Statement from Colonels' General Manager

  • By Wally Christensen, Day 194, 2025

LOUISVILLE - Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for coming here on such short notice.

I am happy to say that rumors of my firing by Mr. Sanders were unfounded. Mr. Sanders, better than anyone, knows that it takes time to transform a crappy product into something that is edible. He is a patient man.

When I came to Louisville, I announced that it would take three years to bring the Colonels back to respectability. We are entering our third year this coming season and I am intent on honoring my commitment to the Colonel.

We have a young, talented and hungry team. What we have lacked is strong veteran leadership. Oh, and someone who could play even a hint of defense. That all changes today.

I am happy to say that Louisville has reached an agreement in principle with Kansas City that will result in perennial All-Star Kelvin Hawes joining the Colonels, in exchange for the Colonels 2025 #1 and #6 draft picks, as well as Portland's 2027 1st round pick. The agreement will be finalized once trading is open.

The price is high, but nothing worth having comes cheaply. We think this is a win-win for both teams. It will give us what we so desperately need - one of the best centers in the JBL, a veteran who can provide leadership to our young squad, and who can take us to the next level. At the same time, Kansas City can turbocharge its rebuild with assets that will allow them to stock a roster with great young talent.

I have enjoyed my negotiations with Mr. Comey, and I wish the Knights the best. Meanwhile, we are #LouisvilleAllIn!