Scorpions beat the Knights yet again (rinse, lather, repeat)

  • By Michael Murray, Day 33, 2026

LAS VEGAS - Scorpions beat the Knights yet again (rinse, lather, repeat)

The Kansas City Knights visited the Sand Palace again but the big news of the night was kept as secret as Antoine Murray stared in Ronshad Fox's place at shooting guard for the game. The move had not been announced publicly and had our staff wondering how they kept the move quiet. Was Fox being lined up for a trade? Did he have the flu? Was it food poisoning? Either way, the game still went on and it was a tight game with neither team having a double-digit lead. Both teams ended up shooting a 54% eFG and the difference came down to free throws. The Scorpion hit 16 while the Knights hit 9 and the Scorpions went home with a 123-118 victory.

3 stars of the game:
Trey Astbury - 36 points, 19 rebounds and 7 assists in the game. Why would he want to leave Las Vegas being the centerpiece of the team right now?

Michel Saint-Jean - 12 points, 11 assists and 0 turnovers in the game. It's the third double-double of the season for the #19 pick.

Antoine Murray - 13 points and 8 assists in the game for his first start at shooting guard but he ends up on this list as his insertion into the lineup seemed to have more ball movement all around.

The Bad:
The bench minus Ronshad Fox - Fox did what he was supposed to coming off the bench in a point guard role but Deron Eleby was the only other player off the bench who scored.

Next Opponents

Day 33: vs Jaguars (8-6) pick'em (total 222) (REALLY?!?!?!)
Day 35: @ Warriors (11-6) PHI -9 (total 221)

Stars of the game tracker:

Trey Astbury - 9
Michel Saint-Jean - 7
Antoine Murray - 6
Cortez Ellison - 5
Montreal Cleveland - 5
Antoine Bolden - 2
Deron Eleby - 3
Ronshad Fox - 3
Jarius McRae - 1
Heath Bruton-1