2026 Portland Roster Overview

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 1, 2026


IN: Jabari El-Amin (Signed as Free Agent)
OUT: Marshawn Ashe (Traded to Blizzards)
RETURNING: Deonte Christian, Keith Humphries

After starting 368 of the first 372 regular season games in the Lumberjacks' short history, Keith "Hawk" Humphries was moved to the 2nd unit mid-way through the 2025 season, with his long time backup Deonte Christian replacing him in the starting lineup. Incredibly, Christian and Humphries have been the team's 1st and 2nd string players at the position since the team's first ever game in 2021. While "Hawk" is undoubtedly the better distributor, Christian is a more efficient scorer and superior defender and continues to show glimpses of All-Star level talent. The Lumberjacks starting lineup featured only two competent outside shooters when Hawk was manning the point (Peeler and McSwine), so promoting Christian was a move that many Portland observers felt was long overdue.

Last year's 3rd stringer, Marshawn Ashe, was sacrificed (pointlessly as it turned out) in an effort to create the space for the Gellineau trade, so the team signed El-Amin to replace him. Unless there is an injury, the former Fireball is expected to continue playing at J-League level in 2026.

2025 Statistics
Deonte Christian - 9.7ppg 6.6apg 1.0spg in 24.9 minutes (44% fg, 41% three point, 94% free throw, 5.3 a/to)
Keith Humphries - 5.1ppg 7.2apg 1.4spg in 22.6 minutes (35% fg, 39% three point, 69% free throw, 7.2 a/to)
Jabari El-Amin (J-League) - 11.9ppg 5.0apg 1.0spg in 28.7 minutes (44% fg, 34% three point, 75% free throw, 3.9 a/to)


IN: None
OUT: Kareem Teague (Traded to Predators)
RETURNING: Antoine Peeler, Sava Vulikic, Marquise Sasser

The two guard position has seen the highest turnover of players in Portland by a significant margin. In 2021, the starting duties were split between Luke Williams, Shaun Burrell and Paul Rhodes. Deonte Christian had the job for most of 2022 before Demetric Vaughn took over for the first half of 2023. But when Vaughn was traded for Antoine Peeler just before the 2023 deadline, the Lumberjacks finally had their man. Since then, Peeler has started 205 straight games at shooting guard, collecting an All-JBL 3rd team honour and three point crown in 2024 and a 2nd team All-Defensive nod in 2025.

Kareem Teague was a valuable player off the bench for the last two seasons but was another sacrifice to the Gellineau trade. With Gellineau seen as a longer term alternative to the expiring Teague, the Jacks made the decision to bring back Sava Vulikic as the backup two. Vulikic was the team's 9th man last season, playing primarily at small forward, but shooting guard would seem a better fit for him. Marquise Sasser was the 29th pick in the 2025 draft but is yet to take the court for Portland, spending the entire season with the Salem Rangers.

2025 Statistics
Antoine Peeler - 24.1ppg 4.9rpg 4.7apg 1.8spg 1.2bpg in 35.8 minutes (45% fg, 42% three point, 80% free throw, 3.0 a/to)
Sava Vulikic - 3.4ppg 3.1rpg 1.8apg 0.8spg 0.4bpg in 14.0 minutes (40% fg, 39% three point, 71% free throw, 3.7 a/to)
Marquise Sasser (J-League) - 13.2ppg 6.5rpg 4.1apg 1.0spg 0.8bpg in 30.2 minutes (40% fg, 40% three point, 68% free throw, 2.7 a/to)


IN: Spencer Gellineau (Traded from Crusaders), Chuck Gallagher (Drafted with 52nd pick)
OUT: DJ Janicek (Traded to Blizzards)
RETURNING: Jarvis McSwine

Jarvis "Porky" McSwine was the Lumberjacks first ever draft selection and has held down the starting small forward position from about a dozen games into his rookie campaign. After making 2nd team All-Defense in 2024, McSwine took his game to the next level in 2025, winning Defensive Player of the Year, making his first All-Star team and being named one of the JBL's top 20 players on the eve of this 2026 season.

Portland are excited about the acquisition of Gellineau, a 6'9 three point specialist who performed well in his rookie campaign in Boston as the team's 6th man. What initially seemed to be a straight forward deal became extremely complicated once it was realized that the Jacks had not accounted for Sava Vulikic's cap hold. The Jacks eventually bumbled their way through a couple more trades to ensure that Gellineau would not slip out of their grasp. Chuck Gallagher was a four year player at Iowa State who is unlikely to play a significant role at the top level this season.

2025 Statistics
Jarvis McSwine - 18.0ppg 9.2rpg 4.4apg 1.3spg 1.7bpg in 33.8 minutes (46% fg, 37% three point, 62% free throw, 2.4 a/to)
Spencer Gellneau (with Boston) - 9.8ppg 5.7rpg 2.4apg 1.2spg 0.8bpg in 24.9 minutes (43% fg, 42% three point, 88% free throw, 1.8 a/to)
Chuck Gallagher (College) - 13.3ppg 5.1rpg 4.4apg 2.0spg 1.2bpg in 31.6 minutes (43% fg, 37% three point, 67% free throw, 1.4 a/to)


IN: Obij Udenyi (Drafted with 50th pick), Mario Edwards (Drafted with 60th pick)
OUT: Cedric Freeman (Signed by Vultures), Clay Stanback (Signed by Vipers)
RETURNING: Dorian Sylvester

After being selected with the 53rd pick out of USC, Sylvester spent his rookie season backing up his mentor, Cedric Freeman, but by year two he had forced his way into the starting lineup and has become one of the best defensive big men in the game. Perhaps the best value draft pick in the history of the JBL, Sylvester was overlooked after losing his starting job at USC to Khalen Anthony but has since shown that he should have been a top 20 pick in what was perhaps the league's strongest ever rookie class.

Udenyi and Edwards are both intriguing players that the Jacks were able to pick up at the tail end of the most recent draft and Portland will be hoping one (or both!) can emulate the success of the Big Cat, as Sylvester is affectionately known in Portland. Both rookies are terrific athletes who completed four years of college (at Duke and Wake Forest, respectively), but each also has some work to do if they are to become important Jacks in the future. They are both expected to spend more time in Salem than Portland this season.

2025 Statistics
Dorian Sylvester - 16.5ppg 8.4rpg 2.4bpg in 32.2 minutes (56% fg, 60% free throw)
Obij Udenyi (College) - 10.9ppg 7.4rpg 3.1bpg in 30.0 minutes (40% fg, 43% three point, 47% free throw)
Mario Edwards (College) - 9.0ppg 10.2rpg 1.5 spg 2.8bpg in 30.5 minutes (40% fg, 73% free throw)


IN: Jalyn Jones (Signed as Free Agent)
OUT: Janev Ciszkiwicxqwerty (Signed with Bullets)
RETURNING: Akieem Martin, Austin Bryant

While it may have taken a full season before Akieem Martin could be pried away from Mexico City, you could say this Lumberjacks franchise was built in the big fella's image. From day one, Portland wanted to establish themselves as a tough, gritty, no-nonsense team where hard work and loyalty were highly valued. Martin brought those attributes to the Tritons during the first six and a half seasons of GM Tim Wallis' tenure in Oakland, before a shock trade to the Jaguars. Wallis was making one last desperate attempt to get the team back into championship contention, even as his bags were already being packed for Portland. It was a move that haunted the GM, despite having only half a season left with the team himself, and as soon as it became apparent that the Jaguars were open to moving Martin, the Lumberjacks pounced. Martin has not disappointed. In fact, his four seasons with the Lumberjacks are arguable the best four years of his career.

Austin Bryant is another of the Lumberjacks original haul of 2nd round picks from 2021, along with with Sylvester and Christian. After a modest rookie campaign in which he averaged 5.5 points in 12 minutes over 74 games, Bryant has increased his scoring average every year and this past season was recognized as the JBL's premier 6th man. Jalyn Jones joins the team as a minimum salary free agent after spending his first four seasons with the Skyhawks. While Jones has his limitations, he appears to fit the Lumberjacks big man mold with his strong defensive attributes.

2025 Statistics
Akieem Martin - 16.6ppg 10.0rpg 1.9bpg in 30.3 minutes (60% fg, 71% free throw)
Austin Bryant - 13.2ppg 5.1rpg 1.6bpg in 26.3 minutes (57% fg, 76% free throw)
Jalyn Jones (with St Louis) - 3.6ppg 1.9rpg 0.5bpg in 7.5 minutes (51% fg, 59% free throw)