2021 Expansion Draft Featured Players

  • By The Commissioner, Day Offseason, 2021

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the better players in the expansion draft. While they are not ranked in any particular order, the lists do represent the better performers based on skill and their 2020 stats.

I encourage you to do our own scouting and to dig into the list as there will be some players that have not had opportunities yet in the league, but may be upcoming promising players.

Factors to include when drafting players are:

Contract length

Are you looking at renting players for a year or two, or do you want your players for longer length contracts?


Each expansion team must have a minimum salary (the Salary Floor) by the end of the 2023 season. This means you will need to have salaries totallling $64,000,000 by Day 168 of the 2023 season, which is three full seasons away. If you do not reach the Salary Floor, your salary cap will be reduced by that amount for the following year.

This is less important for the expansion draft but may be a factor in free agency.

Tenure Rights

Tenure rights dictate how much over the salary cap a team can go when re-signing players. Players 2 years (at the conclusion of the season) can only be re-signed for 175% of their current salary over the cap. Players with 3 can be signed over the cap up to the players' maximum salary. Make sure you review the Free Agency rules here: http://jblfl.com/rules


Playing 12 rookies is a recipe for disaster due to the need for some veteran experience and leadership.

Player fit

Think about the type of team you are trying to put together rather than automatically picking the best player available. For example, if you are going to give your rookies time and want them to run the offense, do you want a ball heavy veteran shooter? Do you have enough defenders, ball handlers, distributors etc?

Note that no rookies are included on this list.

Point Guards

Jared Monroe (Fireballs)
Derek Cousins (Renegades)
Joe Layton (Stars)
Sebastian Kidd (Devils)
Cassius Tyson (Warriors)
Jaylen Barker (Mustangs)


Dominique Respert (Knights)
Rubin Wingate (Huskies)
James Livingston (Hurricanes)
Luke Williams (Vultures)
Dejuan Jefferies (Fireballs)
Lorenzo Charles (Cyclones)
Kareem Gaines (Hurricanes)
Jalen Jackson (Jaguars)
Griffin Walls (Cyclones)


Omar Croyle (Warriors)
Ivan Obradovic (Jailbirds)
Alonzo Traylor (Cyclones)
Quadree Ratliff (Renegades)
Marcus Enright (Devils)
Dwight Hill (Scorpions)
Janev Ciszkiwicx (Scorpions)
Ivan Vujosevic (Devils)
Isaiah Foreman (Mustangs)
Shakiem Fontaine (Warriors)
Cedric Durrant (Warriors)

This list does not include any rookies.

Full list of all players available: http://jblfl.com/expansiondraftlist

Expansion Draft Order

Round 1
1. Louisville
2. Dallas
3. Baltimore
4. Pittsburgh
5. Charlotte
6. Minneapolis
7. OKC
8. Portland
9. Denver
10. Boston

Round 2
11. Boston
12. Denver
13. Portland
14. OKC
15. Minneapolis
16. Charlotte
17. Pittsburgh
18. Baltimore
19. Dallas
20. Louisville

Round 3
21. Louisville
22. Dallas
23. Baltimore
24. Pittsburgh
25. Charlotte
26. Minneapolis
27. OKC
28. Portland
29. Denver
30. Boston