Vipers Release Spencer Cassell and Tyson Ferguson to Get to 15

  • By Michael Miller, Day 1, 2026

PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Vipers have trimmed their roster down to the final 15, releasing SG Spencer Cassell and PG Tyson Ferguson from their contracts. Cassell was acquired from the Philadelphia Warriors via a second round pick swap. The Vipers were excited about developing Cassell as a J-League prospect, but ultimately, the team decided to keep some of its more experienced vets for the start of the regular season.

Ferguson was originally promised a rotation role when he signed as an unrestricted free agent, rejecting a comparable offer from the Cincinnati Kings as a deep reserve. After Ferguson signed, however, the Vipers unexpectedly had an opportunity to acquire PG Matt Mueller from the Kansas City Knights via the Boston Crusaders. After Mueller was acquired, the Vipers lost space in the rotation to offer Ferguson and thought it best to offer him his outright release rather than breaking a free agency promise made when signed.