Kaylen Antony

  • By -, Day 1, 2021

It's the Drones pleasure and excitement to welcome big man Kaylen Antony to the Charlotte Drones. Hailing all the way from Duluth Minnesota, he's the next best thing to come out of the town on Lake Superior since Bob Dylan.

Antony has spent his recent years in Hollywood where Basketball was his second love as he attended the prestigious Spiecer/Sturges Acting Studio that turned out famous alumni such as Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez. After a tragic and fatal on stage lover stoush Antony turned back to Basketball attending USC where he's completing an undergrad in Horticulture and Animal Sciences.

Antony has proven himself a strong tall man with tremendous scoring abilities and great locker room chat. He does struggle at the defensive end, averaging 3.3DRB a game last season but that's to be expected says scorned lovers mother Sharkeisha Jones.

We look forward to much entertainment from the big fella, on and off the court.