What do the Devils look like 2 weeks after trading Slattery?

  • By Ed Latham, Day 120, 2026

It's been two weeks since Atlanta changed up their roster and moved away from building a team around Taquan Slattery. During those two weeks there have been a few rotation shifts as coaches continue to try to find the right mix of players that fit their new shift to a different offensive scheme.

Since the trade, the team has gone 5 wins and 7 losses. After loosing their first 5 games after the trade, the team shifted things around and has won 5 of the last 7 games. Although some would point out that the Devils schedule may have more to do with their recent success as many of their opponents have not had winning seasons thus far in their last 7 games.

The team has settled into a line up that looks like this:
Treyvon Miller C - Settling in nicely at C and the team seems to be using him as a focal point on offense.

Omari Kamga PF - After the team really pushed Foster into many minutes to evaluate him, the team decided to get their real PF starter into place to see how he would do. It is obvious that Foster will, in no way be a threat to Kamga dominating the PF minutes the rest of this year.

Kenny Robertson SF - Robertson is probably the biggest question mark in the starting lineup. It seems that Robertson and Nikos Koutsoloukas are in a battle to see who can suck the most as a starter while at the same time competing to see who dominates most off the bench. This battle will be the focus of an upcoming article after the All Star break. Robertson has a team option next year. It may be time for him to push to prove to the team he can be more consistent in his performance.

Dominique Harmon SG - This is another question mark position with Harmon having games in which he carries the team and other games in which he disappears. Like Robertson, when he is on, the team tends to do well. When he is off, the team really struggles. Another article looking at Harmon's influence on team performance may be done in the next month as Harmon approaches his first free agency season of his career. He could certainly improve his options with more consistent performances.

Kendrick Hill PG- In an alarming trend of inconsistent players, Hill is yet another Devil that has had difficulty being consistent this year. It is hoped that as the team moves away from their Post Centric focus, Hill will become more comfortable with the increased offensive load the team would like him to assume. Sadly Jalen Langford is still performing well enough to have some coaches thinking that Langford may offer the team more in terms of fit and production in spite of being a second round pick a few years ago. A deep dive into the differences between these two may be helpful in showing if this race is really that close or does one player clearly deserve the helm?

As mentioned above, Nikos Koutsoloukas has really been pushing to get more time on the floor than Kenny Robertson. In terms of per 36 it is not even close with Koko kicking Robertson's butt. So why then is Koko not starting? Perhaps his roles at both SG and SF require him to have less minutes in the 3 position? Perhaps the team is letting Koko grow without the stress of starting performance because neither player has had many good games starting while each has had very nice games in a 6th man role.

Players on the out in the new look Devils:
Ellis Neely - the team cut him recently to get down to their 15 man roster. The fact that the team chose to stay with 3 younger bigs that were drafted much after Neely was a good indication that the team did not find Neely fit their system after resigning Neely this offseason.

Isaac Foster - The team has officially move him to the trade block after playing him in significant time at his PF position. In fact, the team seems to have grown on Michael Nixon at PF to back up Kamga and it is Nixon's play and energy level that was mostly responsible for the team shelving Foster. It is uncertain what the team does with Foster and his contract, but there are rumors that the team may just choose to cut him outright in the off season and just eat his contract. There is still a good chunk of the season to play out and things may change, but in the first two weeks of changes, Foster is on the wrong side of the bench.

Who will these new Devils really end up being? Will they be a defensive wall that people slam into as evidenced by some very good teams having very low scoring games against them already? Will they ever develop or acquire an offensive shooting weapon that is not wildly inconsistent from game to game? With all this youth still on the team, who are the players that the team really focuses around and builds around? The Devils post All Star game have been very impressive in the last few years. Last year they climbed and climbed to cement the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. Being already almost 13 games away from that goal this season, most would think it highly unlikely the team could accomplish such a feat this year! Ironically, the team is even more games away from trying to secure the last place in the league. Which way do they go? We will find out after All Star Break it seems.