Lumberjacks Free Agency Report

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 1, 2021

Keith “Hawk” Humphries - $20m/3

The ‘Jacks GM apparently had no reservations about raiding his old team, starting free agency with a maximum offer to the Tritons point guard. Humphries is a former #5 pick who was brought along slowly as the backup to Austin Williams, finally securing the starting position for himself just last season, averaging 12.5ppg 9.2apg and 1.9spg. Hawk will now have the chance to “pay it forward” as the mentor to Portland’s two 2nd round rookie point guards.

Cedric “Morgan” Freeman - $8.5/3

After 9 seasons as an on again off again starter for the Warriors, Kings and Rockets, Freeman adds valuable experience to a power forward department that is otherwise completely made up of rookies. With averages of 11.0ppg 8.2rpg and 2.2bpg, Freeman will form a physically powerful PF - C combination with expansion draftee Janev “Cisco” Ciszkiwicx.

Paul “Scholar” Rhodes - $5.2/2

GM Wallis dipped back into the Tritons roster for his next signing, enticing this former #10 pick to Portland with a deal worth just over $10 million total over two seasons. Rhodes has had a fairly unremarkable 4 years in the league so far, but has shown signs that he may flourish with more consistent court time.

Linton “L-Train” Hughes - $20.3m/1

The Lumberjacks 15th and final player will surely be the subject of a lot of discussion amongst Portland fans and around the league. Wanting more experience at the forward spots, the GM was willing to shower the now 39 year old L-Train with cash. Hughes’ has had a stellar 20 year career (longer than several teammates have been alive) but his greatest value to the team is as a teacher and role model for the team’s eight rookies, as well as a big name draw card to attract fans to the new franchise.