“Munsdays”: A JBL GM Diary: A Few Days After the Draft Community Reflection Edition

  • By Jeremy Munson, Day 1, 2026

Welcome back to another "Munsday" my friends.

In today’s article, we discuss the draft as I hit up everybody in the league to see if they could answer four questions and give their opinions on a few things. While 100% participation was the goal, it was unreasonable to really expect that everybody would participate based off work and vacations and things. However, I think we ended up doing really well with a whopping 26 GM’s that were able to participate. Yes, you read that correctly. 26 of you guys answered the questions and took the time out of your day to contribute. That makes this "Munsday" the largest to date so grab a coffee and clear out some reading time.

What you guys did here is simply nutty to me, and as I have said to the commish privately, I have never experienced so much activity in a league anywhere. Period.

A huge kudos and a thanks goes out to all of you who make this community what it is, and for willing to talk about what you see happening within the league. It really is a neat place to hang around.

I personally did not answer any of the questions I asked as I am going to save my own personal thoughts for a reflection article that is getting kicked down the road a little bit (maybe after TC) so this really is all about the community that we have here.

For any future Rookie GM, please pay attention to question number three, as I was blown away by some of the answers there, and we even got the commish to answer the question. It is always a good idea to read what he has to say anytime he drops any little nuggets of info.

As for me I will share that draft night was a TON of fun, and provided hours of entertainment, and laughs (looking at you Comey with the fireworks). I didn’t imagine it any different and it couldn’t have been more fun. That alone made my FIRST draft night a huge success. Cheers boys!

So, let’s get into the questions, now shall we?

1. A day after, tell me how are you feeling about your draft haul (Or trading out of the draft if you did that)?

Matt – Huskies- Probably the wrong person to ask. My draft haul consisted of the 54th overall selection. We had keyed on a couple of guys and we were certain at least one of them would slide. Our darkhorse pick of Sean Green was stolen from us by the rival Kings. In the end, we drafted PG JaiRon Terrell, who we really like his ability to shoot from the outside. In respect to the other teams, it was great to see all the maneuvering by teams to position themselves to get their intended targets. It will be exciting to watch these players develop!

Kyle – Lightning- I feel a little bit down, though I know I landed players that fit well within what I have. I wanted to see more star power once they arrived, but I’m not picking as high as I had in the prior two drafts, so I need to keep that in mind. 4-5 stars aren't really found deep in the draft. Worthington fell to 20 and I was thrilled when I grabbed him at 20 a couple years ago. He's been 3.5 potential for a while and has been a valuable 5th option for my starting lineup, so there is good value in 3.5 stars. I was hoping for a bit more from Collier, but he hasn't even been through his first training camp. Graves, I just ran out of time and went with a guy I know the colluders thought would be a valuable backup for me. I like what Contrell brings me for a second rounder.

Ohgeer – Devils- Picking around the 14th pick seems to be an annual thing for us and at that level we can just expect projects. So far, we have had some mixed results on those projects with our first few picks (gosh is Edwards even in the league any more) being horrible but our more recent picks have been developing nicely. The guys we got this year fit our needs, they are not going to blow the roof off the organization, but they will be filling vital rolls more likely in a few years than any time soon.

Austin – Jailbirds- I feel really good after our draft. It was no surprise after trading Stone that we were hoping for Dillinger to fall to us at 12. He ended up getting taken at 9 by The Knights, something we thought may happen. The move was always to trade down in that instance. It was stressful trying to work in a time constraint to get the right deal done, talking to several GMs at the same time. Some of which were pulling out then back in. We agreed to a deal with the Vultures for 18 + 28 and ended up getting our next best center Trevon Cage. Huge fan of Cage and he actually rated out very closely to Dillinger for us, but Dillinger we thought could be ready to contribute faster. At 28 we were shocked Axel Frazier was available, which made it an easy decision. He will likely get minutes at SF this season due to his size and length. I think he will be a good piece for us going forward. We also considered Sheldon Granger at 28 and were excited to see him fall to our 2nd round pick at 37. Granger will get spot rotation minutes with Frazier and plenty of JLeague run. We have a pretty good group on the wing.

Tim McM – Hurricanes- Going into the draft I had two targets (Lawson and Woodson). I was expecting Lawson to be gone, but when the Thunder traded for the #1 pick and the consensus seemed to be Butler was his choice I now had a decision. So being able to get both my targets makes me very happy with my draft results.

ZPod4 – Rockets- I’m satisfied with Van Bree as I acquired him for my only pick just a few days before the draft. Van Bree will slide in behind Chambers at SF. I always try to trade out of the 2nd knowing I won’t take the time to develop the players I’d choose there.

Aeon - Denver Dragons- The day after, I'm very happy. To be honest, I wasn't 100% convinced by Farmer. Like many, I was worried what his below average work ethic would mean, and I had some questions about his potential based on his scouting. I don't tend to be swayed by measurables as much as some GMs, so I wasn't sure how much to weigh his combination of size and athleticism in his potential. Size-wise, he's another Wesley Sherman, so I knew that his rebounding could possibly hold up despite his height. But unlike Tank, this guy seemed to be a jet. Will that hold up on court? That's the question.

I hadn't bothered to think too much about him, as early mocks assumed he would go much before 8. But as draft day approached I began to suspect he might actually drop, through a combination of worry about work ethic and not fitting team's needs. I had already spoken to a few teams who were interested in him if he fell to me, and when he did the phone lines blew up with teams throwing additional pitches to me. One offer came in I might have actually taken but the GM got cold feet. The others either didn't give me enough back to make it worth it, or came in too late in the ten minutes to really process. But I decided to go with Farmer, in part because I could see how much GM interest there was in him, so I figured if nothing else he could be a trade asset.

The main thing that swayed my choice though was actually a bit of info I found looking back through previous draft notes. I don't have many as I've traded out of every first-round pick since 2021. But I noticed that my notes on the 2021 draft where I picked Bracey, I had Bracey as my first target and Devon Harrell at third. Why? Because despite Harrell's scouting suggesting Hall of Fame potential, he had a "questionable work ethic". That was honestly the data point that really swung me as I realized not taking Farmer could be the equivalent of letting Harrell slide by. Seeing him now on my JBL roster, I think I definitely made the right choice. He is up there with the best players in the draft in potential, and his scouting report suggests "with the right coaching he could be great." This was the last piece of the puzzle for me, as Lucas Winters, my head coach, has an A in coaching forwards, and is an Instructor archetype. In addition, in Sherman and Fortier I have two forwards on the roster who could mentor him. When I look at my other targets at 8, I think I made the right choice.

Andrew – Kings- Our plan was to trade up for Turner if he fell and to take Green before RKG drafted a PG (I really thought he might be after him due to his skill set). We did both those things, and I’m encouraged by their scouting grades. Now we’ll have to see how they play

laser – Cyclones- I only drafted one player – Vacha Alston. Everything for me went as I expected it to go, so I feel the same today as I did at the draft. Although my first choice was RJJ, I expected him to be taken prior to my picking at 6. I realize that Alston is a high risk-high reward pick. After RJJ, Alston was the player I believed to have the most upside and I am willing to gamble that he will be able to play shooting guard. Unless Alston is a total bust (which I do not think will be the case), in a worst-case scenario if he cannot play shooting guard, I believe that I will still be able to get value for either him or Pape Diop in a trade.

DG – Charlotte- I’m very satisfied with what we got in 2026. We were able to trade up to get 1 of 3 players we were targeting and although we gave up future assets, we expect to be a very competitive team making those picks likely very low in the rounds they are in.

Rich - NY Renegades- I traded out and I like the haul I got

Billy – Blizzards- Really good. The plan was I was busy with the kids all day and had lined up the commish to send me a message when my pick is on the clock, and somehow in a mad rush we reached a trade with Calvin to acquire pick 26 and land Shipley who I really liked throughout the year. At the time I was making the pick, my daughter was riding me like a horse and my son was trying to sit on me as well, and then Calvin's Wi-Fi went missing and we still managed to take less time on the clock that others did so it was actually some die hard shit! So, I guess I was hoping to sit this draft out and gather picks, but I lost my patience and just couldn't let the Shipley sail past me..…..

Dunkem – Tritons- I think I got three good role player/potential starters which is what's generally expected from 2nd rounders. Most were considered reaches, but I figured I should pick players who reflected fairly well currently vs. guys who may need to be developed for several years. I also picked up Deron Jameson from the Devils unexpectedly who may give me another potential point guard option during the season to go with Stephen Hood. Wilmore may not have all-JBL potential, but we feel he's got solid future starter potential. Bowman, another super sleeper may be undersized, but he'll compliment the wings we already have and maybe pick up a thing or two from Franchise. Stephon Williams really wasn't a target, but we felt we needed good length and defense at the 3/4 position, so he looked suitable. Another solid kid. Overall, pretty satisfied with the haul as good compliments to the starters I already have.

Bisbo – Colonels- I’m feeling pretty good about it. It would have been lots of fun to go into the draft with the 1.1 and 1.6. (I would have taken Butler #1, btw). But I think trading for Hawes was the better move for me - Knox, KB$, Akele and Baptiste are rounding into form for a run, and Hawes - arguably the best C in the JBL - gives us a chance to make an impact. I was hoping to trade up and snag Menelik with my 2.33, but couldn’t work a trade. I was pretty sure Serrano would fall to me at 33 and was disappointed when he didn’t. However, I was delighted that CJ was there at 33. Definitely did not expect him to be there. While there are questions about him, he has significant upside (I hope) and will give me some bench strength at SG and SF while he develops.

Grunter – Jaguars- I traded into the draft late in the 2nd Pick 49 to pick a player I had scouted for 3 years that player ended up going at Pick 43 (Dexter Toomer) I was initially annoyed at myself for randomly trading in, but Eddy Moreland has the ability to become a very good player.

Homer - OKC Barons- Just as queasy as I did the week leading up to it. By all accounts Woodson and Farmer (the two guys I agonized over at 4 before trading out to Tim) look pretty fucking good. Yeah, I got 2 1's out of the deal, but this will be defined by how good those 2 in this draft turn out. I could have passed on franchise-type players and that's what keeps the Tums in constant reach.

As for the 2 guys I drafted, I am cautiously optimistic. Tyler Sullivan doesn't look as shiny as he did when he was in Starkville, but if Singletary progresses, that would be a big boost for us.

Phayd – Stars- Having traded out of the draft I feel I have put the Stars in a better place - I already have a wealth of young players and really need some vets to help bring some balance to the team and provide some leadership. Getting Spencer, one of the league’s best rebounders for all of this seasons picks I feel was a good deal considering the amount of shots put up by JT and Hellums.

Jron - LA Fireballs- Well, I feel great getting our #1 target. It was hella moves that we need to make to make sure we get our target. We came from literally no draft pick and at 1 point #1 then traded down to #3 to finally get him. It wasn't just him we were thinking about making those moves we are also looking to make sure we get a solid group of guys by the start of the season.

Tim – Lumberjacks- Not feeling too strongly about it either way. We started off with picks 55 and 58 but traded out for a Dallas 2nd, then traded back in to get 50, 52 and 60. Had hoped to get two players from our primary list with those, but in the end only Obi Udenyi was there. Glad to get him and also warming to pick 60, Mario Edwards already, so I guess I feel generally positive.

RKG – Vipers- Overall, I feel good about my draft because it went according to plan. When preparing for the draft, I specifically targeted hard-working floor spacers who can play defense because of my team's playing fit and style. It is no secret that my goal is to build the best team around Triston Lane and I am treating him like LeBron James, make Lane the primary playmaker and surround him with shooters. Additionally, for Grit and Grind, I am seeking out hard-working, defensive-minded players. Seeking only those types of prospects significantly narrowed my draft lists.

Accordingly, we zeroed in on 3 available prospects that we believe best fit these needs: Bo Anderson, Scottie Hartman and Troy Phillips. I will have more detail in a separate draft recap article I am working on but, in short, I project all 3 players to be hard-working, defensive-minded floor spacers who can fit on the court with Lane.
On the day before the draft, I had actually determined to select Troy Phillips with the 27th overall pick and Hartman with the 49th overall pick because selecting Phillips in the first would give me the extra year via team option. The morning of the draft, however, an unexpected opportunity came up that would allow me to obtain Leon Bowen in exchange for Ivan Obradovic. Combined with the issue that Keydren Carter was going to demand a no-trade clause and player option, I decided to complete the trade for Bowen and renounce Carter.

As a result of that decision, backup wing became more important and I decided to take Hartman at 27th with the idea that Phillips would very likely be available in the second round.
I do have some regret that I did not decide to trade back from 27 and obtain an additional second or future second. Nevertheless, I valued the certainty of ensuring I drafted those prospects because they were the best team need/fit based on what I wanted to do.

Calvin – Crusaders- Well I feel alright but somewhat underwhelmed. I had previously traded down and then out before the draft, and then moved back up into the back half of the first round. I have mentioned that I wasn’t really comfortable picking a prospect due to a lack of time to scout with almost no scouting done prior to my hiring by previous management. I feel I did okay grabbing a 2028 Fireballs 1st for #26 and #60, but kind of wanted to pick a player just for fun. But alas, my first draft selection has to wait until 2027.

Michael - LV Scorpions- I felt pretty good at finding players to fill the roster with this draft which I wasn't too high on. We had previously moved from 9 to 18 and got Saint-Jean who had been as high as 8 late in the season. Eleby got as high as 24 and we took him at 22 which seemed about right. Bolden at 39 was seen as value at that point to finish out our draft... until. We then traded back in for two 2nds as we were contacted about a team not needing them. We took a shot on Antonio Gardner (a defensive 5) and James Holden (defensive 4/5).

Bedouin – Bullets- A day after the draft I feel mildly embarrassed and amused by my performance. I’m thinking maybe I should donate my salary for the day to some kind of reading comprehension charity. It’s not every day that a GM forgets they own a draft pick.

But on a more serious note the Bullets draft played out largely as we anticipated. We went into the draft heavily penalized for our cap spend in 2025 and as a result had no first round pick (let’s leave aside the issue with the 2nd rounders for now). We had hoped that with our limited liquid assets that we might be able to trade into the late first or early 2nd round to pick up a SF prospect who would be able to contribute to the team in a rotation role this year. Our scouting had identified a number of those players; Isabell, Serrano, Toomer. Ultimately, we were unable to reach a trade that we were satisfied with and ended up selecting Jay London with the 56th pick. We think London has a very clear strength that we value but he will need some J league seasoning, and we don’t anticipate that he will be part of the rotation in 2026.

jcomeyKC- I feel okay. My night was up and down, though mostly up. Here comes my longwinded, probably too wordy of an answer:

I knew the New Orleans-OKC deal a few days before it commenced. The same deal (well, close) was offered to me, contingent on whether Woodson was available at 5. I was going to make that deal because, well, it made sense. I also decided that, if that deal were not there, I was going to go with Jackson at the 5. He had the most upside to me (though I remain convinced that he and Collier are closer together than one would think) and made the most sense in my rebuild. I also decided that I would move Ajayi to the 3 by taking Jackson (unless I moved Ajayi, which I didn’t really want to do).

So, Lawson and Woodson go, as I expected. So, I take Jackson, and know that Farmer is going to slide. There are two issues for me, though, at 9:

1) Alston and Bender went 6 and 7. I did not expect that combination to happen.
2) There was a chance Farmer could go 9. Or I would hit my darkest timeline, which was Collier was the best player available at that spot.

I knew I couldn’t get Farmer and either Jackson or Collier if I took Farmer at 5. And I wasn’t that sold on him; even though I like Farmer, Jackson was simply that much better to me. But there is a chance to grab Farmer…I’m going to explore it.

What I should have done was trade 9 and something for Farmer. I think Denver would have done that, because they would have gotten Collier (who I believe was their other guy on their board at the top). But I tried to get greedy, I think, and missed out on Farmer. Such is life.

So, at 9, there were options I was not overly sold on, and Dillinger, who I hoped to get at 17. With Rasheed Stone out of Chicago, I realized that likely was not going to happen. And I really did like Dillinger, and while I want to build through the wings and backcourt, I felt like nobody like him of his talent would be available at 17. I was not sold on Pedroso, and Rodgers, while good, would be more redundant with Jackson there (I’m not too sold on Rodgers as a 3). I did consider Collier, and sliding Jackson to a 3. I really did consider that move, and came really close to going down that road. In the end, I didn’t want to potentially stunt Jackson’s development right at the start. So, Dillinger went 9, and I am pretty happy with that result.

I almost moved up to 12. There were five guys, led by MSJ and Ford, that I liked. I also decided I was likely taking Isabel at 17, if they were gone. So, I decided not to move up. MSJ and Ford both fell down, so I had to decide where to go. Ford was once a top-five prospect whose value held for most of the process. And he has a top-flight scoring ability, with a defensive skill set that could improve somewhat. So, I chose that over MSJ’s playmaking potential. I go back and forth as to whether that was the right move, but I did not expect either to be there.

At 24, with Lawson gone, I heavily considered CJ Williams. But there is the red flag of his personality, and having Jackson and Ajayi (and now Ford) made that a severe redundancy to me. But I was intrigued considerably by RaMond Jordan, a player I believe could be a solid 4 in the league. He has good two-way ability, and projects as a rebounder. To me, he’s Farmer with less athleticism and better rebounding. To grab him at 24, especially when I don’t think he would fall, made a lot of sense. So, that became the move.

I heavily considered trading into the second round, but once Williams went, there wasn’t really a player I wanted to grab. I decided to be content with the night, the first phase of this rebuild complete.

Luke – Thunder- I got the targets I wanted so I was elated with the result. Trading Tucker at day 120 of 2025 to receive #3 overall in this draft and then trading an extra first and second to get #1 overall to secure MBJ was the best result I could have hoped for. I also traded up from 22 to 16 with the slight chance of taking Adonis Gatling given the opportunity but was happy to get Menelik Sullivan there. Perhaps I could have got him a bit later, but I believe when you have a player in mind, you should go after him. And I would rather have a second rounder or two less with the player I wanted, than settle on 3 guys. Lawson Isabell was a roughie for me with an outside chance of being great off the bench for us. There were almost no other SF/PF like that in the draft and a combo forward is regarded highly for me and I am happy with a potential 4-star player who I can groom and mentor.

sik_air – Vultures- On balance, I don't hate it, so I suppose that's good! The deal to move up for Adonis Guns Gatling came together really quickly while another was potentially on the cards as well, so it was pretty touch and go. I think Austin (Jailbirds GM) got what he wanted out of the deal too and I like a deal that is a win-win.

I've read and heard some mixed reviews on how the Vults did but all in all I'm happy to have gotten someone I think is a rotation guy, with potential to be more, given I don't think I would have gotten that with the picks I traded away.

In the second round, Quentin Brookhart fell into my lap when I had low expectations of what the pick would bring, so while he's a difficult player to fit into a rotation, that I feel like I don't want to waste him is a good problem to have out of a mid-second rounder.

2. What grade would you give yourself?

Matt – Huskies- Definitely an A+……….I have no idea. I’m basically just trying to draft BPA but with an eye of an impending need. Terrell appears to be a decent player. Can’t wait to evaluate him in some pre-season games and go from there.

Kyle – Lightning- I think personally, a B, but I know it's probably closer to A. I just need to visualize it on the court for it to make more sense to me.

Ohgeer – Devils- Grades are for morons that don't know squat about the team they are grading. If you are asking if we think we got the best possible fits for our team given the talent available at out picks, yea we passed. We may even have hit with one of these kids really developing well. I don't see any superstars here in this batch, but I doubt there were many superstars available when we picked. If you insist on a made-up letter, let’s go with B... it has two nice bumps and of course starts off some of my favorite B words 😊

Austin – Jailbirds- We got tremendous value based on our draft board. An A+ would have meant getting Dillinger but Trevon Cage and Axel Frazier in his stead is pretty damn good. I would give us an A.

Tim McM – Hurricanes- As stated above, I am very happy so at least in my eyes it would have to be an A+.

ZPod4 – Rockets- I would give us a B-. Van Bree being on the shorter side for SF may struggle there, but off the bench he’ll do fine. His cap hit is rather large for a backup, but it could be useful in a trade down the line.

Aeon - Denver Dragons- I would give myself a B+ overall. My 1.8 pick was an A, but it wasn't hard to pick the top recruit who fell to me. However, I had three second round picks, which if I had taken the time to draft deeper could have been good value for me at this stage in team building. I did not, however, and ended up trading them all for future 2nds, none of which are likely to be a steal. That's a C on the second round probably. But I'll give myself a bit of a bonus for not taking any of the millions offers sent to me for the 8th pick, as I don't think any of them would have netted the value of Farmer.

Andrew – Kings- B. We met expectations.

laser – Cyclones- INCOMPLETE – Getting RJJ would have given me an “A” but I did not expect to get him. Had I selected Collier, I would have probably received a better grade from other’s, but I had concerns with his offense as well as his personality and locker room fit. I also probably would have received a higher grade from others had I drafted the other player I was considering besides Alston; Daniel Pedroso. In the end I took the higher risk (but also, I feel a higher reward) with Alston, gambling that he can play shooting guard. As General Manager of a JBL team, I believe that I must carefully evaluate and then make the decision that I believe to be correct. That decision cannot be based on what grades I may receive from others but on what I believe is the best for the Cyclones in the short and long term.

DG – Charlotte- I’m not one to grade myself as I will leave that for others to remark; however, we are confident the players we drafted fit well in our system and also give us roster flexibility in future years.

Rich - NY Renegades- I'd say B, but it depends on if Pedroso becomes an all-star

Billy – Blizzards- I'm pretty happy, I think a B is solid. Shipley has his weaknesses especially shooting the basketball but he's an excellent passer, so I'm hoping that he won't take many shots and will defer a lot to Mobley and Galloway and be a really nice fit.

dunkem – Tritons- I'd probably give myself a B. I probably could've taken a few risks on guys like Cape, but with several instances of player chemistry in the past, I didn't want to risk it. The Jameson acquisition did affect draft targets a little too. Ratings wise, they're all generally where I thought they'd be as well as their potential. Overall, I'm not ecstatic by getting someone unexpected who fell, but I'm not disappointed with who I got.

Bisbo – Colonels- When taking the Hawes trade into consideration, I’d say A-. Filled a big hole at C and picked up a good value at 33.

Grunter – Jaguars- F then after a bit of thought C-

Homer - OKC Barons- B-/B. Tim floored me with his offer which sets me up for the next two years. But if those aforementioned guys are game-changers and I butcher the picks, then it’s a fireable offense.

Phayd – Stars- B - Unfortunately I dropped down to #5 pick again in the draft and any of the players that would have made a difference would have gone in the top 4

Jron - LA Fireballs- Definitely A ha-ha. We have 1 mission this draft and that is to secure our target and we did. I think we did well considering we weren't really active on drafts but nevertheless had fun throughout the process.

Tim – Lumberjacks- I think it's hard to get a bad grade with such late picks. I don't think we overlooked anyone obvious that we should have taken and the three guys we got should fill the roles we expect of them (which is mostly playing in Salem). I'd give it a C.

RKG – Vipers- Incomplete. Really, this should be the draft grade for all general managers because I believe all of the players selected have broad talent to at least be solid backups in this league. My sense is that players usually do not develop to their potential because of lack of opportunity and team fit. I guarantee you that at least half of the draft picks that were made will not be on the team that drafted them 3 seasons from now, for various reasons.

Calvin – Crusaders- I gave myself a C in my 2026 JBL draft grades article and I think that’s fair. I essentially made a lateral move in trading a late first and second for a future first, unless the Fireballs decide to blow it up and then I could receive some value but that looks unlikely.

Michael - LV Scorpions- Anywhere from D to a D+. The 2 picks at the end are for a 29 2nd so it's meaningless but I think I found value in MSJ and Bolden. With 3 firsts next season it probably makes our draft positions obvious next season. If you didn't have a top 5 pick, I'm not sure you could get an A in this draft.

Bedouin – Bullets- F. Definitely earned an F on this one. We forgot we had pick 56. We were unable to complete a trade we were happy with and we were unable to secure one of our targets. We are not unhappy with our selection of Jay London, after all he was ranked much higher by the scouting services, but we also understand he is unlikely to fill the need we identified pre-draft. Now I will need to address that need through free agency.

jcomeyKC- For last night, a B- maybe. I think we did well to get good value at our picks. And I didn’t entirely believe in Farmer too much to go get him (nor did I want to part with a long-term asset in addition to just one pick below).

The dilemma at 17 really confounded me. In the end, I took the scoring above all (plus, I have Mueller still, and I like him a lot). MSJ’s defense also worried me. So, Ford got the nod.

Overall, I don’t know if we responded to Bender going 7 well. I really thought he would be there at 9. He was not. Such is life.

For the entire experience, it’s still an incomplete. From Hawes alone, we were able to gain four new players from last night, in addition to our firsts back from other deals, as well as a couple of other picks that should offer us the chance to put together a core.

Luke – Thunder- I’d grade myself for the draft around a ‘B’. Although I got the players I wanted, I did lose a few assets trading up. If I had a bit more ‘balls of steal’, I could have held out a bit longer for the players I wanted and still had some draft picks in the bank. But overall, I am happy with how the players grade out and I got everyone I targeted.

sik_air – Vultures- I think i would give myself a solid C+. A pass is a pass. I'd rate myself better if not for my answer to the next question.

3. What advice would you give a rookie GM going into their first draft?

Commish- Plan ahead. Scout early, use your trips. Scouting locks before the draft so make sure you’ve scouted a decent amount of prospects if you can, in case you trade in on the day.

You should go with your gut. Don’t let what’s happening on the board change your plans. Of course, you need to be flexible, but if you haven’t scouted guys ahead of you and they’re highly ranked, there’s probably a reason they have fallen to where you are picking.

Pick the BPA. Things can change pretty quickly in the JBL, but one thing that doesn’t change is talent.

Matt – Huskies- Scout as much as possible so that you can make an informed decision. When it’s your pick, don’t be afraid to just pull the trigger and try not to think too much. Often times you start looking at multiple players and you can easily talk yourself into and out of someone. At the end of the day, there’s no wrong answer, just go with it and enjoy the journey. You will make a mistake at some point, as it’s bound to happen. Learn from it and move on.

Kyle – Lightning- It's way more fun to have a pick, especially in the first. "Steals" you found via scouting, are more than likely to have been found by other GMs. The ones that do the most scouting, tend to know about these guys and know that if they want these players, they need to draft them early. I had Bowman pegged as an undrafted senior and he went mid second rounder.

Ohgeer – Devils- Rookie GMs ...advice... hmmm I think the hardest part of this simulation is getting to know your team and to see what options might exist. In theory, there are many ways to build a team. In practice it seems that those that throw gobs of money at players to poach them from their teams or those that tank to get the top 5 picks every 3-5 years seem to have more success. We in Atlanta are trying to grow our team more organically to see if that model can work within this sim. We want a system that sustains over time. I guess in one way we have accomplished that in that we are always in the middle of the draft, but we hope to change that.

The point is that rookies have to decide why they participate in this sim. If they get bored quickly watching grass grow, then they may get more out of FA (see Jron for example) than they get from drafting. There are some GMs that get into their players and see this league as a male soap opera with many plots and twists while others thrive on trying to get every player in the league through their doors for at least a day (again ... see Jron). Once you decide what you want from the sim, it is much easier to determine how you approach the draft and what stats/feedback/workout information you wish to pay attention to.

Austin – Jailbirds- It's not always going to go like the mock drafts. Teams have smoke screens on who their guys are. Trading up / down / out can bring positive or negative value. In my opinion a lottery pick now is always more valuable than one in the future because it's guaranteed. Also, try to have some talks before the draft If you are moving the pick. I did, and it was still down to the wire.

Tim McM – Hurricanes- It's funny, me giving advice because there is so much that I DON'T know, but it would be to go with your instincts and not by other GM's opinions. Not saying to ignore them at all because you will get a lot of useful advice from people who know a lot more, just saying if you like someone you learn by trial and error.

ZPod4 – Rockets- Always keep an open mind about trading your pick. Many GMs love to build through the draft and will give up a lot for a particular player. Also, don’t be afraid to take BPA as some players may fall in your lap and you will be kicking yourself if you did not take them a few seasons later.

Aeon - Denver Dragons- Well, the best advice might be to do what Calvin did, and trade out of the draft. The thing is, until you see how a college player's scouting can compare to his JBL scouting, and then to how he plays in two or three years, it's hard to put the college scouting in context. People know this yet get crazier and crazier about players the closer to the time to pick, and so it's easy to make a move to grab a player or reach for a player or just expect too much from your picks based on how they look in college. The best solution to this nearsightedness is to sit back and watch how a college class turns out. Do the deep scouting, figure out who you would pick where, and then watch how they turn out. It will give you a truer perspective when looking at your next college class that might keep you from making a big mistake. I especially don't recommend new GMs attempt to go all in on picks and college players their first season. Everybody looks better before they're unwrapped, and you can end up selling your whole future for guys who end up in the J-league.

Andrew – Kings- The gem you found with a second-round grade will probably go earlier than you think.

laser – Cyclones- Get to know your own players before making any trades. Then do a lot of scouting and learn all you can about the draft eligible players. And most importantly – use the mock drafts to learn about the players but do not take them as gospel.

DG – Charlotte- I’d say you start with what your team needs most and make sure you have scouted players who fill that position of need. Don’t waste scouting trips on Mitchell Butler Jr. as an example if you don’t have a top 3 pick and/or are highly unlikely to trade up. Second, draft players who fit your style of play even if there is a similar player who might be higher ranked. Third, find some sort of system to rank players across a number of factors and not just stats or just letter grades as for instance. Fourth, don’t get sucked into the Mock drafts as those also contain a level of fog and/or misdirection but do give them a good read as it will provide a general idea of what each team may be targeting in terms of positional needs which can come in handy. Last but not least, don’t over target a player similar to what Bed was mentioning during the Draft pod. It just allows for the potential for another team to our maneuver you for said player.

Rich - NY Renegades- Do more research

Billy – Blizzards- Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Go with your gut, and don't share too much information on your players to other gm's especially about the players you want. It's ok if you want to just have a general chat about rookies but don't show your cards too much.

dunkem – Tritons- Best advice for a newbie... Just go with your gut. You did the homework, you know who appeals to you or not. In the back of your mind, you may think, what will others think or say... or self-doubt yourself since the player is ranked lower, but there have been many times when I've waited a little too long and the player is no longer available since another GM feels just as strong. As a wise GM said... Just do you.

Bisbo – Colonels- Read all the mocks, and listen to all the pods - with a huge grain of salt. No one is giving up what they really think about the class, but the info and analysis is very helpful. Figure out what you need, and what you’re likely to get. Be realistic - no, Bloom isn’t going to fall to the 1.25. And, like Comey, have more than a Plan A, B and C - the landscape is constantly changing.

Grunter – Jaguars- Have a plan and scout, scout, scout for positional needs

Homer - OKC Barons- Scout early and often. Even if you have early picks. The more info you have on guys, the easier draft day becomes by allowing you to be more flexible on your options. Also, don't be afraid to ask other GMs their opinions. Some (most) are full of shit, but sometimes they slip up and give you good info.

Phayd – Stars- Get plenty of trips for participating in the league so that you can scout plenty - don't give up top 10 draft picks unless you know the players aren't going to fall your way - Try to hit the live draft - it's manic fun and one of the league highlights especially tuning in to any live feeds at the time

Jron - LA Fireballs- Don't overthink it, if you feel like you have a certain target that you want to close in and you have the necessary assets to make it happen then do it. If you reach for someone and you think that player is worth it, reach for it. The draft isn't an exact science a lot of variables to look at. System fit, best player available, etc. at the end of the day it's your team and your decision. Either you like your pick or not. Don't panic and be prepared do your scouting early, so you won't be guessing.

Tim – Lumberjacks- If a total rookie GM, then I would suggest that they consider trading out for future picks. I don't think you can hope to get good value in the draft if you've only just landed in JBL universe. If you're going to take your pick, then soak up as much of the info and advice that's out there (which is a lot) and don't try to get too clever.

RKG – Vipers- Do not freak out over first impressions when the players are added to your roster. This is especially true because I believe rookie players have more fog than prior years and, again, we really do not know how these players will look until they get meaningful time. No one predicted PG Alex Baptiste would win ROY and he is only considered a 3.5-star player. Play the players you drafted with an open mind until you get a significant sample size to make a determination. By the way, reasonable sample size for a rookie is not 20 games, 82 games or even 164 games. You really need to give a rookie 3 to 4 years of consistent playing time in a specific role to really understand what you have before making any determinations.

Calvin – Crusaders Well considering I am a noob, not much. From conversations I’ve had and reading the general slack channel, trading back and acquiring picks rather than trading up and really making a splash seems to be a common strategy in a new GM’s first draft. We both did that this year, but probably for different reasons. I think you were more in asset acquisition mode and just tried to take as many fliers as possible whereas I just didn’t have the scouting. Some advice would be if you have a year of scouting and really like a player, don’t be afraid to trade up or stay put to grab him and reject some lowball offers to move down. Being aggressive and having confidence in yourself and your scouts is important. It’s not as fun if you’re always passive. Everyone is really nice around here but they’re always trying to better their team, so don’t be shy in rejecting trade offers and holding out for what you want if the offers are subpar.

Michael - LV Scorpions- Scout early and often, especially if you plan to trade picks. My first season I didn't know there was time between scouting stages and ended up having to throw darts in my first draft.

Bedouin – Bullets- If it’s your first draft, I would strongly encourage you not to live podcast the draft. Whilst it’s great fun it can make your job as a GM exceptionally challenging. Beyond that I would say that you should spend time identifying the needs of each team, rather than focusing purely on scouting the pool of declared players. By understanding the needs of your competitors, you put yourself in the best position to maximize your leverage and give yourself the ability to move around the draft order to obtain your targets and maximize your return. If you know that the next four teams need wings and you want a center take advantage of that opportunity.

I would also strongly encourage GMs to rank players at each position into tiers. Often during a draft, you will get runs on a set position, particularly if that is a position of scarcity. Knowing, at least roughly, who will go when, will allow you to identify runs before they really begin, and give you’re the best opportunity to secure your targets.

jcomeyKC- Don’t force yourself to live in the moment. Play out the scenarios around your pick. Figure out what players might be there. Not will be there. Might. Have your plan of action ready to go. If you have to live in the moment, you may be more prone to panic.

Luke – Thunder- Have a big list of targets with YOUR rankings. But also prepare for both best case scenarios and worst-case scenarios. It’s very off putting when you are left with little options and don’t have back-ups; frantically trying to check scouting for a last-minute decision. As prepared as I thought I was, this still happened to me in this draft as I couldn’t decide between 2 players. It’s also just as off putting when a quality player is sliding down the draft order, who plays in a position you do not need to fill. You then need to choose whether to select him or potentially pass on a great player. With only 5 mins to decide it feels very rushed weighing up the options.

sik_air – Vultures- I unexpectedly had to leave the place right about when my pick was approaching, which played a little into my rushed deal. Now, it was unexpected, but I probably should have risk managed it away by carving out the time in my day a little more.

Our commish is great enough to send messages to us when are picks are coming up and as I was out and about it was pretty fortunate that I checked my phone within the five-minute limit. Brookhart was there for the taking, but I couldn't say that I had the capacity at the time to make a considered decision. They say it's better to be lucky than good!

So, from my latest experience, the two things I'd say are to carve out the time as best you can (not just from the GM strategy side of things but also from an entertainment and community aspect - the live podcast with commish, RKG and Bedouin and league interaction is really great and I genuinely missed out by not being around); and that we're all here to have fun so go with your gut and let her rip!

4. What was your biggest surprise of the draft?

Matt – Huskies- I think the biggest surprise of the draft was seeing the short SG’s fall so far. Damien Jensen average ranking was 11 and ended up going at 40. Brookhart was a lot further down the list at 31 and went at 41. Other than that, I thought it was a good draft with a lot of excitement.

Kyle – Lightning- Farmer falling and me not pulling the trigger on him, as much as I wanted to. MSJ falling, though early returns say that DI taking Bender was the right move. CJ Williams looks like a second-round steal, though he really went 29th overall.

Ohgeer – Devils- Biggest surprise was that it seems that if you pick beyond 12, you are almost guaranteed to have your top 3-5 board players picked before you. This even seems to apply if all your board players are "rated" at picks 20+. Hopefully with more fog settling in and some of the other changes coming down, the information that everyone is able to gather on every viable pick becomes more varied. The commish is very aware of the problem and seems to be taking steps to fix that. I was just surprised to have my top 3-4 options all picked before #14 considering all of those 3-4 were rated much lower.

I might add that I find Jron's approach an interesting study. Everyone knows he rarely holds onto his picks (or his players it appears) so it is interesting and surprising to see how wildly fluctuating things are on his team and yet how they are finding success still.

Austin – Jailbirds- As far as a player falling, Farmer and MSJ both were great value picks are their spots. My biggest surprise was I was able to grab 2 wings I didn't think would be available. I went for a need at center with my first pick and BPA after that, which worked out really well.

Tim McM – Hurricanes- I didn't do a lot of deep scouting but I expected Farmer to go higher. Also, a sleeper I scouted Nebraska Center Wilmore going in the mid 30's was a surprise. If I had kept the #32 pick I was going to take him there. Surprised that he was that high on anyone else's draft board. But that just shows that you can't count on other GM's overlooking someone. Going back to my previous answer about going with your own instincts.

ZPod4 – Rockets- I did not follow this draft a ton, but from the amount of talk about MSJ, I was surprised to see him drop so far. PG is not a huge position of need around the league, but the position does have a decent amount of turnover that someone taking him earlier would not have surprised me at all.

Aeon - Denver Dragons- I was focused on the lottery, so there are probably some surprises deeper in the rounds that I'm unaware of. In the lottery, nothing really shocked me, but I think the biggest wrinkle was Dillinger going at 9 to the Knights. I knew Comey was interested in him, and agree he probably wouldn't have fallen to 17, but I don't think many mocks had Dillinger that high. That pushed everyone down a bit, and so I was surprised to see Rodgers and Ford and especially Michel Saint-Jean going so low. I could see Bender going before Saint-Jean but if you had told me they'd go 12 picks apart, I would have been surprised, as their talent levels seemed fairly comparable. I did not take 1.12 from Chicago in the Novak trade, but looking how the picks fell, I suppose I would have taken Saint Jean at 12 if I had it. That may be my regret in a few seasons depending on how he develops and how Chicago does.

Andrew – Kings- Jay London being drafted.

laser – Cyclones- RKG taking Bo Anderson for the Vipers. I think it was a great pick – I was just surprised that he was able to keep his choice under wraps so well. I thought he was going to take Michel Saint-Jean, and even if he was misdirecting everyone with his Saint-Jean love, I thought the pick would be Denzel Graves.

DG – Charlotte- Biggest surprise was just the all-around action. This was my 4th JBL draft and by far it had the most moves pre-draft + in-draft. I’m thinking this was due a lot to this 2026 class being about players who fit certain teams more than others vs. obvious Best Player Available type talents which led to more activity in terms of movement up and down the draft board.

Rich - NY Renegades- The fact that MSJ went so late. I thought he was a top 10 guy in this draft.

Billy – Blizzards- I honestly don't even know. There was so much going on, I just focused on what we did, and I can't even tell you one other trade. I should get some time to listen to the pod this week hopefully, so I can catch up.

dunkem – Tritons- My biggest surprise, as mentioned was the Jameson proposal. I was interested in him before I acquired Hood, but the Devils were high on him, so I pivoted to Hood instead. When the opportunity was there to move down reasonably and acquire Jameson, I wasn't sure how I'd fit him in roster-wise, but in the end, I just said, hell with it, my targets are probably going to be there later, so I triggered the deal. Worked out for both sides I think. General surprise of the draft might've been someone MSJ falling to 19. Thought he'd be gone earlier. He'll be good at Vegas.. while he's there. 😊

Bisbo – Colonels- For me, it was a small surprise. I was pretty certain I’d be able to draft Serrano at 2.33; was surprised and disappointed when he went at 1.29

Grunter – Jaguars- As I didn't scout the top end of the draft it’s hard for me to tell who the biggest fallers and risers where, but I'm always surprised how some GM's (me included) don't value the great value of rookie contracts on your roster.

Homer - OKC Barons- All of the "surprises" that I thought would fall to me at 32, apparently weren't surprises. That was surprising to me. Menelik Sullivan, Isabell, Turner, Eleby, and Shipley: I was sure I'd get 1 of those. Fail.

Phayd – Stars- The amount of times the top 5 picks was traded this season and then Farmer dropping to 8 was also surprising.

Jron - LA Fireballs- For our team nothing really, we already knew we have a chance to land our guy. But in terms of surprises I think Thunder picking Lawson Isabell, I think that was a smart pick in terms of knowing who you want. He is basically a player that we also scouted and felt that his draft rankings were way too low for his skillset definitely a 1st rounder in our books. Dragons landing Malique Farmer as we really think he wouldn't go past OKC, but that was the best situation for him being mentored by another undersized PF in Sherman.

Tim – Lumberjacks- I knew the secret was well and truly out on Laswon Isabell but I didn't expect he'd go as high as he did. But then, I didn't scout the late first round very heavily, so maybe he wasn't that much of a reach. With the hype around him, I thought he'd go somewhere around 28-32.

RKG – Vipers- I think most of the surprises occurred before the draft, with the 1st overall pick traded twice, New Orleans acquiring the 4th overall pick and Kansas City moving all over the draft board. Once the smoke cleared after New Orleans trade on draft day, I believe the lottery picks when mostly as expected. Ironically, I was surprised how much latent interest there apparently was in Bo Anderson. I thought moving up from 16 to 14 was unnecessary and I was just spooked by Comey's article pegging Gatling and Anderson at 14 and 15 just before my pick. Lo and behold, had I not done that, Anderson would have been gone at 16 and I would have seriously considered a trade down or out because the next most logical fit was C Turner from Michigan State, but he would not have made sense with Haslem already on the roster.

Calvin – Crusaders- I think Farmer falling to #8 would probably be the biggest surprise, but it’s not like it was unfathomable to predict that before the draft. Despite the hate this draft class got, there are quite a few top end prospects and there just wasn’t room for Farmer in the top 5. #6 and #7 were picks based off positional need, so he slid to the champs at #8. I’m a bit surprised the Cyclones didn’t trade down with someone looking to move up and grab Farmer, and take Alston or Collier a bit farther down the board.

Michael - LV Scorpions- I'm not sure there was one with the number of mocks that were out there. Most of the trades were completed before the draft so no big shocks there either. Figured someone would drop a pre-completed trade during the draft to throw things off.

Bedouin – Bullets- I didn’t think there was anything too shocking this draft but there were a few teams that made selections that surprised me. I was surprised that the Cyclones didn’t take Collier at 6, that seemed like a no brainer to me. I was surprised that Bo Anderson went so high, although I had my suspicions he was a Vipers target after our mock podcast. And I was surprised to see Isabell drafted at 21. I expected him to be a first rounder, but that was a little higher than I had expected.

jcomeyKC- I would prefer to wait on this for my own column about this topic. I will say that Bender going 7 was a surprise, because I really didn’t think Bender would be a good fit in that system. I get that Bender has better scoring ability, but he also demands the ball much, much more. With Josiah in the fold…this could disrupt the flow and balance of the offense. It will be interesting to see play out.

Luke – Thunder- It was more of what I was surprised with after the draft. I was actually surprised at Pedroso’s grading. I really thought he would grade higher. He was on my list of potential players to try and trade in for, and in hindsight I was happy I didn’t have the assets to get it done. It’s not that he is bad, 4 stars is a quality player, but I had him down for a 4½ star minimum as he led Arkansas to a CJBL title. Would have thought he had championship DNA and had the potential to be great. And now the fact he didn't even start for most of the season at Arkansas makes some sense.

sik_air – Vultures- How far some of the higher rated rookies dropped, which suggests plenty of GMs are picking for fit rather than overall best player (which was a question posed in a previous Munsday). I think the Dragons made out fantastically with Malique Farmer dropping to where he did.

Well there you have it folks. The largest Munsday to date, and there isn’t a ton left to say other thanks to thank everybody again for taking the time to participate.

Also, as a side note please hit up Jron and the Commish about some JBL gear. I put in your order for a Stack Jersey this morning and it just looks sick as hell. Have him mock something up for you, they look amazing and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Next week’s Munsday will be centered around my perspectives as a recap article on the draft, OR be a year of Munsdays, what I think I have learned by hanging around you fools.

Till then have a good one boys!