Kings trade Wolfe, Kostur for a 2nd

  • By Andrew Seitz, Day 1, 2026

CINCINNATI - The Kings have traded C Keifer Wolfe and PG Bakari Kostur to the Crusaders in exchange for the Lumberjacks 2027 2nd. Wolfe was a second round pick last year out of USC, and the rim-protector shot 38% from 3 in the J League last season. Though he has talent, the acquisition of Joseph Turner in the draft made him expendable.

Kostur has been with the Kings for two and a half seasons and appeared in over 100 games as a backup point guard. He played well in the role, even though obtaining him was an accident: after he was put on the trading block by the Blizzards, the Kings’ scouting department informed the front office that he was an A+ playmaker. After obtaining Kostur, the commissioner’s office informed the league that adjustments were being made to playmaking scouting, and that things would return to normal shortly. The Kings’ scouting shortly thereafter showed him to be a B+ playmaker. Despite the inauspicious start, he performed enough for the Kings to resign him in free agency. Trading Kostur allows the Kings to keep former Crusader Kyle Northwood on the roster.

Crusaders receive: C Keifer Wolfe, PG Bakari Kostur
Kings receive: 2027 Lumberjacks 2nd