JBL Triple Threat Series 2025: The Western Conference

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 14, 2025


Houston Lightning

Triple Threat:

SG Spencer Allen
C Jarrell Harrison
PG Austin McConnell

The Lightning made significant moves this offseason to bolster their lineup in hopes to get more success this season. The team's top 3 players coming into the season will be scoring guard Spencer Allen, big man Jarrell Harrison and #4 pick overall PG Austin McConnell. This is an interesting team as they take further step by going all in to acquire multi-talented combo forward Marcus Price and then signed veteran wing Kellen Chambers. But the development of their triple threat will be the vital focus of this young Lightning team for sure. Improvement towards success is their target although they are a couple years away to really be in the playoff hunt.

Kansas City Knights

Triple Threat:

C Kelvin Hawes
C Kelvin Black
SF Derrick Griffin

The Knights is probably one of the most defensively talented team in the league. The twin towers of MVP candidate Kelvin Hawes and veteran star bigman Kelvin Black is a dangerous dominant inside force as both boasts 7'2" of height and might, lockdown wing Derrick Griffin is looking to hit his prime this season as well. A very dangerous defensive trio that will be a problem for most team. The only problem with the Knights is a rather inexperienced backcourt (although lenghty) in PG Matt Mueller and Ari Ajayi, but the defensive potential of this team, if realize would probably push them deep in the playoffs. Whenever you have Kelvin Hawes in your team playoffs is always within reach.

Minnesota Blizzards

Triple Threat:

PF Donovan Galloway
C Collin Webster
SF Donnell Wallace

One of the surprises last season in terms of improvement overall. The Blizzards "Avalanche" attack has been keeping their system interesting lead by dynamic PF Donovan Golloway who had an all-star-worthy season leading this young squad and patrolling the paint with all-defense selection frontcourt Collin Webster who surprisingly fits the Minneapolis' scheme while sharpshooter wing Donnell Wallace is using his expertise to give the team some perimeter fire power. Closely making a case a 3rd star is Slam Dunk king Donovan Mobley who has showed what he can bring to the table, it is also a blessing having the tallest PG in the JBL the 6'8" Deleon Slay facilitating using his size to tower over other guards. The Blizzards is looking to build up from a season of chemisty and familiarity.

Oklahoma City Barons

Triple Threat

PF Roy Ellington
PF Isiah Harris
PG DeVonte Hale

The Barons will enter the season having a new look, the team lost its leading scorer in via sign and trade to the Rockets for a package of 1st rounders. Now, they are basically stepping into restructuring more. They will be lead by frontcourts Roy Ellington and 6th Man extra-ordinaire Isiah Harris who was head to head vs Thybulle last season for the award and also up and coming young PG DeVonte Hale. The team also drafted high scoring undersized SG Adam "Dutch" Vanderberg who will looks like to step in the void left by Idris Berkley. The Barons will have a lot of grounds to cover if they want to compete this season but with the way the roster is constructed, this season will most likely for developing and finding their new identity as a team.

St. Louis Skyhawks

SF Tezale Craig
C Mark Hunter
PG Rubin Wingfield

For now, the St. Louis Skyhawks will have Rubin Wingfield as the 3rd star before he passes the torch to athletic PG Jamal Johnson. The Skyhawks is still a playoff team but you'd expect more from a talented roster this season. Hunter will be this team's focus this season while Craig will most likely transition as the supporting star. This team is still a dangerous team to match up with because of the combination of youth and experience. If Jamal Johnson takes a stride this season, this team can be a deep enough team to surprise a lot of people. PF Trey Astbury might be primed for a good season if his performance last season is any indication.


Austin Rockets

Triple Threat:

SG Odell Bracey
PG Isiah Evans
PF Zion Jefferies

This team is young, talented and hungry. It was actually difficult zeroing on only 3 players for this team's triple threat but reason behind we pick OB1, IE and Zion is basically they are the 3 players that would create slightly more impact than Idris Berkley and Qwan Songaila. This team was the #1 in pace last season and they are looking to repeat that with a better cast. IE, OB1 and Berk at the 1,2 and 3 is actually athletic and fast add the defensive tandem of Zion and Qwan then you have a very good and exciting young team. The only setback is this is the 1st time these kids will be together, so cohesion, chemistry and familiarity with the system will take a while but best believe in a few years time Austin's "Weapons of Fast Destruction" will be a thing of beauty.

Dallas Predators

Triple Threat:

C Deandre Stackhouse
PG Keyon Barber
SG Terrell Sanford

Another team that has youth and potential to boost. Currently their triple threat is headed by 3-year big man Deandre Stackhouse followed by PG Keyon Barber and then last season's rookie Terrell Sanford who showed flashes of brilliance. This season they added Argentinian wing Nico Acosta who would likely step up as the season goes on. The Predators is looking to write a new chapter as veteran holdouts from past administration are now out of Dallas (Jermaine Wade and Kellen Chambers). Like teams similar to their built, they are a few more seasons to be a factor especially in the West but with a good system, the process can pick up some speed.

Denver Dragons

Triple Threat:

PG Jevon Novak
C Antoine Hall
SF Aaron Honeycutt

The Dragons was so close for a finals berth last season and the management thought that it's best to keep the core together and have everyone back (except for OB1 who was traded for Honeycutt). The trio of Novak, Hall and Honeycutt is already enough to cause problems but returning in Mile High City is defensive stalwart PF Reggie Fortier and rebounder extraordinaire Wesley Sherman and basically added some depth as well to further build a contender. This is an extension of their window last season as most of the team's vets are running out of time.

Mexico City Jaguars

Triple Threat:

PG Jamaal Adams
C Kahlil Hooker
SF Antonio Vega

MXC is a legitimate contender in the West. They have a solid core that lead by Adams, Hooker and Vega while J-Train, Juwan Hughes is steadily improving approaching year 3, everyone is expecting him to blow up. But this team is still dependent on Adams and Hooker while Vega their default 3rd star will showcase his shooting chops to keep the defense honest. With more experience now, it's scary to think that this team was just in the Finals 2 seasons ago. They want to be back on that stage and expect them to put together a solid run this season.

Phoenix Vultures

Triple Threat:

PF Drayton Banks
PG Rasheem Fisher
C Jamaya Sprinkle

The majestic Vultures are looking to circle again this season for a 60-win season problem is Orpheus Swayda is now retired and it is up to SG Kendall Nash and Demetrius Stith to carry the load. The team will feature a big 3 that is is spearheaded by All-Star PF Drayton Banks while floor general Rasheem Fisher controlling the offense and minted max center Jamaya Sprinkle looking to prove that he deserves the massive salary he just signed. The Vults still looks like a team to beat in the West and they are hoping that a 3rd straight 60-win seasons is within their circling radius.


Las Vegas Scorpions

Triple Threat:

SG Lamar Francis
C Omar Grant
PF Ryan Pierce

Las Vegas Scorpions already have a good core coming into the season. Despite the numbers of moves they made during the season they retain their top 2 players in Lamar "Franchise" Francis and defensive legend Omar Grant, Franchise turns 28 this year and is hitting his peak, the 2-time scoring champ will have more freedom this season to mark his 3rd scoring title while, Omar Grant's defense and presence will still get this team into playoff contention. 3rd star for this team would be 29 years old defensive big Ryan Pierce who they acquired in the Dameon Clarke trade, a decent inside defender that would help Omar Grant protect the rim, all the while Franchise doing his thing on offense. The team actually acquired some decent guards from the draft New Mexico's Antoine Murray and UCLA's Ronshad Fox but they still do have Mehdy Brown and Ashanti Brooks making that backcourt crowded. Overall the Scorpions still has the weapons to make an impact in this year's playoff race.

Los Angeles Fireballs

Triple Threat:

PG Chris LaCruz
SG Jamaine Curry
C James Spencer

The Fireballs kept their core and that is a good thing for LA. LaCruz and Curry last season was arguably the hardest guard duo to guard especially in transition, James Spencer basically made a bigger impact than anybody would expect and that triple threat was the key for the Fireballs to make the playoffs as a 7th seed last season despite the fact that they have little cohesion going on. Randall Dozier looks like a candidate for a breakout season while Cortez Ellison's rumored 6th man role should help especially now that they have acquired veteran wing Shandon James to the fold. Fireballs who now has better cohesion and the high scoring Fireballs offense known as the #Fireshow will definitely pick up where they left off and with better chemistry and familiarity they might surprise teams this season.

Oakland Tritons

Triple Threat:

PF Marcus Ivory
SF Kai Navigato
C Isaiah Foreman

The Tritons missed out on the playoffs last season but they are determined to get back this year. Lead by the ultimate Triton Marcus Ivory, who's mission is to get the Tritons back to Western conference relevance and with the help of wing Kai Navigato who showed he can also score while being a solid defender, they will be get some help from 23 year old post defender Isaiah Foreman who'll play as the 3rd star for Oakland. With a solid frontcourt and a rather young supporting cast, the Tritons needs to figure out how to take advantage of their strength in the post. While Ivory is still in Oakland there's still a chance for the Tritons to make the playoffs the rest of the team just need to step up.

Portland Lumberjacks

Triple Threat:

SG Antoine Peeler
C Akieem Martin
PF Jarvis McSwine

Arguably one of the best defensive teams last season, the workhorse-grit-&-grind nature of the Jacks has been their identity ever since they came into the league as an expansion. Now, known as the 2nd best team in the loaded Pacific division is no small feat. Lead by the prototypical SG Antoine Peeler who's offense perfectly blends to the defense provided by McSwine and Martin and not to mention Cat Sylvester. This team is build through patience and cohesion. This season this team is ready to take the extra step towards playoff success. Retaining the core and continued cohesion will be a factor for their success.

Seattle Thunder

Triple Threat:

SG Andre Phifer
PF Ainsley Tucker
SF Aaron Rowland

The Thunder made a big move on dealing superstar wing Dontay Sowder and it got them the #1 rated draft prospect from this season's draft C Jamar Walcutt. But Walcutt isn't going to be a part of the immidiate big 3 of the Thunder as he will have to learn under veteran bigs Tucker, Croyle and Hayes. This team's big 3 is lead by star SG Andre Phifer who without Sowder this year would again challenge for the scoring title which he won in 2023 in a heated head to head with Fireballs' Chris LaCruz. He will receive help from PF Ainsley Tucker and the now "freed" Aaron Rowland who was Sowder's understudy for 2 seasons. The Thunder remains the Pacific Division favorites and this is a perfect situation for a young star such as Walcutt to be raised into a winning culture.