Skyhawks to petition JBL commissioner for playoff changes

  • By Joe Weber, Day 1, 2025

ST LOUIS - Skyhawks GM W7 and other Skyhawks brass are rumored to be petitioning JBL commissioner _exile and other board members to consider a rule change involving playoff seeding.

Word is the petition will call for an automatic playoff birth to each division champion regardless of regular season record. Although it had not come up in quite some time sometimes there are seasons where a team could win it’s division and not earn a playoff birth. Some divisions full of bad teams or some divisons of good team butting heads would be most likely to suffer this fate

“So you win your division and they hand you this banner that you have next the jumbo tron which you are supposed to be proud of but then you tell the fans, hey we will see ya next year.” “Wanna buy season tickets?” “It’s bs”

Asked if he would change anything else gm w7 said he would also give all division champs home court during the first round.

It’s not expected to be approved for this season but w7 thinks it’s a great time to make the change. “The league was molded after another league and it’s time to create our own rules and forge our own path”