Drones Dime (Vol 4.3): Still Sitting at .500

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 33, 2026

2026 Season, Day 33

Overall Record: 7-7 (Home: 4-2 & Away: 3-5)
STLY: 7-7
SE Div: 2nd place (-0.5 GB)
JBL Power Rank: 19 (Prev: 16)
NetRtg: -1.5 (Prev: 1.4)

Day 17/Game 9: Drones (4-4) vs. Jaguars (4-2)
Record vs. Jailbirds: 2-4 (H: 2-1)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -26.2

For the first time all season, we end a game within double digits of our opponents. Unfortunately, we end up on the wrong end of the 109-100 final score. A close game for the better portion of the first half is broken open by a 15-3 to give the visiting Jaguars a 55-42 lead which we were just unable to pull back from. SF Juwan Hughes lit up the scoreboard with 40-10-6 on 16/31 FG and 7/15 3P. Going into the game we felt like we had the pieces to at least keep Hughes in check with Lucas Rush defending, but the young legs were just too much for the veteran Rush to keep up with.

Key Stat of the Game
43.8%. The Drones could not sink a free throw to save their lives in this game an ultimately those 9 missed FT’s would have made this a much different game.

Top Performers
3rd Star: SG Raefael Williams II (16.6 GmSc) 22p | 7r | 4a | 1b (10/16 FG, 2/5 3P, 0/2 FT)
2nd Star: SF Lucas Rush (16.9 GmSc) 19p | 5r | 4a | 1s | 2b (8/17 FG, 1/4 3P, 2/3 FT)
1st Star: SF Juwan Hughes (32.1 GmSc) 40p | 10r | 6a | 1s | 2b (16/31 FG, 7/15 3P, 1/3 FT)

Random Notes
• This is just one of those games where you shake your head. We win the eFG% battle, the turnover battle and the FTA battle; yet 18/43 three’s from the Jaguars was enough to counter balance everything

Day 19/Game 10: Drones (4-5) vs. Kings (7-1)
Record vs. Kings: 4-8 (H: 3-3)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -5.3

This marks the first time for us to face off against the team which eliminated us from the 2025 playoffs. The first quarter was a bit of an offensive struggle as each team was only able to put up 19 points. The second quarter was close for the most part until a 9-0 run gave us a 44-36 lead. The next two quarters would feature big runs for each team; however, we would not relinquish the lead back although the Kings would come within two points late in the third. The 108-97 victory is our best win early in the 2026 campaign.

Key Stat of the Game
21.9%. When it comes to playing the Kings, if we can stop them from shooting well from 3P we have a good shot at winning that game and we did just that on this night.

Top Performers
3rd Star: C Khalen Anthony (17.6 GmSc) 27p | 8r | 2b (13/24 FG, 1/5 3P, 0/1 FT)
2nd Star: SF Raefael Williams II (21.2 GmSc) 28p | 11r | 3a | 1b (9/23 FG, 3/8 3P, 7/7 FT)
1st Star: SG Lucas Rush (25.2 GmSc) 17p | 11r | 13a | 1s | 3b (8/12 FG, 0/1 3P, 1/1 FT)

Random Notes
Lucas Rush picks up his 2nd triple-double on the season, 10th of career
• Anthony scored a season high 27 points
Devan Carroll also is slowly starting to show signs of life as he posted a 11-3-4 line on 5/7 shooting

Day 22/Game 11: Drones (5-5) vs. Devils (2-7)
Record vs. Devils: 9-3 (H: 6-0)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 6.9

It took 11 games, but we finally played a close one as this game featured 5 lead changes and 7 ties. With 4 minutes left we held an 11-point advantage and we would subsequently go 0/5 from the floor with a turnover thrown in just for fun. Meanwhile the Devils took advantage and cut the came to 107-105 after a three pointer by Nikos Koutsoloukas with 1:44 left. Lucas Rush would get an easy bucket at the rim off a nice pass from DeAngelo Tarver to halt the Devils run. A couple back and forth possessions would lead to a Jalen Langford three-ball to tie the game with 0:29 left. Tarver would shoot and miss a three from the top of the key and Langford would pick up the defensive rebound. The Devils would work the clock in hopes of taking the last shot and the offensive set would see Langford get what looked to be an uncontested look at the rim when Lucas Rush skied over from the help side to block the shot and secure the rebound. Coach Ford would call a play for Rush coming out of the timeout and Lucas is able to cash in off a screen as we win at the buzzer, 112-110.

Key Stat of the Game
48.5%. We would go 16/33 from distance which was the difference as the Devils would outscore us in the paint 68-38.

Top Performers
3rd Star: SF Lucas Rush (24.5 GmSc) 24p | 11r | 3a | 2s | 2b (11/21 FG, 1/4 3P, 1/2 FT)
2nd Star: SG Raefael Williams II (25.9 GmSc) 30p | 7r | 8a | 1s | 3b (11/23 FG, 5/9 3P, 3/3 FT)
1st Star: C Taquan Slattery (34.5 GmSc) 44p | 8r | 2a | 2b (18/32 FG, 1/1 3P, 7/8 FT)

Random Notes
Khalen Anthony would pick up another double-double (14-11) as he continues to show improvement in his rebounding
DeAngelo Tarver easily has his best game of the season with 18-5-6
Daniel Pedroso continues to fire away from distance scoring 9 points on 3/3 from deep

Day 25/Game 12: Drones (6-5) @ Warriors (7-5)
Record vs. Warriors: 5-8 (A: 1-6)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -10.6

This is a game we must win to take advantage of the injured Alonzo Weaver and the Warriors do not make it easy on us. A game which featured 8 lead changes and 11 ties isn’t truly put to rest until a late 8-0 run highlighted by a three from Caius Springer, a dunk by Anthony and a three from Devan Carroll which put us up 108-95 with 1:37 left. The 108-97 win will hopefully help us down the road.

Key Stat of the Game
48.5%. For the second straight game, we would go 16/33 from distance which led to our 58.4% to 47.7% advantage in eFG%.

Top Performers
3rd Star: PF Aiden McDyess (19.6 GmSc) 17p | 8r | 3a | 3s | 3b (8/16 FG, 1/5 3P)
2nd Star: PG Caius Springer (21.6 GmSc) 24p | 2r | 6a | 2s | 1b (9/13 FG, 6/7 3P)
1st Star: Sf Lucas Rush (23.9 GmSc) 13p | 16r | 14a | 2s (6/11 FG, 1/2 3P)

Random Notes
Lucas Rush picks up his 3rd triple-double on the season, 11th of career
DeAngelo Tarver picked up a minor knee injury and will be out for a few days
Devan Carroll would add 14 off the bench going 5/12 from the field and 3/7 from deep

Day 27/Game 13: Drones (7-5) @ Mustangs (7-4)
Record vs. Mustangs: 10-2 (A: 5-1)
Avg. Margin of Victory: 4.3

Caius Springer gets the start as we sit Tarver as a precaution which means Deji Ali would also be set to make his JBL debut. The Mustangs would be too much for us on this evening as they win every quarter en route to a 110-95 victory. The Messiah would go for 28-8-10 and Markese Walton would cause us headaches as he earned a 23 & 12 double-double.

Key Stat of the Game
14. The total turnovers prevented us from keeping pace as we couldn’t get enough shots off as we hit for 40% from 3P on the evening and posted a 51.2% eFG.

Top Performers
3rd Star: SF Lucas Rush (17.9 GmSc) 20p | 8r | 4a | 3b (8/19 FG, 4/7 3P)
2nd Star: PF Josiah Robinson (20.5 GmSc) 28p | 8r | 10a | 1b (13/23 FG, 1/4 3P, 1/6 FT)
1st Star: C Markese Walton (22.4 GmSc) 23p | 12r | 1a | 1b (9/14 FG, 2/2 3P, 3/4 FT)

Random Notes
Raefael Williams II would lead the Drones with 25 points
Khalen Anthony scored a season low 8 points
Devan Carroll would post 11-6-6 and may be in line to return to the starting lineup

Day 29/Game 14: Drones (7-6) @ Kings (10-2)
Record vs. Kings: 5-8 (A: 1-5)
Avg. Margin of Victory: -4.0

Another road game for us early in the season against a tough playoff team. The Kings are missing Latrell Mason who is out for a few days with an injury and we hope to take advantage. We jump out to a quick 10-point advantage in the first quarter with the Kings eventually pulling us back in midway through the 2nd. The game would remain a tightly contested battle towards the end of the 3rd when the scoreboard read 75-72 Kings with 1:13 left. The next 9 minutes would see the home team go on a 29-7 run as we get blown out 112-90. 14 games into the season the average margin of victory in our games is 14.9 points as we either win or lose BIG in 2026.

Key Stat of the Game
36.8%. The Kings shut us down from the floor as we shoot an extremely poor 35/95 from the field.

Top Performers
3rd Star: SG Detrez Owens (19.2 GmSc) 14p | 6r | 12a | 1s | 1b (5/9 FG, 2/5 3P, 2/3 FT)
2nd Star: PF JaMarcus Thybulle (19.4 GmSc) 19p | 8r | 4a (5/11 FG, 1/4 3P, 8/9 FT)
1st Star: SF Victor Olojakpoke (21.0 GmSc) 24p | 4r | 3a | 1s (9/13 FG, 5/8 3P, 1/1 FT)

Random Notes
• An ugly game for us with very little positives

2026 Top Drones Performers
Lucas Rush: 1st Star (4), 2nd Star (2), 3rd Star (2)
Raefael Williams II: 1st Star (1), 2nd Star (3), 3rd Star (1)
Caius Springer: 2nd Star (2)
Khalen Anthony: 3rd Star (3)
DeAngelo Tarver: 3rd Star (1)
Daniel Pedroso: 3rd Star (1)