Player Lineup Analysis - Taquan Slattery

  • By Kris Burley, Day 57, 2026

Taquan Slattery

The most positive or naive man in the JBL depending on how you interpret his second season of 'determined to make the playoffs' status. His contract status, whether the GM is going to sack themselves and other musings have been discussed across slack, pods and Ohgeers press releases.

What I'm focusing on is the age old question of what position should Slattery play?

With the new lineup search functionality, GM's we are able to look at positional lineup performance AND strip out other players. To start this analysis, I've done looked at Slats team lineup performance at both the 4 and 5

We see a big drop in DRTG when he plays at the 5. But with the ability to strip out other players from the lineup
we are in a better position to validate it. Connor Maitland is a strong, young defensive big who is a fringe starter/6th man for the team Maitlaind is played at both the 4 and 5

Here we see a big drop in ORTG, with DRTG holding fairly steadily. With both players in the lineup, we see much better offense. Does this mean that Maitland is helping out with spacing? Let's look at the lineups with Maitland and without Slats

As expected, it's horrendous as Maitland is not a focal point for offense, but in some way helps unlock Slats to an extent. In order to get a sense of the importance of other players on the team, I have looked at Dominque Harmon as 2nd player to assess the effectiveness of Slats on the court.

wat. Seriously wat. The team appears to be more effective defensively with Harmon on the floor and without Slats.

What does this all mean. The Devils run with a Post Centric philosophy which is understandable with Slats on the team. They are more effective offensively when Slats is on the floor. So what's happening on defensively when Slats is on the floor? Opponent FG% is higher, particularly 3p%

With the Devils playing a post centric game, are they slower to transition on defense? Potentially opponents are taking advantage of this and are getting clean looks from 3. Whilst Phila scouts identify the Devils on having weak perimeter defenders this appears to be exacerbated with Slattery on the court.

So where does this leave us? We can see that Slats at PF gives the team a better overall rating, but when he is off the floor the Devils are much better on D, particularly locking down opponent 3pt shooters. The Devils should look potentially looking at changing their defensive sets and perhaps experimenting a different philosophy.