Cyclones retain Deshawn Hawkins

  • By Barry Lolicht, Day 180, 2025

MIAMI - In a move that surprised no one the Miami Cyclones exercised their $1.2 million team option in order to keep Deshawn Hawkins next season. Hawkins slid to the Cyclones in the 2023 draft and was picked with the 28th pick. He started 73 games for the team this season, averaging 11.0 points and 9.1 rebounds in 28.8 minutes. General Manager Barry Lolicht said in training camp that he felt Hawkins was capable of a breakout season. That did not happen but Lolicht and head coach Aaron Chamberlain believe that Hawkins can be a defensive force in the middle and work effectively defending the post along with Ainsley Tucker.

Many mock drafts have the Cyclones utilizing the 16th pick in this years draft to select another center; Chris Dillinger and Joseph Turner have been mentioned. Lolicht denies the team is considering a center, saying that the Cyclones believe Hawkins has allstar potential and they are very happy with the development of rookies Davin Whiting and Trevon Holland. Chamberlain expects Hawkins, Whiting, and Holland to compete in training camp to be the starter next season. Jamel Doaks could also join the competition if he is resigned.

Lolicht said the team has not yet made any decision regarding making qualifying offers for Doaks at $4.65 million or Tywan Liggins at $2.85 million.