Houston Declines Cameron Nix's team contract

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 180, 2025

HOUSTON - Citing payroll flexibility, Houston has declined the option on Cameron Nix. Team GM, Kyle Kappe, said that they wanted as much room to negotiate with free agents this offseason, but wouldn't discount bringing back Nix. Sources around the league see this as Houston narrowing down their draft choices, of which they have two first rounders, 11 and 27, and league exec's think that a defensive minded SG remains a strong possibility to take with one of the two picks.

Current payroll calculations
Austin McConnell - 4 million
Spencer Allen - 3.9
Marcus Price - 3.6
Qwan Songalia - 2.6
Keiron Worthington - 2.4
Carter Barlow - 2.2
Austin Green - 1 million
Brandon Kellogg - 1 million
Daryl Caldbeck - 1 million

This brings the total to 21.9 million for next years team with a complete lack of team vets. With 3 more picks in this draft, that gives us an opening for 3 vets for the roster and a team total of 15 players, with three players in the J-League.