Fireballs Assistant GM Mock Draft 2.1: Second Round

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 163, 2025


I was talking to Jron about potentially collaborating for a second round mock as well when he informed me that to his knowledge there has never been a second round mock in the JBL. He's busy with work so I decided to do it by myself. Order is accurate with mock draft 2.0 with forfeits taken into account. I wrote less for each since its the second round and I'm by myself but wanted to provide a bit of insight nonetheless. So, the first second round mock in JBL history:

31. Drones (Hurricanes) — Menelik Sullivan - PF - Indiana

- Sullivan is a fringe late first/early second round prospect, so I think the Drones take a chance on his potential. He’s an elite athlete with very solid post defence that blocks (2.61 BPG) and rebounds (6.1 RPG) well.

32. Stars — Isaac Brown - C - Ohio State

- Brown is thought to be a leader in the locker room and his personality could push him up the board. His main strength is his free throw shooting (84.2%) which is excellent for a big man.

33. Colonels — Montraz Cape - PG - Michigan

- Another fringe prospect, Cape has fallen due to some personality issues surrounding past arguments with the coaching staff. The Colonels take a chance on him here as he possesses great size (6’5, 6’9), ball handling and playmaking ability. He’s also shooting 47.2% (1.6 of 3.4) from downtown.

34. Kings (Cyclones) — Antoine Bolden - SF - Arkansas

- One last fringe player, the Kings could be getting a steal here with Bolden. He’s a very effective isolation scorer and has the physical tools to succeed.

35. Lightning — Kendrick Shaw - SG - Kentucky

- A lights-out shooter from deep, Shaw is connecting on 50.5% (1.5 of 2.9) of his threes, but needs to shoot more to prove he’s consistent. Add that to above average perimeter defence and athletic ability, and Shaw might be a sleeper in this draft.

36. Tritons (Barons) — MarJon Barnes - PG - Connecticut

- As a senior and two year full-time starter, Barnes has flourished. He’s shooting 44.8% (1.8 of 4.0) from three, has an eFG of 57.4% and is whizzing the ball around the court to the tune of 8.4 assists per game. He can also create his own offence and projects to be a balanced all-around PG. HIs stature (5’11, 6’3) is called into question though and has to be taken into account when evaluating him.

37. Crusaders — Donavan Bush - SG - Georgetown

- Bush uses his above average athleticism to drive past defenders as well as steal the ball (2.23 SPG) and play good perimeter defence. He has a decent three point shot (36.5%, 0.9 of 2.4) but his wingspan (6’6, 6’7) will come into question.

38. Skyhawks (Tritons) — Alvin Kennedy - PG - Ohio State

- Kennedy is a decent playmaker (6.2 APG) but what really stands out about him is his size (6’7, 6’11). He needs to shoot more consistently (34.9%) from the field but with his size, could develop into a plus defender for the position.

39. Scorpions (Renegades) — RaMond Jordan - C - Arkansas

- Jordan rebounds (7.5 RPG) and blocks (2.35 BPG) well, and figures to provide balanced play on both sides of the ball. He can score around the basket and defends the post well.

40. Dragons (Vipers) — Marquez Ridley - SF - Ohio State

- Ridley certainly has the size to compete in the JBL, with his 6’11 height and 7’3 wingspan. He needs to improve at basically every aspect of his game but the frame is there.

41. Rockets — Denny Singletary - C - Wisconsin

- Singletary is a pure post defender that rebounds well (8.9 RPG). He contributes little to nothing on the offensive side of the ball, but his defence makes up for some of his shortcomings as a late pick.

42. Vultures (Scorpions) — Adonte Palmer - C - Georgetown

- Palmer is very similar to Singletary but with a terrible free throw shot (40%). He needs to vastly improve that but has the defence and rebounding (9.5 RPG) to hold down a backup JBL job.

43. Thunder — Shakeem Moss - PF - Villanova

- Moss has above average playmaking that may actually be his best strength. He’s decently athletic despite being undersized at the four (6’8, 6’9).

44. Predators — JaiRon Terrell - PG - Wisconsin

- Terrell shoots very well from deep (53.3%, 2.6 of 4.9) and from the free throw line (87.2%). He needs to improve his passing if he wants to run the point and he’s too short (6’2) to see time at the two.

45. Devils — Dante Marshack - PG - USC

- Marshack has a well-rounded game, hitting on 45.8% (1.7 of 3.8) from deep, dishing out 8.4 assists per game and only turning the ball over .94 times per game. This is to be expected of the senior three year starter. His best ability may be his athleticism.

46. Mustangs — Octavius Moore - PG - Florida

- Moore shoots well from three (47.4%, 2.4 of 5.0) but needs to develop his playmaking abilities. He has the size (6’4, 6’9) to see a run at the two as well.

47. Forfeit (Warriors)

- The Warriors forfeit this pick due to minor cap shenanigans.

48. Dragons (Jailbirds) — Santiago Serrano - SF - Pittsburgh

- Serrano has one of the more polished games this late in the draft, with good rebounding (9.1 RPG), post and perimeter defence as well as athleticism. His size (7’0, 7’3) is certainly JBL ready and may be a sleeper pick.

49. Blizzards (Vultures) — Travis Pickford - PG - Duke

- Pickford has decent handles and playmaking ability (6.4 APG). He also possesses good size (6’5, 6’10) and may be a solid pickup this late in the draft.

50. Scorpions (Drones) — Kingsley Forrest - SF - Florida

- Forrest’s best asset is his size at 6’11 with an incredible 7’6 wingspan. He has all the tools but needs to improve and not just rely on his size to make an impact at the JBL level.

51. Tritons (Blizzards) — Jalen Chastain - SG - Oklahoma

- Chastain has the tools to be a valuable 3 and D guy, with a decent three point shot (38.1%, 1.4 of 3.8) and above average perimeter defence and athleticism. He needs to improve on his consistency to make a sustained impact at the JBL level.

52. Dragons (Skyhawks) — Samir Hampton - C/PF - Temple

- Very similar to Serrano, Hampton has the same four tools (rebounding [11.2 RPG], perimeter and post defence and athleticism). He also averages 3.46 blocks per game and could be another sleeper pick.

53. Forfeit (Knights)

- The Knights forfeit this pick due to minor cap shenanigans.

54. Lumberjacks (Fireballs) — Payton Hines - C - North Carolina State

- Hines specializes in post defence with his athleticism and snags a decent amount of rebounds as well (10.8 RPG).

55. Forfeit (Dragons)

- The Dragons forfeit this pick due to cap shenanigans.

56. Bullets (Jaguars) — Yalen Pino - PF/SF - Vanderbilt

- Pino is similar to Hines but adds perimeter defence to his somewhat short list of tools. He’s averaging 9.4 rebounds per game with 2.29 blocks.

57. Stars (Bullets) — Mekhi Bowman - PF - Kansas

- Bowman is again similar to Hines with his top three tools and also locks perimeter defence. He’s averaging 7.8 rebounds per game with 1.93 blocks.

58. Forfeit (Huskies)

- The Huskies forfeit this pick due to cap shenanigans.

59. Lumberjacks — Terrance Barton - PF/SF - Stanford

- Barton has shown potential to be effective on offence while providing decent post defence. His combination of isolation scoring and the ability to create for himself as well as shoot threes (38.2%, 1.1 of 2.9) shows that he may be another valuable sleeper pick.

60. Kings — Jay London - SF - Penn State

- With the last pick in the draft the Kings take London, a three point specialist (39.3 %, 2.6 of 6.6). He has shown potential to have one of the most lethal shots in the CJBL but just needs to knockdown more looks as he doesn’t provide much else.

Mock Draft 2.0 and 2.1 Recap:

Atlanta Devils: #15 SG Quentin Brookhart, #45 PG Dante Marshack
Austin Rockets: #41 C Denny Singletary
Baltimore Bullets: #56 PF/SF Yalen Pino
Boston Crusaders: #7 C Trevon Cage, #37 SG Donavan Bush
Charlotte Drones: #20 SF Jack Dawkins, #31 PF Menelik Sullivan
Chicago Jailbirds: #10 SG Ricky Jackson Jr
Cincinnati Kings: #30 PG Antwon Rivers, #34 SF Antoine Bolden, #60 SF Jay London
Dallas Predators: #14 SG Vince Collier, #44 PG JaiRon Terrell
Denver Dragons: #11 PG Keiron Bloom, #40 SF Marquez Ridley, #48 SF Santiago Serrano, #52 C/PF Samir Hampton
Detroit Mustangs: #18 PG Denzel Graves, #46 PG Octavius Moore
Houston Lightning: #12 SF Jarrell Ford, #25 PG Deji Ali, #35 SG Kendrick Shaw
Kansas City Knights: —
Las Vegas Scorpions: #8 PF Adonis Gatling, #23 SG Sheldon Granger, #39 C RaMond Jordan, #50 SF Kingsley Forrest
Los Angeles Fireballs: — (thanks Jron)
Louisville Colonels: #3 PF Malique Farmer, #5 C Chris Dillinger, #33 PG Montraz Cape
Mexico City Jaguars: —
Miami Cyclones: #17 C Joseph Turner
Minneapolis Blizzards: #49 PG Travis Pickford
Nashville Stars: #2 SF/PF Jae Lawson, #32 C Isaac Brown, #57 PF Mekhi Bowman
New Orleans Hurricanes: #1 PG Mitchell Butler Jr, #24 SG Damien Jensen
New York Renegades: #9 SF Vacha Alston
Oakland Tritons: #29 SG/SF CJ Williams, #36 PG MarJon Barnes, #51 SG Jalan Chastain
Oklahoma City Barons: #6 SF/SG Tyson Rodgers
Philadelphia Warriors: —
Phoenix Vultures: #19 PF/SF Bo Anderson, #26 SG Axel Frazier, #42 C Adonte Palmer
Pittsburgh Vipers: #16 PG Andre Bender, #22 PF Deron Eleby
Portland Lumberjacks: #54 C Payton Hines, #59 PF/SF Terrance Barton
Seattle Thunder: #4 PG Michel Saint-Jean, #21 PF Donta Contrell, #43 PF Shakeem Moss
St Louis Skyhawks: #38 PG Alvin Kennedy
Toronto Huskies: —

I thought it'd be fun to include the second round, it is of course even harder to predict than the first so this might vary wildly from now until draft day.