New Season

  • By Matt Wheeler, Day 175, 2025


Some have said that there are 2 seasons in the JBL. Regular Season and Playoff Season. By all accounts, the regular season was not as successful as it could have been for the Toronto Huskies. The Huskies failed to win 60 games since 2022, and their 57 wins is their lowest total since 2020. On the surface it appears as though the team has taken a step back this year. The reality is that every starter on the team missed time due to injury. Q missed 2 weeks due to injury. Gibbs missed 54 games due to injury. Barry was out 1 week. Houston was out 1 week. Terry is expected to be out 28 days, and stil has not returned to action. While some the length of injury doesn’t seem long, it’s caused a lot of lineup mixing and could easily have caused the team to earn additional wins this season. In comparison, the Huskies starting lineup of Q, Gibbs, Barry, Houston, Terry played together for 821 mins in 2024. In 2025 they played together only 647 mins. When the lineup did play together they posted an astounding net rating of 20.8 in 2025. This is up from 16.9 last season. Again, there are 2 seasons in the JBL. The Huskies are looking forward to starting the playoff season.

“No one is giving us credit!” said Darius Barry. “We’ve had guys in and out all season and although we lost some games, I think that it’s important to note that it helps us to learn to play with others and different combinations. Coach always says we Win or Learn. We never lose. We’ve got BT coming back soon, and I hope that our bad luck is behind us. That being said, we have all the confidence in the world in DeMarcus and he’s going to drive the car until BT can come back!!”

Vionte Houston had this to say,”It’s a marathon and not a sprint. The regular season is basically 82 practices. Our goal is to win 16 more games. This is what we’ve been working towards. We’ve learned that to win a championship, you have to beat great teams. So, while we would have liked to get the number 1 seed in the east, it was not something that we were going to worry about. We’re looking forward to the challenges ahead. Don’t forget about us JBL!! We are the defending champs afterall!”

The Huskies look to have a difficult path to the championship. A first round matchup against the rival Philadelphia Warriors will prove to be a difficult matchup. The warriors have arguably the best player in the JBL in Alonzo Weaver. If the Huskies can find a way past the Warriors, they’re most likely looking at a matchup with the Bullets. This matchup will be one for the ages. Some say that the Huskies will have the team cohesion and playoff acumen. Some say, the Bullets are the most talented team. This will be one of the most exciting 2nd rnd matchups in some time. Waiting for the winner of this series is most likely the Cincinnati Kings. This will be an amazing series and a rematch of last years matchup that saw the Huskies defeat the Kings en route to a championship.

The 2nd season is starting and the Huskies are in the right mindset. The question is whether or not they can remain healthy.