Commissioner to Bisbo: "Preseason Is Starting"!

  • By Wally Christensen, Day 1, 2025

LOUISVILLE - a bleary-eyed Bisbo told reporters this morning that he was rousted out of bed by an early morning DM from none other than the Commissioner of the JBL. Fearing the worst after a weeks-long feud prompted by Bisbo's innocent request that 'someone send him a DM when the preseason is starting' and the Commissioner's public, furious response ("Nah"), Bisbo began to blurt out "You can't fire me, I qui.." when the Commissioner informed him that the preseason was, in fact, starting. "I was stunned, and most certainly was not expecting this - it was very gracious of him to let me know". Bisbo said he appreciated the gesture, and admitted that he was too embarrassed to ask the Commissioner to remind him which team he was the GM of. "I'll find that out on my own." he said.