Mustangs Solidify LaGarde Trade

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 1, 2021

DETROIT - While his home most recently has been with the Cincinnati faithful from college on, the fans of Detroit are calling the trade that sends Sherman, McLeish, and the 7th pick to Baltimore a homecoming for Pace LaGarde.

Pace, who is originally from Detroit, has been welcome with open arms from the GM and fans, alike. His skillset fills a much needed hole to hopefully put the Mustangs over the top, while providing the Bullets several solid backup players and a #7 pick.

The trade puts Detroit at a financial crossroads, though. When asked at a club breakfast/press conference, Joel acknowledged the issue going forward, and stated "The league has hard limits on trades regarding salary. While going forward we may not be able to afford star power, we abided by these limits and look forward to a 2021 season"