Quinton Rice unlikely victim of expansion.

  • By Paul Grant, Day 1, 2021

MEXICO CITY - Mexico City Jaguars Trade Quinton Rice, 2022 2nd Rd (Jaguars) and 2023 2nd Rd (Lumberjacks) to the Baltimore Bullets for their 2023 1st Rd Pick.
In front of what seemed the entire Mexico City press, GM Grant was asked how he could trade future star 20 year old Quinton Rice, before he could answer he was shouted down by a group of angry and passionate Jags fans. "Get him Out, Sack the GM". GM Grant calmly waited for the crowd to be quiet and stated "Rice simply asked to leave". He continued stating that the Jags oldest core player was 27 and with 5 first round picks in the next 2 years the future for the Mexico City Jaguars was extremely bright.
Amazingly the once angry crowd chant changed to "GM for President"