Draft rumors conflicting in Atlanta

  • By Ed Latham, Day 1, 2021

One source reports that the Devils were looking to trade up in the draft from their 15 position. It is speculated that the team was looking at moving up to the 7-10 range and that at least two teams have been involved with talks.

We have another source claiming that the Devils are looking to trade down because they feel their draft goals are better served lower in the draft and some of the staff loves the idea of getting more picks in the future.

To add more ambiguity to the situation, we have other sources that are claiming the staff is very happy with the prospects that are projected to be around their pick 15.

We did get a statement from GM, Ed Latham concerning their draft and his outlook.
"Our staff is looking to improve our roster by any means necessary. Some were very critical when we moved Swayda last season, but I think those same critical people will be pleasantly surprised at how flexible the team can be in Free Agency this year. In terms of the draft, we have 3 guys targeted that would instantly help our team grow in the short and long term. We have many options to get to each of these 3 kids and it will most likely come down to draft day decisions as we see who is coming off the board and when. I have been very happy with the open discussions we have had with other GMs in the league and we feel that if we wish to move, we have options. "

When asked about positions that are being targeted or any questions that centered around who the three guys might be, GM Ed was vague and non committal as one might expect. He ended our interview with him with a simple statement. "Look, this is my first draft with the team. We were lucky to be a bit higher on the draft board than projected and our team has spent so much time scouting players that I really feel we have much flexibility in our choices and that there is no way we can screw this pick up! You can quote that and take that to the bank."

As teams continue to jostle for draft positions over the next few days, it appears the Devils staff has at least a few plans in place. Fans are excited to see what those plans might be and everyone is eager to get the draft started in Atlanta.