Tucker trade, marks the end of an era in Seattle

  • By Luke Forte, Day 120, 2025

SEATTLE - Art Vanderlay reporting for ESPN

The Seattle Thunder have traded 2 time champion power forward Ainsley Tucker (24/3) to the Miami Cyclones for the Cyclones 2026 first round pick, the Cyclones 2029 first round pick, Jamarcus Norwood (4.5m/1) and Lucious Barclay (4m/1).

The General Manager of the Seattle Thunder, Luke Forté, has released the following statement.

It’s with a heavy heart that we must part ways with a Thunder legend and future Hall of Famer. Unfortunately, we have come to the realisation that we cannot push on with our current roster and salary situation, and feel that if we did, we would jeopardise the future of the organisation. We love our fans and our ticket holders, but for us, this game isn’t about selling stadium seats, merchandise or popcorn; it’s about putting the organisation into a position to win championships and build a dynasty. With this move we are giving ourselves the best chance of rebuilding a championship roster that will be dominant in the years to come.

Although Ainsely (Tucker) is being moved on from Seattle, we feel Miami will be a great fit for him in the coming seasons. With the roster they are building over in Florida, it’s a great opportunity for Ainsley to flourish as a basketball player and potentially win a championship in the near future. We wish him all the best.

To our fans; I know this is a blow. However, please have faith. We have big plans coming for you and this organisation and we hope you can bear with us in the short term. We will make it back to the top of the mountain very soon. I promise!


Luke Forté
General Manager
Seattle Thunder