they gotta respect my jumper man. I scored 6 points from pick and roll, 5 from hand offs and I had a spot up 3, I think I also had 1 Iso play called for me where I also scored and all. I was just all over the place frankly. I told Scuba Stouda (Devearl Stoudamire) I'm taking advantage on this extra time, son. I'm not even lyin' bruh. So yeah extra time for me and I get to operate more and that is what I did. I didn't get interviewed after of course it was Juice, I keep hollerin' to folks though, they need me on they TVs man! Ratings son! Young Hollywood!


Day 106 before our Jacks game at Portland I got injured in practice, tough luck. I was looking forward to it too! But you know it is what it is. This is a long season we get injured but by golly we bounce the fuck back. I hit knee on a collision when I drove in scrimmage, ol' boy Scuba Stouda did told me to settle for mid-range but my ninja I haven't learned that one yet. Teach me overgrown Yoda! Haha. So, I drove and I hit my knee, felt like something stung and boom knee contusion. I was ok after but I was ruled out for 9 days, I told the medical staff I got healing factor like Wolverine none believed me by Day 2 of the injury I was sprinting but yeah, aight, medical staff said to sit yo' ass down, you sit yo' ass down! So, I missed 4 games I had to watch the game from the sidelines wearing my Gucci suit, fresh pressed and looking like Tony Montana out there. It was around the same week that Scuba Stouda broke his wrist and my big homie Kenyon Fuller torn his groin. It was not a good week for us. Scuba Stouda is out longer while Kenyon about 2 weeks shorter than Scuba Stouda. It was a big blow but somehow muthafuckin' GM Jron nabbed this stretch big Jarell Harrison out of nowhere to put in place of Kenyon and what did you know we somehow finished our brutal 6-game road trip with a 5-1 record. I came back the last 2 games and played a bit mediocre, still tryin to find my legs from all the sitting I did last few haha. But was able to contribute on my own way that's 2 Ws sirs!


So, the All-Star weekend commences and man Stars are all over Mexico City! I was named as a reserve guard and all good. I ain't contestin' that I should start as I didn't have the numbers to back me up, MBJ (Mitchell Butler Jr) and MSJ (Michel Saint-Jean) both have better numbers than me, I ain't stressin' I'll get 'em in the future, fasho fasho! Haha. So, yeah I watched all of the festivities I was turned into a fan, I have more pictures with players than everyone. I was a fan. I was runnin' around with MBJ during the All-Star weekend. We also kick it with RJJ (Ricky Jackson Jr) and he other boys. It was fun, we met hella people. Get some interviews left and right. Get to pose with fans and it was surreal! I never been in an All-star weekend in my life, so this is a first to me as much as everyone going there for the 1st time. But yeah, game time it was my boy Jae Lawson's show dude lit up the college boys 24 points and 9 rebounds I think, we got like 7 players scoring in double-figures and I played barely haha. I was awful 1/5 FG, 0/1 3FG and 2/2 FT but I did dished 4 dimes and had 3 rebounds. I dished some flashy ones man I tell you! Haha. But yeah I'm more star trucked all weekend. I get to create bonds with the other rooks. We have a little posse out there, MBJ, RJJ, myself Jae, Malique Farmer and Vacha Alston we kick it and it didn't feel like were rivals just bunch of kids enjoying the All-Star. We was loud, obnoxious and crazy. I told 'em I expect you cats to be in the main game in a few years because I'ma bust my ass to be in there too! We made a bet on who to get there first and they all have the upper hand over me! But you know like I said I'ma bust my ass to be in one of those games in the future whether I'll be the first or last doesn't matter I'll be there. BET.

This Keiron "Sonic" Bloom, aka Young Hollywood aka Gucci Godfather aka Your Next Idol signing off.