KC Management Has A First Name, It's I-N-E-P-T...

  • By John Comey, Day 1, 2025

The Kansas City Knights have, by all accounts, a roster full of guys who genuinely like one another.
They had better get each other’s contact info, because none of them are long for the team.
That’s right. None of them. Not even Kelvin Hawes.
Going back through the moves is not necessary. Everyone knows what they’ve done. But we can recap it. So let’s give that:
The Knights are a hodgepodge of a generational player who will never win a title without a solid outside scorer, who has one of the best defensive players in the league, and consistent offensive liability as his sidekick, and will have a 32-year-old tree trunk (because he can’t move) lining up alongside him for some of the game (because he can’t play for very long). Oh, and they have turned the ball over to a point guard who faltered down the stretch, and a shooting guard who is in his third year, and hasn’t proven his worth in any way, shape or form. But he’s in there, because the owner loved him in the draft. Oh, and their “deep” bench consists of a few hustle guys who couldn’t put the ball in the hoop if they were holding the ball while being dropped through the hoop.
Does that sum it up?
The Knights have had moments in camp. There are reports of improvement in the shooting of Derrick Griffin and Matt Mueller has been the story of camp. But Kelvin Black may be coming off the bench in favor of Marko Dujmovic, which would be fine if he didn’t lose heaping amounts of time to Kelvin Black in the last third of last season. Dujmovic is not proven, and Juan Maurice, who is truly an underrated piece to this team, needs to back up Hawes at the 4. Because this team has no true power forward. Of course, they could move Dujmovic to the four, and play Mo at the five.
The truth is, nobody knows what to make of this team, least all of those making the decisions inside the building.
Some publications have predicted the team in the upper tier of the conference. Please. They are two different speeds. Barker, Ajayi, and Griffin (and, to a degree, Maurice and Dujmovic) are quick and athletic. Mueller is average athletically, while the rest are not. Black is as athletic as the plague was rejuvenating.
In short, this team is very Jekyll and Hyde. And they are expected to coexist to make winning basketball.
Good luck with that.
Our humble prediction: This team gets blown up at the deadline. Once they see how much money they’re pumping into a team that simply won’t win a title…well, we all saw how quickly they shipped Aaron Honeycutt off, for the same reason. We can’t expect them to put out a team that doesn’t contend and pay for it.
This time, expect Hawes to finally be moved. This team is made in his image. If they can’t win with this group (and they can’t, there isn’t enough outside scoring or consistency on offense), then there is no point to keep him and try again.