Vultures send Nash to Warriors for close to nothing

  • By Aaron Liang, Day 12, 2025

PHOENIX - The Vultures today announced the trade of SG Kendall Nash to the Philadelphia Warriors, also sending the Vultures 2nd in 2028 in exchange for the Warriors 2nd round picks in 2028 and 2029.

After being publicly named as losers of the 2025 offseason following the re-signing of free agent Jamaya Sprinkle to a luxurious $20M, two year contract, the Vultures moved to salvage their salary position, which at $116.0M would have seen them forfeit their 2026 1st round pick. Whether this was saving move or simply exacerbated a disastrous offseason will be debated, however clearly the Vultures will now need to rely heavily on second year swingman Demetrius Stith, and to a lessor extent rookie Deon "Ring My" Bell, to fill the wing positions with incumbent SF Sasha Vidmar.

"This was a sell low deal for Kendall, for sure", Vultures GM sik_air stated, "essentially acquiring just a low second round pick for a starter quality player. Unfortunately the team was in a difficult financial position and I felt it was worth moving on now rather than waiting until after the season started to settle our wing rotation."

"Kendall has shown and continues to show great promise, and at 25 years old he's really still waiting for that opportunity to shine. We felt the Warriors and kb will be able to afford him that opportunity, and our organisation hopes to see him do well in an expanded role at Philly where his skillset should fit well with that roster."

"For us, Demetrius really showed a lot last season, nearly averaging double digits off the bench. We're confident that he will be able to contribute to our championship aspirations, and we're also pretty high on our rook. Ding dong."

After the deal, the Vultures' salary will fall to $104.0M and 11 players. The Vultures are expected to sign a non-veteran minimum player for $1.0M to retain their 2026 1st.

The trade marked the end of Nash's four year tenure at the Vultures, a period of relative stability after being drafted in 2017 at the tender age of 17 and then playing for four teams in his first four seasons in the league. Nash's role at Phoenix was however consistently changing, as after starting for a young Vultures squad in 2021 and putting up a career high 17.5ppg in 2022, he was moved to the bench the next season after the acquisition of JBL legend Orpheus Swayda from the Houston Lightning. Nash managed the transition well, averaging 15.0ppg and winning 6th man of the year, however 2024 saw him fill a diminished role as competition for playing time with Demetrius Stith saw his playing time drop to 23.8mpg and his scoring to 11.4ppg. Nash has one year remaining on contract for $12M plus a team option for 2026.

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