Vults complete championship roster, sign Jahmal Diggs

  • By Aaron Liang, Day 14, 2025

PHOENIX - The Vultures have today completed their 12 man roster, signing former Drones big man Jahmal "Can you dig it" Diggs to a minimum $1.0m one year contract.

The 6'8 248lb bruising power forward did not play during the 2024 JBL season after being renounced by Charlotte at the end of his rookie deal. Diggs argued that his personality had been misrepresented by scouts, disputing the notion that it had led to locker room conflict and disagreeing with media commentary that he would barely get off the bench with the Vults. Diggs departed the press conference early, citing that he needed to go purchase a hammer and tongs to construct a shelter for his cat and dog.

In other news, a large hole has appeared in the playground adjacent to Vultures Arena. Police are looking into it.

Jahmal Diggs: