JBL Triple Threat Series 2025: The Eastern Conference

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 14, 2025


Baltimore Bullets

Triple Threat:

SF Dontay Sowder
C Isaiah Clarkson
SG Reggie Goodwin

The Bullets does not have a shortage in star power as they have 4 of them right now. The team will now be lead by all-around wing Dontay Sowder who re-unites with GM Bedouin who together won a championship in Las Vegas. Sowder will form a trio with unselfish center Isaiah Clarkson and 3&D specialist Reggie Goodwin to form their own big 3 that will likely be competing in the tough Atlantic Division. They also have true stretch 4 Dameon Clarke who is also a proven all-star that can step up any time. This team is in win-now mode having 4 stars ready to push to the playoff ladder.

Boston Crusaders

Triple Threat:

PG Devon Harrell
SF Zayveon West
SG Tyrese Porter

This team is overflowing with youth and potential and their triple threat that is spearheaded by All-star Devon Harrell looks promising, wing Zayveon West looks like the next Derrick Griffin while SG Tyrese Porter also have the potential to be an All-Star type of player with the right development. They have a young and strong perimeter trio that would blossom given the chance. PF Kenyon Fuller is also a player with solid potential, Boston's young trio is inexperienced but talent-wise is not far behind. In 3 season's time this trio will be making noise in the East.

New York Renegades

Triple Threat:

SF Jerome Bradley
PF Omari Kamga
C Rashaad Haslem

The Renegades is still lead by veteran scoring wing Jerome Bradley but with the emergence of their twin towers of Omari Kamga and Rashaad Haslem it looks like the shift of star power will come soon. Bradley and the young twin towers are slotted to be this team's triple threat this season but depending on SG Marcus Dunn's injury progress and continued development of PG Darius Whiteside this team has a future. For now, the Rens will still heavily rely on Bradley and with both Kamga and Haslem as defensive anchors.

Philadelphia Warriors

Triple Threat:

SF Alonzo Weaver
SG Lamar Claxton
C Ivan Obradovic

The Warriors still relies heavily on the unicorn himself MVP Alonzo Weaver but they did add wing help in Lamar Claxton as they got him from waiver wire, Obra Commander Ivan Obranovic will still be a vital inside presence for the Warriors but at 33 we should expect him to decline a bit, same goes to veteran big Reggie Dawkins who is also 33 both can still play their role well. They need an MVP-like season for Weaver to have significant push for the playoffs but as we've learned from the past years never count out Weaver, ever.

Toronto Huskies

Triple Threat:

SF Darius Barry
SG Vionte Houston
C Quavious Williamson

The Huskies is one of the best the best team in the East and maybe in the JBL. Their default big 3 is DB7, Houston and Q but don't count out Brandon Terry as well. They are primed for another title run by the looks of it and will be lead by the offensive brilliance of DB7, all-around wing work of Houston, point center-ship of Q and floor generalism of Terry. Question whether DB7 would be moved started some friction in the offseason but it looks like the Huskies isn't ready to let go of the former #1 pick and current franchise player in the Six.


Chicago Jailbirds

Triple Threat

SG Jason Cheaney
PF Antoine Willis
C Rasheed Stone

For years it was always been Jason Cheaney and Keydren Carter in Chicago they even won a title back in 2016 but this season is the 1st year where Cheaney will not have Carter and that might push Cheaney into MVP worthy season (failed short vs Zo Weaver last season). He'll get help from his solid defensive frontcourt where Antoine Willis and Rasheed Stone is manning their positions both are under 24 years old too. The Jailbirds is also trusting the wing position to MvB (Mitchell van Bree) enough that they sent Carter to Pittsburgh. Jailbirds still a top contender in the Central division especially if Cheaney goes off and the interior force of Willis-Stone hold their fort.

Cincinatti Kings

Triple Threat:

SG Detrez Owens
PF Richard Benson
SF Victor Olojakpoke

This is a deep and organized, their triple threat is based on production last year and current skill level. Detrez Owens is ready to lead and Richard Benson have proven over and over that he is an elite PF, Vic Olojakpoke hasn't yet taken the step forward with regards development and same can be said with Latrell Mason, but Poke has an upper hand right now (both does have all-star potential) and we can't count out 2025 6th Man of the year Jamarcus Thybulle who after being forced to be back in Cincy has been promised to get more playing time. Kings looking primed for a similar run they made last season and one can argue they could have a better season than the last.

Detroit Mustangs

Triple Threat

SF Josiah Robinson
C Markese Walton
SG JaDante Hicks

The Messiah have proven he can be a star in this league, winning Rookie of the Year and posting some solid numbers last season, but he obviously needs help. Isaiah McCarty is now 35 and way past his prime but can still be a mentor, so it's up to young big Markese Walton and defensive wing JaDante Hicks to form their triple threat. Walton has been injure mostly last season and this season he is expected to work his way back to relevance. With Messiah, Hicks and Walton the Mustangs have a rather young core and the fact that they invested on another young forward in Nate Duncan but this year veterans such as Hood, iMac and even Vickery will have they roles on contributing to the team in their own ways.

Louisville Colonels

Triple Threat:

SF Uman Akele
SF Keyshawn Benjamin
SG Trendon Knox

This is an interesting bunch, the Colonels have the youth and talent and can possibly breakout together given the time and cohesion that their top 3 players have. For now, Uman Akele is still this team's leader, the unselfish multi-position wing fits the new plans of Louisville while scoring wing KB$ and 3&D guard Trendon Knox will be a big factor on their new system. Veteran PG Tyson Kuberka is rumored to finish his contract in Louisville is still a legit contributor as evidence of his numbers last season (not counting the gun-totting). But the future of the Colonels is clearly their young trio.

Pittsburgh Vipers

Triple Threat:

SF Trison Lane
C Treyvon Miller
SF Eric Greely

This is a tricky situation for a big 3 as they have a young talented bunch already then you add the acquisition of veteran star Keydren Carter to the fold and you have to bump someone off to their usual triple threat of young bloods Trevon Miller, Eric Greely and #1 pick Triston Lane. For this excercise, we'll take Keydren Carter out of the big 3 equation based on what I think the Vipers will do moving forward, long term it will always going to be Lane-Miller-Greely, so let's focus on that. Vipers will still be on development mode and that is vital to their young triple threat's progress. Assuming GM RKG brought Carter to mentor their #1 pick Lane, it is safe to assume as well that Lane will have the lion's share of minutes. Nevertheless in about 2-3 seasons we'll see vast improvement on these young lot.


Atlanta Devils

Triple Threat:

PF Taquan Slattery
PG Kendrick Hill
SG Dominique Harmon

Let's talk about the Devils and their purgatory-like finish every year. On paper the Devils have the talent and depth but somehow always in the middle of the pack. This season should be the diffrence, All-Star PF Taquan Slattery is hitting his peak and they brought back athletic PG Kendrick Hill and was promised to have a bigger role, finishing wing Dominique Harmon should also contribute significantly with the new system that the Devils rumored to imply. Possibly going to go full post-centric to take advantage of Slatts, although Hill and Harmon will have the difficult task of setting the star big man and also set themselves up for opportunity. Depth-wise the Devils is deep enough to improve from last season. Expect them to claw their way to the playoffs this season.

Charlotte Drones

Triple Threat:

SG Raef Williams II
SF Lucas Rush
PF Devan Carroll

This team has a very solid starting 5 and their top 3 players can go either combination but based on last season's campaign. We think that RW2, Rush and Carroll is this team's big 3 without shutting the door on C Khalen Anthony and recently acquired PG DeAngelo Tarver. Veteran forwards Carroll and Rush will take the leadership role while budding star RW2 will hope to have a big junior season and learn to take a star role now. Tarver will immidiately force his way into the mantle of the team while Anthony should pick up where he left off. Drones will be under a microscope this season to get more success with their core and system in place.

Miami Cyclones

Triple Threat:

PG Josh Gamble
SG Quinton Rice
SF Pape Diop

The new look Cyclones is promising. The core trio of Josh Gamble, Quinton Rice and #3 pick overall Pape Diop is every bit of excitement but the question is will it trabslate to immidiate success? The East has become more difficult as the seasons gone by and with the new and faster Cyclones look it may very well gets the Miami fanbase excited. Gamble-Rice-Diop connection will not be short of scoring but the defense is where this team needs to find a consistent base. It will sure look to be a promising high powered offense and there's a lot of potential with this 3-headed offensive monster in South Beach.

Nashville Stars

Triple Threat:

SG Jordan Timberlake
C Colton Gregory
PG Bamba Diouf

The Stars has been investing on young for the past few seasons but this season they nab 2 veterans to help them to gather success. Wing Pace LaGarde and C Bryant King both was acquired as high paying vets but the truth is the Stars is investing more on the development of its youth, King will most likely be a mentor for former 2nd pick Colton Gregory and LaGarde will try to help their wings while in-house veteran PG (although just 25 years old) will have to guide 19 year old PG Bamba Diouf who looks like the team's future at the PG position. Although unsure who will be the opening day starter at the point, it is same to assume that Diouf will be part of the triple threat based on the current look for the Stars. Hellums was last season's 2nd top scorer but, we pick Diouf based on the fact that he will be assigned to have impact from day 1. JT, Colt and Bam Bam will surely get their chances this season to prove their worth.

New Orleans Hurricanes

Triple Threat:

C Leon Bowen
SG Deron Bentley
PG Sergio Loyola

The 'Canes is also looking to be one of those teams who'll look different in the 2025 season. Their best 3 players currently is veteran big Leon Bowen, scoring wing Deron Bentley and big defensive guard Sergio Loyola. The team will again will be dependent on Leon Bowen's inside presence but this is the year Deron Bentley needs to come out of his shell and be a significant contributor in New Orleans. The 6'5" PG Loyola has been a passing savant with a knack for defense also needs to show what he got as the 'Canes is one of the teams who is looking to overhaul their team in the near future. They did draft 3-point shooting combo forward Ezra Kiris to help but at this stage he'll need to prove his college experience translate in the pros.