Chicago Jailbirds 2025 Draft Rumors

  • By Austin Simpson, Day 1, 2025

We have no reports but likely speculation what direction Chicago will go in the 2025 JBL Draft. It was made apparent that the player or players they like were not going to be available at 27, which prompted them to move up to pick #17 by trading DeAngelo Tarver.

Chicago's GM went on the record to say that Tarver's skills were minimized next to Cheaney, so what exactly are they looking for?

The facts:
1. The starting PG spot is open - Tarver leaving opens up starting point guard duties. Is DJ Gordon ready for that role, or does Chicago draft a PG? If they traded Tarver for his skillset next to Cheaney is there a PG in this class that matches up with him.
2. Keydren Carter is aging and fast. The heir apparent to Keydren Carter was acquired last season in Mitchell van Bree, but reports indicate he is unsure about re-signing with Chicago. That piece of information could be interesting to the Jailbirds who will likely have to look into the Small forward position as we near the draft date. They will likely spend all the time they can scouting that position and will likely need more time that won't be available.
3. Backup SG was a position of weakness last year for the Jailbirds. Jason Cheaney is entrenched but they need someone to pick up 10-12 minutes/game. The 2nd unit has lacked a scoring punch, so it could be someone with those traits.

Basically we believe it could be a PG that meshes better with Cheaney than Tarver, a SF of the future, or a backup scoring SG. Time will tell but these look promising for now.