Drones Dime (Vol 4.4): Charlotte Up to 7th in the JBL Power Rankings

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 45, 2026

2026 Season, Day 45

Overall Record: 13-8 (Home: 9-2 & Away: 4-6)
STLY: 13-8
SE Div: 1st place (+2.5 GB)
JBL Power Rank: 7 (Prev: 19)
NetRtg: 2.7 (Prev: -1.5)

Day 33/Game 15: Drones (7-7) vs. Warriors (11-6)
Record vs. Warriors: 6-8 (H: 4-2)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -9.1

Another chance for us to take advantage of the Weaver-less Warriors and this time it’s a home game giving us an extra leg up. The Warriors come out strong and it’s a back and forth for a majority of the first half. Heading into the 3rd quarter, we held a slim 64-60 advantage. An 18-6 run to start the second half highlighted by 6 points from RW II and 8 points from Anthony. At that point, we would maintain a steady double digit lead as we win going away, 133-114.

Key Stat of the Game
61.1%. We were highly efficient shooting 54.4% from the floor and 48.0% from 3P leading to a superb eFG%.

Top Performers
3rd Star: C Khalen Anthony (21.2 GmSc) 22p | 9r | 1a | 1s | 2b (8/12 FG, 6/9 FT)
2nd Star: SG Raefael Williams II (21.5 GmSc) 28p | 3r | 5a | 2s | 1b (11/22 FG, 3/7 3P, 3/4 FT)
1st Star: SG Lamar Claxton (23.5 GmSc) 37p | 3r | 1s (14/22 FG, 5/8 3P, 4/5 FT)

Random Notes
• We capitalized on the 19 turnovers we forced and turned it into a 21-7 points off turnover advantage
Aaron Honeycutt contributed 8 of those turnovers and posted a -30
• Our bench would outscore the Warriors 47-16
DeVaughn Wilkinson had his best game of the season posting an 18-5-4 line on 7/9 FG and 4/4 from three

Day 35/Game 16: Drones (8-7) vs. Crusaders (4-12)
Record vs. Crusaders: 7-5 (H: 4-2)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 1.7

A definite trap game on the schedule that the team does not fall into. We come out strong and take a 32-19 lead after one, then extend that to a 55-38 lead at the half and absolutely slam the door by the time the 4th quarter rolls around as it was 87-59 by that point. The 113-90 lead sees us move into 8th in the East.

Key Stat of the Game
16.7%. We hold the Crusaders to 4/24 from distance making any sort of comeback nearly impossible with the scoreline

Top Performers
3rd Star: C Khalen Anthony (18.9 GmSc) 20p | 7r | 1a | 1s | 1b (6/11 FG, 8/8 FT)
2nd Star: SF Lucas Rush (19.9 GmSc) 17p | 12r | 3a | 1s | 1b (7/12 FG, 2/3 3P, 1/1 FT)
1st Star: SG Raefael Williams II (22.3 GmSc) 19p | 5r | 7a | 2s | 2b (8/11 FG, 2/3 3P, 1/1 FT)

Random Notes
Devan Carroll was awarded a start due to his play of late. He subsequently went 2/10 and 0/4 from 3P and posted a 4-6-4 line
Daniel Pedroso had a rough night going 0/9 from the floor and 0/6 from 3P. He would post the only negative Game Score (-2.2) for us on this night
• Our odd season of every game being a blowout continues. Avg. margin in our games is now 15.6 points

Day 37/Game 17: Drones (9-7) vs. Vipers (9-8)
Record vs. Vipers: 7-2 (H: 3-0)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 3.9

A 30-15 first quarter gets the home crowd going as we look to extend our winning streak to three in a row. By the time we reach the break, we have opened up the lead to 68-47. The lead would remain steady until a the Vipers started to clamp down on defense. Their 35-13 run would get them within a point with 9:19 left in regulation. We would hit enough shots and make just enough stops over the final nine minutes to secure a 116-108 victory.

Key Stat of the Game
10. Just 10 turnovers against the defensive minded Vipers ended up being the key as both teams were highly efficient on the offensive side of the ball

Top Performers
3rd Star: SG Eric Greely (15.3 GmSc) 17p | 3r | 5a | 2s | 2b (7/11 FG, 3/6 3P)
2nd Star: C Khalen Anthony (19.5 GmSc) 21p | 6r | 1a | 1s | 2b (7/11 FG, 0/1 3P, 7/10 FT)
1st Star: SF Triston Lane (20.9 GmSc) 24p | 15r | 11a | 1b (10/23 FG, 3/9 3P, 1/2 FT)

Random Notes
• Our bench helped carry us outscoring the Vipers 2nd unit 44-30. DeVaughn Wilkinson continues to play well scoring 14, with Daniel Pedroso adding 12 and Devan Carroll scoring 10.
• Wilkinson and Pedroso would each shoot 4/5 from distance

Day 38/Game 18: Drones (10-7) @ Jaguars (9-8)
Record vs. Jaguars: 2-4 (A: 0-3)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -26.2

Juwan Hughes torched us a couple weeks back and today was no different as we just had no answer. Hughes would put up a 39-10-9 line. To make matters worse, Jamaal Adams got into the mix as well with 27-7-10. Needless to say, this one wasn’t close as we lose 128-102 on the road.

Key Stat of the Game
24. Mexico City would go 24/45 from distance for a 42 point advantage from 3P on the night

Top Performers
3rd Star: PF Devan Carroll (20.3 GmSc) 20p | 2r | 3a | 3b (8/12 FG, 2/5 3P, 2/2 FT)
2nd Star: SG Jamaal Adams (25.4 GmSc) 27p | 7r | 10a | 1b (10/20 FG, 7/11 3P)
1st Star: SF Juwan Hughes (34.2 GmSc) 39p | 10r | 9a | 1s | 1b (15/27 FG, 8/12 3P, 1/1 FT)

Random Notes
• This marks the first game Carroll has appeared in the top 3 performer tab as he continues to provide us with better results in the 6th man role
• The rest of our bench would combine for just 16 points on 6/18 shooting

Day 40/Game 19: Drones (10-8) @ Devils (6-13)
Record vs. Devils: 10-3 (A: 3-3)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 6.5

This was definitely a game on the calendar that we circled as a tossup. Historically we are .500 in Atlanta and you just never know what Slattery is going to do. The star on this night was RW II who poured in 43 points on just 24 shots as he single handedly took us along for the 111-92 victory. The 22-6 run that crossed the end of the second and start of the third saw Lucas Rush and Williams each score 7 points as those two continue to play very, very well in 2026. In fact, Rush is arguably playing his best basketball of his career right now.

Key Stat of the Game
98.9. The ORtg for the Devils goes to show how effective we were on defense on this

Top Performers
3rd Star: C Khalen Anthony (12.3 GmSc) 14p | 9r | 3a | 2b (5/13 FG, 1/3 3P, 3/5 FT)
2nd Star: PF Taquan Slattery (18.7 GmSc) 16p | 11r | 5a | 1s (5/9 FG, 1/1 3P, 5/6 FT)
1st Star: SG Raefael Williams II (38.1 GmSc) 43p | 8r | 3a | 2s | 1b (16/24 FG, 4/6 3P, 7/8 FT)

Random Notes
• RW II’s 43 points were one shy of his career high and adds to the 30 he scored against Atlanta earlier in the season
• PF Lafayette Okonkwo left the game with an injured foot and will miss 4 days or so

Day 41/Game 20: Drones (11-8) vs. Colonels (13-6)
Record vs. Colonels: 12-1 (H: 6-1)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 6.4

After getting smashed in our home opener by the Colonels, we’ve had this one circled on our calendar. A 26-16 opening quarter put us in a good position and then a 10-0 run covering 90 seconds in the 3rd pushed us out in front by 18 points and it was over from there. The 109-96 saw six Drones reach double figures as it was truly and all-around effort. Lucas Rush and DeAngelo Tarver would each tally a triple-double in what is likely a very rare occurrence for teammates in a JBL game.

Key Stat of the Game
20-2. We absolutely crush Hawes and Co. on the boards as we tally a 57-34 advantage and a 18-point differential on 2nd chance points thanks to our ORB% of .400.

Top Performers
3rd Star: C Kelvin Hawes (18.9 GmSc) 18p | 10r | 5a | 1s (6/12 FG, 6/9 FT)
2nd Star: SF Lucas Rush (20.5 GmSc) 16p | 14r | 12a | 1s (7/17 FG, 2/5 3P)
1st Star: PG DeAngelo Tarver (23.6 GmSc) 18p | 11r | 10a | 1s | 1b (7/13 FG, 2/7 3P, 2/3 FT)

Random Notes
Lucas Rush tallied his JBL leading 4th triple-double (tied with Triston Lane) on the season and 12th of his career
Devan Carroll would add 16 & 9 in his 6th man role

Day 43/Game 21: Drones (12-8) vs. Devils (6-15)
Record vs. Devils: 11-3 (H: 7-0)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 7.4

3 days after seeing the Devils in Atlanta, we play host to them in Charlotte. The Devils would jump out to a quick 9-point advantage led by a quick start for Dominique Harmon who would go on to total a triple-double on the night. A 9-0 run would get us back to even at 23 and the teams would end the quarter knotted at 30. A 20-5 run in the second would stretch out a lead that was too much for the Devils to overcome as they would only come within 3 points over the remainder of the game.

Key Stat of the Game
62.2%. A 60%+ eFG% is generally going to win you games in the JBL and this one was no exception. We shoot 15/30 from 3P and 51/94 overall from the field as the Devils would have no answers defensively

Top Performers
3rd Star: SG Raefael Williams II (20.5 GmSc) 19p | 5r | 7a | 3s | 1b (8/14 FG, 2/4 3P, 1/1 FT)
2nd Star: SG Dominique Harmon (32.9 GmSc) 25p | 13r | 10a | 2s | 1b (11/16 FG, 2/4 3P, 1/2 FT)
1st Star: SF Lucas Rush (33.9 GmSc) 31p | 16r | 9a | 1s | 5b (12/27 FG, 4/8 3P, 3/4 FT)

Random Notes
Lucas Rush ended up 1 assist short of his 5th triple-double of 2026
Khalen Anthony would pace us tonight with 24 points
DeAngelo Tarver is looking like he is starting to pick his game up a bit as he tallies a season high 13 assists

2026 Top Drones Performers
Lucas Rush: 1st Star (5), 2nd Star (4), 3rd Star (2)
Raefael Williams II: 1st Star (3), 2nd Star (4), 3rd Star (2)
Khalen Anthony: 2nd Star (1), 3rd Star (5)
DeAngelo Tarver: 1st Star (1), 3rd Star (1)
Caius Springer: 2nd Star (2)
Devan Carroll: 3rd Star (1)
DeAngelo Tarver: 3rd Star (1)
Daniel Pedroso: 3rd Star (1)