Wallace traded to Scorpions

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 198, 2025

MINNEAPOLIS - After signing a max contract 3 seasons ago, the Minneapolis Blizzards and the Las Vegas Scorpions have come to an agreement to exchange Donnell Wallace for two 2nd round picks and cap relief. General manager pulled the heart strings a little in this one, as much as you can in fantasy land, but made the tough call and explained it as "A cap saving trade that needed to happen for the betterment of the team"

The move will clear up 24 million in cap for the franchise when the deal goes through in the off season. The saved cap will give the franchise some wiggle room to re-sign Omari Woodley who came on strong this season and Donovan Mobley who will require extension next season which would have been the final season of Wallace's contract. As a result of the move, Minneapolis picked up the team option on Davon McKay and Blaze Funderburk. The team already picked up the options for Mobley and extended a qualifying offer to Omari Woodley.

The Blizzards get the Drones 2026 2nd round pick (#49 after picks taken out) and the Blizzards 2029 2nd round pick.

The Scorpions get SF/SG Donnell Wallace