Mock 3.0: Post Lottery Mock Draft

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 180, 2025

This draft was created at the conclusion of the draft lottery. We did take into consideration about players who might not jump into the draft, but did allow for the assumption that some still could. Austin and I alternated picks and he started because the Lightning had an odd numbered draft position while the J-Birds had an even pick. It did hurt to pick players I wanted much sooner than I was hoping, but I (not sure about Austin) try and keep it as unbiased as possible. We will likely do one more mock draft, once player declarations occur

1. Louisville (Austin) - Lamont Woodson - C - Silver Bluff High School
The Colonels were the lucky winners of the Lottery and the pick came from none other than my mock draft partner Kyle. There’s a few options for the Colonels but it seems that their biggest need, admittedly so, is the Center position. Bisbo has to be happy that Lamont Woodson has declared. Dillinger has long been talked about as a player who is not worth a top 5 pick and this makes the decision pretty easy. The other option, which I think is fun to think is if the Colonels draft a top PG like Butler Jr. or Bloom and get Dillinger at 6, where I think he’s likely still available. Woodson is special. He’s able to hit 3’s at a 39.2% clip, a good sign but obviously not at JBL range and with JBL defenders. He appears to have a solid offensive game, scoring 35.7 ppg (albeit in HS). It’s a good gamble and the right move for the Colonels who will put themselves into the conversation of long term success.

2. Hurricanes (Kyle) - Mitchell Butler Jr - PG - UNC
Canes could go many ways here. They’ve discussed the desire to not want to take a PG and while I get it, not taking Butler because you “want to give Loyola a chance” is silly. Donate Loyola to the Vipers and take Butler. You don’t really want Bloom’s rawness and Farmer and Jae, while talented, might not be quite what you are looking for. If you don’t want to take Butler, trade out of the spot. Butler is one year older than Bloom, but nobody really is taking Bloom over Butler, expect maybe the Scorpions and from talks I’ve had, they’d take Butler #1 if given the chance. But if they decide to stick to their guns, I see Jaw Lawson here. No matter which way they go though, the Thunder will be more than happy with choosing between Farmer and Butler.

3. Thunder (Austin) - Malique Farmer - PF - Arizona
The Thunder get his guy in Farmer, the perfect replacement for Ainsley Tucker. Farmer is at a position of need for Seattle and projects to have significant potential. He is an athletic young big with excellent rebounding and has the ability to stretch the floor shooting 39.4% from 3 this year. It would be interesting to see if Luke is enticed enough by Keiron Bloom to partner him with Jamar Walcutt as the future cornerstones in Seattle. Bloom has some juicy appeal to him, but I feel that Zach Lynch can hold his own for the Thunder and it’s been long talked about that you can win championships without a star point guard.

4. Barons (Kyle) - Jae Lawson - SF/PF - Oregon
Ellington is going to be a free agent and while he’s a nice player, he’s a guy who can take all of the shots he wants in the world on a team not going anywhere. Should they take Lawson, they have a guy who projects worlds ahead of Ellington and they could let Ellington walk in FA and work on other aspects of the team. Lawson looks like an alpha scorer and with Hale manning the PG spot, they can easily work together and would be of similar ages.

5. Stars (Austin) - Keiron Bloom - PG - Galesburg High School
The Stars are not really that close and as expected they take a high potential player who is on the same timeline they are. The Stars had success in last years draft taking Bamba Diouf with the #5 overall pick and it would be strange to think they would take another Point Guard with the #5 pick this year. I think the Stars wish they could grab Woodson to pair with Gregory or Lawson to be their starting SF of the future, but that didn’t happen here. Jordan Timberlake has played extremely well for the Stars but Bamba Diouf is the preferred player and can move to the SG position. I believe Timberlake could potentially slide over to SF standing at 6’8” with a 7’0” wingspan and that’s what should happen. A starting 5 of Bloom / Diouf / Timberlake / Gregory / and a to be named max center would make waves for a long time in the East.

6. Louisville (Kyle) - Ricky Jackson Jr - SG - Wake Forest
Is Trendon Knox still worthy in Louisville? Probably. Do they want him on this team? Most likely. But Ricky Jackson is a strong 3 and D player who, despite being a college star, only had a 27.8% usage rating this year. This would allow KB to take over as the identity of the Colonels as add in some more defense. This might be a good trading down candidate if they want to go the Renegades route and hoard draft picks. Knox is a little older than most of the core (along with Akele) and those two probably won’t be in Kentucky for more than 2 more years combined. The only thing is, neither are likely to be S&T so what will Bisbo do?

7. Boston (Austin) - Tyson Rodgers - SF/SG - Kansas State
Boston is set at SF with Zayveon West and last years rookie selection Spencer Gellineau, who has exceeded expectations in his first year. Rodgers isn’t the best player at this point in the draft, but he fills a need for Boston. Depth at the Shooting Guard position and a much, much improved defender over Tyrese Porter. Rodgers has been mocked several times to Boston and makes a lot of sense. IF Boston wants to go BPA they take Vacha Alston and look to move a SF or see if Gellineau can be a full time Shooting Guard.

8. Denver (Kyle) - Adonis Gatling - PF - North Carolina
The Dragons have made it known that they’d listen to offers for one/both of their power forwards. Perhaps they find a home for them both, but likely they’d trade one for now. Whoever wins and gets to stay in the Mile High city can teach Adonis how to exist in the JBL. Gatling is a defensive specialist with some desire to float to the perimeter to shoot 3’s at a mediocre rate. No worries, playing next to Hall would allow for that. He has defensive player of the year potential at the PF spot for the Dragons.

9. Scorpions (Austin) - Vacha Alston - SF - Villanova
Michael has moved a lot of players in his rebuild and it pays off allowing him to draft Alston who has some of the best defensive potential on the wing in this draft. I think he’s extremely happy to have a chance to select Vacha and although I think he keeps the pick, it causes RKG to make a phone call over to his former team. Cortez Ellison manned the Small Forward position in Las Vegas and he’s expiring. I doubt the Scorpions won’t be able to retain his services, but Alston offers insurance while also giving them an option to be the starter himself.

10. Renegades (Kyle) - Quinton Brookhart - SG - West Virginia
What’s going on in New York? That’s the big question. Brookhart has a lot of flaws, but his strength is shooting and his style fits in NY. This could just as easily be Jerrell Ford, but I have a feeling Bradley might get a contract offer from Rich, so I dont see SF as a need in this draft. What’s a little chaos in a NY? The people want to see 141-138 type of games and Brookhart is amazing as helping foster that sort of environment.

11. Lightning (Austin) - Jerrell Ford - SF - Texas
The Lightning have showed they are a top tier defensive team but rank 29th in PPG, 28th in FG%, and 26th in 3P%. Ford doesn’t project to be anything more than an average defender, but has shown he can be a tremendous scoring, pouring in 25.1 ppg and shooting 47.4% from 3. This move allows Marcus Price to primarily play the Power Forward position and have a solid starting 5 that could be ready to make a playoff push as soon as next year if all goes well with all the money they have available (~$50M). I think of all the young teams, the Stars is juicy but the Lightning could be deadly: McConnell / Allen / Ford / Price / Songaila.

12. Jailbirds (Kyle) - Andre Bender - PG - Kentucky
Chicago needs an instant sparkplug at PG. I debated between Bender and MSJ, but I went with Bender because I think he’s more ready to come in and let Cheaney know he’s here to fight with him. Bender was a little more raw last year as a freshmen 5* prospect at Kentucky, but he’s a little more polished and has potential to push. Defense is a worry, but Cheaney is superhuman enough to guard two players at one time.

13. Dallas (Austin) - Menelik Sullivan - PF - Indiana
We know Dallas is happy with Barber, Sanford, Acosta, and obviously Stackhouse. They could re-sign Ryan Pierce, which they likely will for depth, but he’s better suited at the Center position. I think some GM’s hope Sullivan will be around for them to pick, but this league is only getting smarter and I can see him climbing up the rankings or being picked ahead of his position. I think Dallas wants to contend next year and Sullivan is a sophomore averaging a little less points, 14.0 this year compared to 15.9 last, but he’s still averaging over 2.5 blocks per game and shooting 38.5% from 3 (only 0.8 3PA - small sample). He’s got the athleticism, defense, rebounding, and if his free throw % is an indication he will develop into a good shooter.

14. Atlanta (Kyle) Deron Eleby - PF - Georgia Tech
A mini-run on power forwards allows the Devils to take the senior PF, Eleby. He’s also a stout defensive power forward that should match up strongly with Slattery. Deron is a guy who understands the desire that Slattery has to make his team better and would work to match that drive. His usage this year was at a minor 18% and doesn’t really have much on the offensive side, but next to such a presence, they would pair very complimentary with one another.

15. Vipers (Austin) - Michael Saint-John - Michigan State
RKG couldn’t be happier with MSJ available at his selection. Saint-Jean could very well be a top 10 pick, but not a ton of teams need a new Point Guard. MSJ has the playmaking and handles you want in a starting PG, he should be able to step in day 1 and start for the Vipers setting up Lane and Greely for open looks and drives. The Vipers rank 23rd in the league in Assists per game and they should be able to improve on that by drafting a Point Guard with top 10 draft talent.

16. Cyclones (Kyle) - Chris Dillinger - C - Butler
He would have been a Cyclone last year, but decided against coming out. Instead, the Cyclones took centers rated lower than he was, Whiting and Holland. He gets a chance to rectify this and gets Dillinger this year. To get a guy once rated #2 in the draft class, at 16, at a position of need, is good fortune. I also suspect they Cyclones might be candidates to move up or down or completely out of the draft and grab one of the veteran centers next year. If they wanted to go BPA, it would still be Dillinger.

17. Vultures (Austin) - Joseph Turner - C - Michigan State
Turner has some great attributes, like his ability to be a shotblocker (2.82 BLK) and 3-point shooter (38.8% on 3 3PA). Turner has a poor rating but he’s proven in college he can hit the shots and if that continues in the JBL he can be a special player. Rahmond Thompson has filled in admirably but he doesn’t project to obe much more than a role player in the JBL. This would allow Sik to move on from Thompson and address some other bench concerns like backup Point Guard.

18. Mustangs (Kyle) - Deji Ali - PG - Miami
Denzel Graves might be rated higher and probably a more calming influence for the Mustangs, but Ali has that raw potential that, if DI could harness, could see him destined for greatness. It’s a bit of a boom/bust pick but selecting at 18, in this draft, isn’t going to find you that superstar without a little risk involved. His college stats are modest and his usage rate has been 20.2 in each of his two years of college, so he wouldn’t be stealing the limelight from the Messiah.

19. Vipers (Austin) - Bo Anderson - PF/SF - Duke
Some hate him, some can tolerate him - the man, the myth, the legend… Bo Anderson. There’s only a few teams I can see taking Anderson in the first and Pittsburgh is one of them. They play slow and will be able to take his negative of unathleticism and neutralize it. Anderson shoots 41.7% from three and averages 2.61 blocks per game. If he can stretch the floor and be a solid defender he will have value on this team. Anderson needs to bulk up to play Power Forward position in the JBL, but the signs are promising; most of all his strong work ethic, which could boost his overall potential upside.

20. Drones (Kyle) - CJ Williams - SG/SF - Kentucky
I don’t see a good fit for the Drones really. CJ Williams does give them some flexibility at the wing position with defense and scoring. Lucas Rush has a few more years and Williams can come along slowly before he slides into a starting role. They would prefer to take a PF, but I dont see one that isn’t a huge stretch at #20 and not worth the reach they’d be making, when they have the 31st overall pick in the draft as well.

21. Thunder (Austin) - Vince Collier - SG - North Carolina
The Thunder have a new PF In Malique Farmer completing their starting 5, they will start to work on their bench by taking the best possible player available and that is Vince Collier out of North Carolina. Collier has recently moved into the top 10 rankings of CJBL players and projects to be an athletic defender with playmaking skills. He would be a tremendous pick for the Thunder and could learn a lot from Phifer.

22. Scorpions (Kyle) - Trevon Cage - C - Arizona State
They took a wing earlier in the draft and seemed to be ok with who they have at the guard spots. Cage is rated as high as 12th and as low as 17th in the player rankings and since they are hunting talented bodies, why not take a flyer on Cage. There has to be something everyone likes about him. He’s not elite in one thing, but he’s solid in multiple areas. Solid scorer, defender, rebounder, Iso player, and is athletic. He’s not the smartest guy in the world though. He choose Arizona State for college and is pretty awful at shooting FT’s. Stull, he’s a guy worth trying out, especially if Black mentors him.

23. Hurricanes (Austin) - Damien Jensen - SG - Gonzaga
Jensen might be slightly undersized and a poor defender but he projects to be a 3 point specialist. At this point in the draft, GM’s need to target specialized players that can fit their system. The Hurricanes rank 10th in 3PA per game but only 22nd in 3P%, so there’s some room to improve. They also have Ezra Kiris who could help Jensen on the perimeter defensively.

24. Tritons (Kyle) - Sheldon Granger - SG - Arkansas
Lamar Francis has two years left on his deal and I don’t think Grant Hayes is really a SG. That doesn’t leave a lot of minutes, but Granger comes from a fine program that produces a lot of JBL talent. Granger is a former 5* prospect who is more offense than defense, like the guy who would likely be mentoring him, Francis. The Tritons are another team that can use a PF, but again, taking a talent might make more sense than taking a lesser talented fit that can be found easily in the second round.

25. Lightning (Austin) - Antoine Bolden - SF - Arkansas
Even though the Lightning took SF Jerrell Ford with their 1st pick they select another SF in Bolden. He’s likely the best player available and can likely step down to playe Shooting Guard giving Spencer Allen a break in time. He likely won’t develop into a world-beater, but he can be a good role player off the bench. The most logical move here would be for Kyle to trade this pick for a future 1st next year because he has none.

26. Vultures (Kyle) - Kendrick Shaw - SG - Kentucky
Vidmar’s status is up in the air, Stith is probably more SF than SG, and Shaw is a true 3 and D guard who might be a little underrated. Playing at Kentucky, you can find yourself surrounded by lots of high usage players, but the former 3* player found himself as a two year starter and had just a 17% usage rating. At 6’5, he’s at the smallest effective defensive height that you’d want from a player and could be brought along slowly or a big faster. He’d be there to do two things; shoot 3’s and play defense.

27. Kings (Austin) - Axel Frazier - SG - Alabama
There’s not a whole lot of depth behind Detrez Owens and although we are at the end of the 1st round Frazier can still bring value to the Kings. He’s averaged 17.3 ppg over the past two season at Alabama, shooting over 85% from the free throw line and is averaging 2.40 steals/game. He will be able to take some time and learn behind Owens and get spot minutes here and there for Cincinnati as he learns the ropes in the JBL.