Devils 2026 a crazy week in Hell Days 29 to 35

  • By Ed Latham, Day 37, 2026

After a road heavy week (3 away games and 1 home game) the Devils are keeping fans on the edge of their seats still. Are they at a turning point juncture?

Day 29 @ Oakland Tritons
After one of their worst loses in team history in LA, the Atlanta manage some dignity with a strong game on the road in Oakland winning a close game by 4 points.

Taquan Slattery with 21 shots and 6 trips FT and more importantly he hit over 64% of his shots pulling in 30 points, 10 reb, 2 ast, 4 stl, and 3blk.
Kenny Robertson finally broke out of his slump and had a good game (14 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast, 4 stl, 1blk) even though he still may take too many shots from long distances.
Both Kendrick Hill and Jalen Langford had good games for different reasons. Hill had a very efficient shooting day for him (7/13) while Langford had 6 assists and hitting (5/12)

Is Derrick Aririguzoh still on the team? His production and efficiency has been declining the entire season.
Why is Ruben Wingate still in the lineup? 2/10 shooting is just a waste of ball touches on a team that really needs to show some signs of life.

Day 31 at Denver Dragons
The Devils managed to keep the game close through two quarters, but Denver took control of the game just a few minutes into the 3rd quarter and the game was a second half blowout for the dragons.

Taquan Slattery with another strong game, 25pts, 11 reb, 1stl, 3blk. There have been few back to back positive games for Taquan so it is very nice to to have games like the last two to give fans hope.
Kenny Robertson had a second game in which he seemed to have stabilized in his shooting efficiency more than earlier in the year. 5/10 from the field with 5 assists and a block
Kendrick Hill offered much offensive support with his 21 points.

Kendrick Hill shooting 10/23 is not a type of percentage that makes Atlanta coaches happy. Yes, it is great that he scored so much, but coaches have been trying to push him to make more efficient shot choices.
Dominique Harmon had a horrible night with 4/18 shooting. The only saving grace for him was that he did contribute in his non-scoring roles, 5 reb, 6ast, 1stl, 2blk.
Isaac Foster and Derrick Arriguzoh have effectively been MIA in a number of games this season. The team may have to step away from both or find some way to get them involved in different ways.

Day 33 at Pittsburgh Vipers
Atlanta makes a potential season changing move in roster. Slattery has now moved over to PF, Jalen Langford is now starting and Connor Maitland has earned his way back into the starting lineup while former starters Kendrick Hill, Derrick Aririguzoh and Isaac Foster all find their roles changed quite a bit.

Taquan Slattery seemed to have a much more comfortable game at PF than he has at C. His shooting percentage was higher than other games this year (61.9%), 13 rebounds is one of his most active games on the boards and chipping in 6 assists is great for building team chemistry and trust.
Connor Maitland had a statement game after being moved to starter with 10/17 shooting, 9reb
Kendrick Hill had his most efficient shooting performance coming off the bench going 6/9

Jalen Langford seemed to really struggle with his starting role going 0/7. He is still young and nerves seemed to really bother him tonight. He did distribute the ball well with 5 ast and no turnovers
Nikos Koutsoloukas continues to have a crappy shooting season going 1/13 including 6 whiffs from 3 point land and he even wracked up 5 personal fouls. Of course Triston Lane and Eric Greely may have had something to do with that poor performance for the young player.
Derrick Arriguzoh continues to struggle going 1/5

Day 35 vs Portland Lumberjacks
A tough team loss at home against a very good Portland team. Still, there were many signs of life from the Devils that have some thinking that the crappy season may have already started to swing a bit more positive.

Jalen Langford bounced back in his second start with a solid 5/8 shooting, 7 ast performance.
Connor Maitland also enjoyed his second start with 8/12 shooting. It is a shame he can't play defense a bit better as he would be a monster instead of a liability on the defensive end.
Taquan Slatteryhad another game shooting > 50% putting a string of 20 attempts at >50% shooting which is what the team needs for the wins to start happening
Nikos Koutsoloukas had a good game for a change shooting incredibly well 12/18 including 6/7 from 3 points!

Kenny Robertson really struggled offensively this game going 2/12, but was able to bring in 9 rebounds. His wide swings between good and bad games are to be expected for youth and fans hope he grows out of these swings.
Isaac Foster has had his minutes limited more and more as his production continues to decrease.

Lots of games to report on with many signs of life from the Devils. A give home game against the very strong Huskies will be a great test to see if this team's new line up changes start to struggle or continues to show positive growth in this team. With three home games up next, it is very important for the team to start winning some games at home. Going 2 for 5 at home has not instilled much confidence in the fan base. Fortunately, the little signs of hope fans see in the last 4 games maybe enough to prevent ticket sales to continue on their downward spiral.