Tritons Recap Days 17-20: Tritons Almost Lose 23 point Lead, but Squeeze Out Victory

  • By Reggie Cross, Day 21, 2026


Day 18:   Rockets at Tritons


1st Qtr  8:10:    18-9 Tritons      Tritons take lead with 9 from Hood and 7 from Navigato
                                                All 9 points from Rockets by Evans
1st Qtr  1:49:    32-13 Tritons     Tritons go on 14-4 run to lead by 19
1st Qtr  1:02:    32-18 Tritons     Rockets trim deficit with 5-0 run
End of 1st Qtr:   34-19 Tritons     Tritons with 15 point lead end of quarter
                                                 (Hood 9 pts, Evans 9 pts, Navigato 7 pts)
2nd Qtr 8:32:    44-19 Tritons      Tritons start quarter with 10 unanswered (5 from Navigato)
2nd Qtr 7:00:    44-28 Tritons      Rockets cut deficit with 9-0 run 
2nd Qtr 3:10:    53-39 Tritons      Tritons maintain 14 point lead
2nd Qtr 1:51:    60-39 Tritons      Tritons extend lead to 21 with 7-0 run
End of Half:       64-45 Tritons      Tritons end half with 19 point lead
                                                 (Navigato 14 pts, Evans 13 pts, Hood 12 pts, Francis 11 pts)
3rd Qtr 4:02:    89-71 Tritons       18 point lead maintained by Tritons
3rd Qtr 2:57:    95-71 Tritons       Tritons extend lead to 24 with a 6-0 run
End of 3rd Qtr:  98-75 Tritons       Tritons end quarter ahead 23
                                                  (Evans 20 pts, Navigato 19 pts, Hood 14 pts, Dembele 14)
4th Qtr 8:06:    102-85 Tritons      After holding 22 pt lead at 102-80, Rockets go on 5-0 run to cut to 17
4th Qtr 6:55:    106-88 Tritons       Tritons still holding 18 point lead
4th Qtr 2:43:    108-101 Tritons      Rockets go on 13-2 run to cut deficit down to 7
4th Qtr 1:50:    109-104 Tritons      Rockets cut deficit to 5 after Evans gets fouled twice
4th Qtr 1:05:    109-105 Tritons      After Tritons miss on two second shots by Foreman, Bracey fouled, hits FT
4th Qtr 0:50:    111-105 Tritons      Francis takes it to the hole to extend back to 6
4th Qtr 0:39:    111-108 Tritons      Bracey hits a 3 pointer to bring Rockets within 3!
4th Qtr 0:22:    113-108 Tritons      Hood finds Foreman under the basket to go back up 6
4th Qtr 0:17:    113-111 Tritons      After calling a timeout, Rockets set up play. Sprinkle open for a 3..  Good! Lead only 2.
4th Qtr 0:14:    115-111 Tritons      Tritons inbound to..  Foreman.  Rockets foul.   Foreman sinks both FT's.  Tritons up 4
                                                    Rockets raced down court, finds Chambers under the rim!
4th Qtr 0:08:    115-113 Tritons      Tritons call timeout.   Inbound to Hood, fouled immediately.                                                       
4th Qtr 0:07:    117-113 Tritons      Hood makes both free throws.  Tritons up by 4.
End of Game:    117-113 Tritons      Bracey chucks a long one and misses.     Tritons avoid the choke job and win.

After leading by 23 after the 3rd quarter, Oakland almost let the game slip away, but held on in the end. Rockets outscored the Tritons 38-19 in the fourth with 11 from Evans to take him to 31 points for the game. Chambers also had 9 in the 4th to end up with 19 for the game to go with 11 rebounds. Bracey fresh from his injury had a mediocre game with 8 points while Berkeley came off the bench for 16. Tritons dominated 3 quarters behind Navigato with 23 and Hood with 20. Big men Foreman and Dembele came in with double doubles (14 reb/12 pts, 12 pts/14 reb) to contribute to a 62 to 41 rebound advantage. Francis was held down by the Rockets D with just 14 points. Overall, paint domination 74 to 44 was a big factor as well as holding the running Rockets to just 17 fastbreak points. It wasn't pretty in the end, but the Tritons are glad they came away with the "W" against a really tough Rockets team.

Top Scores:


Kellen Chambers: 24.6 (19 pts, 11 reb, 8 ass, 3 stl, 5 blk)
Isiah Evans: 24.1 (31 pts, 5 reb, 7 ass, 2 stl)
Zion Jefferies: 14.9 (15 pts, 7 reb, 4 ass, 2 blk)


Tanor Dembele: 20.5 (14 pts, 12 reb, 4 ass, 2 blk)
Kai Navigato: 14.7 (23 pts, 6 reb, 5 ass, 2 stl, 3 blk)
Isaiah Foreman: 14.6 (12 pts, 14 reb)

Top Net Ratings over 15 minutes:


Tanor Dembele: 83.7
Eddie Bowman: 37.0
Tyler Hallbauer: 23.1


Odell Bracey: -37.0
Lamar Francis: -28.8
Idris Berkley: -20.3

Upcoming Games:  

Day 21: vs Barons (2-6)
Day 24: vs Colonels (5-4)

The Barons have been struggling this season, especially on the road and are coming off a back to back overtime loss at Las Vegas. The Tritons are hopeful that last quarter they played doesn't carry over as the Barons take a lot of shots (3rd) from behind the arc and rebound well (5th). The Colonels are always dangerous with Kelvin Hawes and just came off a shootout against the Thunder, scoring 150 points. The Colonels rank 2nd in FG% and 3 point % so with the Tritons struggling on defense, Oakland will need to control the scoring as they did against the Rockets (for most of the game) or the young Colonels will pull one out over the Tritons at home.