Sitting Down with OB1

  • By Ken Walden, Day 1, 2021

Last week we sat down with Aeon, the Denver Dragons general manager. I found the GM a quiet, determined, calm interviewee. Nothing could be more different than my experience this week talking with the inaugural draft pick of the Denver Dragons, Odell Bracey. OB1, as we was called in his year at UCLA, is a brash, excitable young man who is ready to step onto the world stage.

SI: How did it feel to be picked by the Denver Dragons in the CJBL draft this year?

Odell: I felt pissed off that five other teams picked someone else over me. That's how it felt.

SI: Wow, so you feel you should have been the number one pick?

Odell: Hell, yes. Don't you? Did you watch my games?

SI: I did.

Odell: Then you already know the answer. You should be interviewing those teams, asking them how they feel about the mistake they just made.

SI: So would you say you feel disappointed to end up on the Dragons?

Odell: Naw, man, you trying to get me in trouble. I'm pissed I was picked #6, but I didn't care if it was Denver or some other team.

SI: So it turned out to be Denver. how do you feel about playing there?

Odell: No place else I could play. No other player out there for them. I've got dragon's blood in my veins, man. I got dragon fire in my belly. You think I could play for some other team? Do I look like a vulture? Do I look a colonel? No, I look like a ******** dragon.

SI: How do you feel about being on an expansion team?

Odell: Listen, being on an expansion team is the best. I'm going to be sure to take the first shot in the first game, and then guess what? I'll be the all-time leading scorer for the Denver Dragons. Everything I do is going to set a record.

SI: Expansion teams tend to struggle for a long time before becoming a winning team. Are you afraid of being stuck on a losing team?

Odell: No other expansion team has ever had me. Listen, I don't want to win because a bunch of other guys are already winning. I'm here in the JBL to show these guys my game, and this is the best chance to do so. When the Dragons are hoisting the trophy you going to know who got them there.

SI: Certainly the Dragons are going to bring in other players though. They have the money to be big players in free agency, this year or next.

Odell: Yeah, well you wait and see who you watching during a Dragons game. Me or Toby the free agent.

SI: Are you worried then that if this is "your" team, other players will be resentful?

Odell: Nah, the guys that know me, they know I'm playin'. Listen, you want to waste my time doing an interview with me, I'm going to give you something to print. You ask an athlete if they're the best, they better believe they are or they should get out of the sport. If I don't think I'm the best guy on the court, what the **** am I doing there? I ain't earning Cliff McCaffrey's paycheck, I'm earning mine. Maybe you go interview him he'll tell you we're all part of the team, nobody wins by themselves, I don't know. I don't want to read any more **** like that, I doubt anyone else does. That's the PR shit, like this sheet some lady gave me before I came in here. I guess I'm supposed to read off that, but no PR sheet won me a game at UCLA, and no PR sheet got me here. That's all me, baby, and that's what you're going to get. All me.

And with that, Odell asked if we were done and headed out of the interview. If Bracey is as exciting on court as he is off of it, the Dragons will have a hot new talent on their hands.