Barons Add Crucial Piece For '26 Title Chase

  • By Lex Gartman, Day 1, 2026


In a move that will no doubt shake the foundations the JBL is built upon, the newly anointed "Pre-season West Champion" Oklahoma City Barons have agreed to terms with free agent PG Isaac Page, who was recently unceremoniously dumped by the Charlotte Drones. In order to make room for the game-changing Page, the Barons released Nick Alvin, who recently tore his Achilles tendon during a freak accident at the team's annual Drunken Dirt Bike Derby.

Page was primarily relegated to JBL Hell (J League) last season, but since the Barons are as close to a J League team as there is, OKC management has no qualms about him fitting in with the team.