Blizzards trade out of first round

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 1, 2025

MINNEAPOLIS - Minneapolis scouts have been the most busy they have ever been this off season, but all their hard work has resulted in the Blizzards moving their 13th overall pick, formerly of the Tritons, for Omari Woodley and a 2028 LA Fireballs pick which is way down the line.

The 13th pick has been on the block for a while but not many offers rolled in, instead everyone wanted to talk about pick 9. With the Blizzards starting five all but set, there's only so much room for legitimate minutes on the roster and general manager Billy wanted to make sure that any rookie coming in would be developed properly. The J-League will start next season, but despite that a lottery pick this season would seem an overkill in the first season for the St.Paul Spectres. Also the GM's wife is on vacation this weekend so it will be hard with the kids in the draft war room!

Instead, Minneapolis will bring in Omari Woodley who was drafted at pick 20 by the Kings in 2022 and expires at this seasons end. Woodley hasn't really found a home on a roster despite logging some good minutes for the Austin Rockets, and will probably back up Colin Webster and Donovan Galloway at the 4 and 5 spots. The Fireballs selection in 2028 is a real crapshoot, and could fall absolutely anywhere in the first round. LaCruz will be 31 that season though, and it's naïve to think that Minneapolis will keep the pick also for that long, but if so there is a chance as always it could be a lottery selection.