Adding to the Dragon Hoard

  • By Ken Walden, Day 1, 2021

DENVER - The Denver management has just barely moved into thier newly constructed offices, but have gone ahead and authorized the expansion team's first trade.

Reports are that the team has struck a deal with the Baltimore Bullets, another expansion team, sending next year's pick for a pick this year and a future pick.

Denver Dragons send
2022 Pick #20

Baltimore Bullets send
2021 Pick #21
2022 Pick #33

"It's not a large move, but it moves our predetermined pick next year, not a high one, for a pick this year," reported a source in the GM's office. "Given our brand new roster, and the scouting we've done so far, we like the ability to get a young player earlier and begin his development rather than wait a year. In addition, we will be obtaining pick #33 next year, so we will still get the chance to add to the roster. These picks are already slotted in, so there's no risk in terms of position. We feel it's a win for the team."

Team sources say a press conference with the new GM is due in the next few days.