Los Angeles Fireballs Introduces Garrett Cue to the Media

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2021

NEW YORK - Los Angeles Fireballs wasted no time as they have introduced their 1st round draft pick Memphis swingman Garrett Cue to the media hours following the draft. The 18 year old forward has been ranked as high as top 10 to as low as 20 but it was quite a slide to see him drop at 25 with the Fireballs.

"We are just as surprised as everybody seeing Garrett (Cue) sliding in the draft, we all knew he would be gone at the very least top 15, we have our eyes set on Duke's Zach McCray at 25 but it is hard to pass on a top 10 talent such as Garrett late in the 1st round." GM Jron said when he was asked about how surprised he was when Cue was still within in their reach at 25.

"I joked to Rudy (Coach O) that it seems like we have a chance to get this kid from Memphis, early in the teens. Like always he just smiled and shrugged and when he wasn't picked by Bullets at 24 my eyes became wide and grabbed Rudy tellin' him 'what did I say?' we all were just surprised. I wanted to just tell the guys to phone it in but as always we did a thorough walkthrough on it and why the other teams passed on this kid. Zach obviously fills a need for us and Garrett will walk in a sort of crowded position which is one of our strongest position coming into the offseason. But it is hard to bet against potential." GM Jron added.

Garret Cue is a prototypical wing 6'8" (7'1" wingspan) 208 lbs, the former Memphis Tiger averaged 16.9 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 3.6 apg and 1.3 spg in his only year with the program. A one and done prospect who scouts says isn't as ready as people think he should be. Maybe him being raw scares the other teams away or maybe there's other things in play but no one can deny the kid's skills. His potential is enough to invest with, he is entering a team with proven wings such as iMac (Isaiah McCarty) and Carst (Jordan Carstensen) taking him under their proverbial wings, he proved that he can score in college and can do a bit of everything else. Los Angeles is a fast paced team and in order for Cue to find a role in LA, he needs to run and knock down shots and finish off drives.

When asked if this pick means that current Fireball Dajuan Jefferies would be exposed in the expansion draft now that the 25th pick has proven to be a pick they should keep, GM Jron answered with his usual tone "That has been a decision that we need to discuss internally but I won't lie to you guys, it is a possibility an option if it comes to it, we'll have to see if it will makes sense for us and the organization. We have a list of players that we intend to protect and it may or may not change, of course that is why we hire people to scout and evaluate is to make those decisions easier for us."

This much is true though, Garrett Cue will be a part of Los Angeles Fireballs future from here on out. The offseason will dictate what kind of team we will witness in the coming season but picking Garret Cue is a good start.