2025 Pre-Season JBL GM Survey

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 1, 2025

Is Alonzo Weaver still the alpha dog in the JBL? Can the Toronto Huskies repeat? Is Tristan Lane a Rookie of the Year candidate or a complete bust? All this and more were answered in the 2nd annual JBL GM Survey.

Unlike 2024, where the Thunder were the clear favorite to bring home the JBL crown; the GM’s could not come to a clear consensus on whether it would be the Huskies raising another banner or the Dragons taking the next step.

Once again, Alonzo Weaver is the favorite for MVP with Jason Cheaney leaping to second on the pre-season ballot while Kelvin Hawes dropped to an honorable mention slot. Chris LaCruz, Weaver and Hawes would all score out as the GM’s top player at their respective position’s once again; however, Cheaney would supplant Andre Phifer as the top vote getter at the Shooting Guard amongst the GM’s. Drayton Banks would also repeat at the Power Forward position as he was able to increase his stronghold compared to the tightly contested voting we saw last season between Taquan Slattery and himself.

The #1 overall pick is once again the favorite for Rookie of the Year while Jamar Walcutt, #2 overall, is the GM’s top pick to be the best player from this class in five seasons. The GM’s have high hopes for the Austin Rockets while simultaneously voting their offseason moves as some of the worst. The GM’s also did not provide the fans in Houston with a clear direction as the Lightning would end up #2 in likely to be most improved and #2 in likely worst record.

The GMs responded to 23 different questions in Year 2 of the survey which included topics around the best teams, players, and more. Percentages are based on the pool of respondents to that particular question, rather than all 30 GMs.

Who will win the 2025 JBL Finals?

1. Toronto Huskies: 38%
2. Denver Dragons: 29%
3. Cincinnati Kings: 13%

Also receiving votes: Baltimore Bullets, Los Angeles Fireballs, Mexico City Jaguars, Portland Lumberjacks, Seattle Thunder

Rank the top four teams in the Eastern Conference

Rank the top four teams in the Western Conference

Who will win the 2025 JBL MVP?

1. Alonzo Weaver, Warriors: 42%
2. Jason Cheaney, Jailbirds: 25%
3. Andre Phifer, Thunder: 17%
4. Lamar Francs, Scorpions: 8%

Also receiving votes: Chris LaCruz, Fireballs; Kelvin Hawes, Knights

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the JBL, who would it be?

1. Alonzo Weaver, Warriors: 83%
2. Jamar Walcutt, Thunder: 8%

Also receiving votes: Chris LaCruz, Fireballs; Jason Cheaney, Jailbirds

Which player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2024?

1. DeAngelo Tarver, Drones; Donovan Mobley, Blizzards; Kellen Chambers, Lightning; Mitchell van Bree, Jailbirds; Randall Dozier, Fireballs: 8%

Also receiving votes: Aaron Rowland, Thunder; Antoine Willis, Jailbirds; DeAndre Morgan, Bullets; Deandre Stackhouse, Predators; Dorian Sylvester, Lumberjacks; Isiah Evans, Rockets; Jamar Walcutt, Thunder; Zach Lynch, Thunder; Jarvis McSwine, Lumberjacks; Odell Bracey, Rockets; Josiah Robinson, Mustangs; Trendon Knox, Colonels; Treyvon Miller, Vipers; Vionte Houston, Huskies

Who is the best point guard in the JBL?

1. Chris LaCruz, Fireballs: 63%
2. Jason Cheaney, Jailbirds: 13%
3. Jevon Novak, Dragons; Josh Gamble, Cyclones: 8%

Also receiving votes: Devon Harrell, Crusaders; Rasheem Fisher, Vultures

Who is the best shooting guard in the JBL?

1. Jason Cheaney, Jailbirds: 46%
2. Andre Phifer, Thunder: 38%
3. Lamar Francis, Scorpions: 13%

Also receiving votes: Reggie Goodwin, Bullets; Spencer Allen, Lightning

Who is the best small forward in the JBL?

1. Alonzo Weaver, Warriors: 88%

Also receiving votes: Andre Phifer, Thunder; Dontay Sowder, Thunder; Jason Cheaney, Jailbirds;

Who is the best power forward in the JBL?

1. Drayton Banks, Vultures: 61%
2. Taquan Slattery, Devils: 26%
4. Isaiah Clarkson, Bullets: 9%

Also receiving votes: Donovan Galloway, Blizzards

Who is the best center in the JBL?

1. Kelvin Hawes, Knights: 96%
2. Antoine Hall, Dragons: 4%

Who is the best defensive player in the JBL?

1. Reggie Fortier, Dragons: 42%
2. Derrick Griffin, Knights; Omar Grant, Scorpions: 17%
3. Ainsley Tucker, Thunder: 13%
4. Isaiah Clarkson, Bullets: 8%

Also receiving votes: Kelvin Black, Knights

Who is the best perimeter defender in the JBL?

1. Derrick Griffin, Knights; 43%
2. Reggie Fortier, Dragons: 17%
3. Alonzo Weaver, Warriors; Reggie Goodwin, Bullets: 13%

Also receiving votes: Andre Phifer, Thunder; Devon Harrell, Crusaders; Keith Humphries, Lumberjacks

Who is the best interior defender in the JBL?

1. Omar Grant, Scorpions: 39%
2. Isaiah Clarkson, Bullets: 26%
3. Ainsley Tucker, Thunder: 13%
4. Reggie Fortier, Dragons; Kelvin Hawes, Knights: 9%

Also receiving votes: Quavius Williamson, Huskies

Which team will be most improved in 2025?

1. Austin Rockets: 25%
2. Houston Lightning: 21%
3. Nashville Stars, Pittsburgh Vipers: 13%
4. Minneapolis Blizzards, Kansas City Knights: 8%

Also receiving votes: Charlotte Drones, Dallas Predators, Detroit Mustangs

Which team will take the biggest step back in 2025?

1. Chicago Jailbirds, Las Vegas Scorpions: 25%
2. Philadelphia Warriors: 17%
3. Phoenix Vultures: 8%

Also receiving votes: Cincinnati Kings, Toronto Huskies, New Orleans Hurricanes, New York Renegades, Seattle Thunder, JaMarcus Thybulle

Which team will end up with the worst overall record?

1. Boston Crusaders: 29%
2. Houston Lightning: 25%
3. Nashville Stars: 21%
4. Miami Cyclones: 13%
5. Louisville Colonels: 8%

Also receiving votes: Pittsburgh Vipers

Who will win the 2025 Rookie of the Year?

1. Tristan Lane, Vipers: 38%
2. Jamar Walcutt, Thunder: 29%
3. Bamba Diouf, Stars: 13%
4. Austin McConnell, Lightning; Nicolas Acosta, Predators: 8%

Also receiving votes: Pape Diop, Cyclones

Which rookie will be the best player in five seasons?

1. Jamar Walcutt, Thunder: 75%
2. Austin McConnell, Lightning; Tristan Lane, Vipers: 8%

Also receiving votes: Bamba Diouf, Stars; Nicolas Acosta, Predators

Which rookie was the biggest steal at where he was selected in the Draft?

1. Marcus Price, Lightning: 19%
2. Adam Vanderberg, Barons: 14%
3. Ezra Kiris, Hurricanes; Nicolas Acosta, Predators; Ronshad Fox, Scorpions: 10%

Also receiving votes: Bamba Diouf, Stars; Christian Barr, Kings; Davin Whiting, Cyclones; Dennis Howard, Jailbirds; Eli Howell, Huskies; Jamar Walcutt, Thunder; Mo Andaya, Jaguars; Raja Pavlovic, Stars; Travon Holland, Cyclones

Which rookie will end up being the biggest bust in the Draft based on where they were selected?

1. Tristan Lane, Vipers: 27%
2. Marcus Collins, Bullets: 18%
3. Nate Duncan, Mustangs; Pape Diop, Cyclones: 14%
4. Ezra Kiris, Hurricanes: 9%

Also receiving votes: Austin McConnell, Lightning; Dominic Lockhart, Crusaders; Kyle Henriquez, Blizzards; Marcus Price, Lightning

What was the best offseason player acquisition (ie. RFA signing, UFA signing, trade)?

1. Aaron Honeycutt to the Dragons: 30%
2. Thunder trading to draft Jamar Walcutt: 13%

Also receiving votes: Dontay Sowder trade for the Bullets; Isiah Evans trade for the Rockets; Keydran Carter trade for the Vipers; Odell Bracey trade for the Rockets; Contracts for the for the following players: Detrez Owens, Donovan Galloway, James Spencer, Jermaine Wade, Kellen Chambers, Lucas Rush, Jarvis McSwine, Mitchell van Bree, Zach Lynch

What was the worst offseason player acquisition (ie. RFA signing, UFA signing, trade)?

1. Jamaya Sprinkle contract match by the Vultures: 23%
2. Rockets trading for Idris Berkley: 14%
3. Rockets trading for Odell Bracey; Contract offer for Tanor Dembele from the Tritons: 9%

Also receiving votes: Holding Jamarcus Thybulle against his will; Drafting Tristan Lane #1 overall; Any player signed by the Tritons to play a frontcourt position; Kansas City re-signing Kelvin Black; Contracts for the following players: Derrick Griffin, Davante Parker, Mitchell van Bree, Reggie Fortier, Von Ukawuba