2021 Mock Draft 2.1

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day Offseason, 2021

Welcome to Mock Draft 2.1. This edition of the mock factors in several trades that were rudely completed immediately after the publication of V2.0. The following trades have been included in this version of the mock draft:
I. Oklahoma Barons and Mexico City Jaguars
II. Baltimore Bullets and Detroit Mustangs
III. Portland Lumberjacks and St. Louis Skyhawks
IV. Cincinnati Kings and Mexico City Jaguars
V. Baltimore Bullets and Mexico City Jaguars

1. Toronto Huskies (15-41)

The scouting services have rewarded Williamson for his strong tournament play by making him the highest average ranked player available. In taking home the CJBL championship scouts were impressed with Quavius’ increased focus on defending the post and involving his teammates which are both reflected in his tournament statistics. Given the Huskies clear need at the PF position we are now comfortable saying with certainty that Quavius Williamson will be the 1st pick of the 2021 draft.

2. Miami Cyclones (16-40)

Following a strong tournament performance in which he almost dragged Texas to the championship, falling short in the final against Syracuse, we now anticipate that Josh Gamble will be selected 2nd in the draft. Whilst PG is not the largest position of need for the Cyclones given the late season play of Lucious Barclay we anticipate that the team will not be able to look past a player of Gamble’s talent. Given the already significant war chest of picks accrued by GM Laser we don’t anticipate the team trading down but we would not be surprised to find Gamble of Barclay available for trade shortly after the completion of the draft.

3. Oklahoma City Barons (EXP)

In a move that will surely hurt Jarvis McSwine in the hip pocket the Barons have bet big on this draft trading up from the 10th pick to the 3rd. With needs across the board Akele, Bracey and Harrell will all see consideration for selection here. However we anticipate that the Barons will ultimately select UCLA SG Odell Bracey on the back of his exceptional tournament play and constant badgering from Fireballs GM Jron.

4. Boston Crusaders (EXP)

The Boston Crusaders will select first amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best available player. As such we believe they will select SF Uman Akele, following a tournament in which he led to the #28 ranked North Carolina State to the Elite 8.

5. Cincinnati Kings (18-38)

With a new GM determined to embrace the process it looks increasingly likely that the team will part ways with their star veterans Pace LaGarde and Jamar Strickland this offseason, potentially prior to the draft. However even if the team parts with LaGarde, which was previously unanticipated, we still believe that PG is the greatest position of need given the presence of Turner and Richardson as young sophomore players on the wing. As such we project the Kings will select Devon Harrell, who jumped up the rankings after a solid tournament leading Kansas to the round of 16.

6. Denver Dragons (EXP)

The Denver Dragons will select second amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will ultimately make their selection between three closely ranked players; C Jamaya Sprinkle, Jarvis McSwine and SF/SG Idris Berkley. Whilst Sprinkle is the highest ranked player by a small margin both McSwine and Berkley may be better suited to the fast-paced style the team may adopt. In the end we believe the team will select North Carolina SF/SG Idris Berkley.

7. Baltimore Bullets (EXP)

The Baltimore Bullets have leapt into the front half of the draft after their acquisition and subsequent trade of Pace LaGarde to the Detroit Mustangs. With some players already in place at the forward positions it seems highly likely that the organization will elect to draft Arizona C Jamaya Sprinkle. But then of course this assumes that the organization doesn’t trade the pick.

8. Portland Lumberjacks (EXP)

The Portland Lumberjacks will select third amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe the team will select Ohio State PF/SF Jarvis McSwine, especially given the GM’s successful history with combo forwards.

9. Philadelphia Warriors (18-38)

Unfortunately for the Warriors dropping two spots from their projected draft positioning will likely cost them a shot to draft Sprinkle as their future center. Whilst there will be several other centers available to select any of them at this point would qualify as a significant reach. As such we expect that the Warriors will change course and utilize this pick to address their other need at SG, as Akua Frazier is likely to be unprotected and then selected in the expansion draft. We anticipate that the team will select UCLA SF/SG Detrez Owens who slid down the final scout rankings despite matching his regular season production in the tournament.

10. Cincinnati Kings (18-38)

Having addressed their PG need with the 5th pick we believe the team will utilize the 10th pick move to add depth on the wing to either backup or compete with Turner and Richardson. We see the team choosing between Georgetown swingman Javion Edwards or the more highly ranked SF Garrett Cue. Ultimately we anticipate that they will select Garrett Cue.

11. Phoenix Vultures (23-33)

With the retirement of JBL legend Ben Winder and the likely loss of all-star Johan Arden in free agency the Vultures have holes at SG and C. With project Dimitri Ilic already on the roster at center and no other plausible center prospects at this stage of the draft we anticipate that the Vultures will select SG Deron Bentley who slid down the rankings due to Alabama’s failure to make the tournament.

12. Minneapolis Blizzards (EXP)

The Minneapolis Blizzards will select fifth amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe that the team will select Marquette PG/SG Kendrick Hill.

13. Kansas City Knights (24-32)

In the first mock draft we identified PF and PG as the Knights’ needs, ultimately leaning towards PF based on the assumption that the team could elect to protect Curtis Price. Combo Guard DeAndre Morgan will likely receive some consideration at this spot, but I believe that ultimately the team will elect to draft a pure point. As such I believe the team will select PG Zach Lynch who has climbed up the rankings after his CJBL championship. This will allow the team to leave Price unprotected and potentially save almost $15m in salary.

14. Charlotte Drones (EXP)

The Charlotte Drones will select 6th amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe that the team will select North Carolina PG/SG DeAndre Morgan.

15. Atlanta Devils (26-30)

The Atlanta Devils benefited from some lottery luck and will now select 15th in the draft. Given their big man rotation it is expected that the team will target a wing. As such we anticipate that the team will select Georgetown SF/SG Javion Edwards.

16. Pittsburgh Vipers (EXP)

The Pittsburgh Vipers will select 7th amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe that the team will select USC center Khalen Anthony.

17. Houston Lightning (25-31)

The Lightning have slid down 2 places in the draft but this won’t hurt them to much as their greatest position of need is PF ahead of anticipated losses in the offseason and expansion draft. Luckily JaMarcus Thybulle has slid down the rankings slightly and should be available. His positional versatility will be particularly valuable should the Lightning fail to retain Hayes in FA.

18. Seattle Thunder

The Seattle Thunder received this pick from the Bullets in exchange for 3 later picks in the draft. Their two primary positions of need are backup PG, should Parker leave in FA, and wing depth. Given the retirement of Ray McArdle and the free agency of Devan Carroll we anticipate the team will focus on securing additional wing depth with the selection of Mitchell Van Bree who has climbed the rankings after Arizona’s trip to the Final Four.

19. New Orleans Hurricanes (29-27)

The New Orleans Hurricanes had the best season in their history last year but fell short of the playoffs due to a substandard wing rotation that they will be aiming to address this offseason. As such we anticipate the team will aim for the best available wing player available, Kentucky SG JaDante Hicks.

20. Dallas Predators (EXP)

The Dallas Predators will select 9th amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe the team will select Western Kentucky C/PF Rahmond Thompson.

21. Baltimore Bullets (EXP)

We anticipate that by the time the Bullets utilize this selection that they will have already drafted a center at pick 7. As such we anticipate that they will utilize this selection to take a player at another position. Given Bedouin’s preference for players who can play multiple positions we anticipate that he will select Providence PF/SF Randall Dozier.

22. Louisville Colonels (EXP)

The Louisville Colonels will select last amongst the expansion teams and we anticipate that they will select the best player available. As such we believe the team will select Louisville Cardinals star PG Evan Coleman in a move sure to excite the local fans.

23. Portland Lumberjacks (EXP)

With the 23rd pick, newly acquired from the Skyhawks, the Portland Lumberjacks have given themselves a 2nd selection in the 1st round of the draft. Given we have projected that the team will select combo forward Jarvis McSwine with their first selection we now project that the team will attempt to fill a different need. As such we think they will likely elect to add wing talent with the selection of the Illinois SG Jackson Meyers.

24. Austin Rockets (33-23)

Assuming the Rockets elect to leave Shandon James unprotected the team will have two distinct needs in the draft. However due to the presence of sophomore SF Mejia we believe that PF is the teams most pressing need. As a result we anticipate that the Rockets will select Georgia Tech C/PF Donovan Galloway who plummeted down draft boards following the tournament. At #24 he represents excellent value.

25. Los Angeles Fireballs (34-22)

The Fireballs will be looking for depth at PF or C due to the advanced age of playoff hero Colin Stafford. As such we anticipate that the team will select Duke PF/SF Zach McCray who has jumped up the draft boards post tournament.

26. Nashville Stars (37-19)

The Nashville Stars will be looking to add wing talent behind starters Craig and Peeler. SG will likely take priority with Peeler entering free agency and Draper already in place as Craig’s backup. However the selection of Michigan State’s Jalan Howard would allow the team to meet address both positions.

27. Baltimore Bullets (Via Seattle Thunder, Via Oakland Tritons, 38-18)

The Baltimore Bullets will be the last expansion team to make a selection in the draft due to their trade with the Seattle Thunder. We anticipate that the team will utilize their inaugural selection of CJBL leading scorer SF DaQuan White of Detroit Mercy.

28. Oakland Tritons (Via Las Vegas Scorpions, 39-17)

In the first mock draft we identified the Tritons needs at PG and SF and suggested the team would ultimately select a SF. However with no strong SF candidate at this stage of the draft we anticipate that the team will now address its need at the point with the selection of Mississippi State PG Jack Donlon

29. Baltimore Bullets (Via Seattle Thunder, 40-16)

Having taken a SF with their first selection, and with an array of solid big men contributors available in the expansion draft the Bullets will likely take the best available player with their 29th selection. At this time this would result in the selection of Virginia SG Dorian McCleary.

30. Chicago Jailbirds (41-15)

With the final selection in the first round the Chicago Jailbirds will likely pursue wing depth behind Cheaney and Carter in an attempt to reduce their workload next year. Despite all the changes present in this mock this would result in the selection of Illinois SG Heath Bruton, just as in the Mock Draft V1.0.