Louisville Seals Deal with Baltimore (Trades Picks)

  • By -, Day 1, 2021

LOUISVILLE - The Louisville Colonels franchise made its first official move in the JBL but trading up from #22 pick this year to #11 which involves draft picks, the deal can be seen below;

Louisville Colonels sends #22 pick this year and future 1st round pick (2023 season) for Baltimore Bullets picks #11 and #29 this season.

The deal will give Louisville a chance to get 2 1st round talent and a big jump from #22 to #11 (11 spots up), rumors around the the franchise that the they were impressed on some prospects workouts during visits and that prompted them to talk to a couple of General Managers to make the move. The plan is to get inside the top 10 but the team is happy to settle for #11 and and have another 1st rounder this season.