Second Version of Mock Draft Released

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 1, 2025

This is the second mock draft between three GM; Jailbirds, Blizzards, and the Lightning. We alternated every three picks and the order wasn’t random, we had to make sure we did not have our own pick. Due to trades, we adjusted a couple picks to avoid having one of us pick for ourselves. The prior pick is listed in parenthesis and the GM making the pick is listed near the end. It was a bit harder with the trades, who picked where, prior picks, et al. Only three players were drafted in the same position, though I’m not sure if the original team made it, I only assume so. This takes in the considerations of first round picks traded as of Saturday night (PST).

1. Pittsburgh (Previous: Jamar Walcutt ) - Triston Lane - SF - True love has no price, and it’s clear that Pittsburgh are a bit star struck for Triston Lane. Or could RKG be pulling off one of the greatest smokescreens of all time? Judging from a team fit perspective, I don’t think so. Lane fits what the Vipers are doing and will be the number one pick. (Billy)

2. Seattle (Previous: Tristian Lane ) - Jamar Walcutt - C - It was hard enough to imagine Walcutt falling past one, but the Vipers wanted to make sure they got Lane, so the Bullets Thunder, new owners of the #2 pick, take the best player available. As expected, the Bullets had no interest in him and Seattle looks to improve their post situation and take him, no questions asked. (Kyle)

3. Miami (Previous: Austin McConnell ) - Nicolas Acosta - SF - No one has risen as much as Acosta and he deserves it after his strong tournament performance. Although McConnell was the guy in the last mock it was a different team. Miami is set at the point guard position with Josh Gamble likely a lifelong Cyclone so the next best non-PG player is Nicolas Acosta. He should slide in nicely as an all around solid small forward. (Austin)

4. Houston (Previous: Bamba Diouf ) - Austin McConnell - PG - Houston will get the choice here between Diouf and McConnell, so the question is who fits better for the Lightning? Diouf was the pick in the last mock, but if I were Houston GM, i would find it hard to pass on McConnell. It’s a tough call between the two and probably can’t go wrong either way, but I think down the road McConnell will be the better player. (Billy)

5. Nashville (Previous: Marcus Price ) - Bamba Diouf - PG - I’m not convinced Shakur is the right guy to continue leading the Stars and if the...Stars...align, Diouf should be a fantastic PG going forward for Phayd. He can do everything and more than Tupac can already do. He will play more defense and score more, which is ironic, since Shakur is coming off of a career high in points in a season. (Kyle)

6. Dallas (Previous: Dominic Lockhart ) - Marcus Price SF - Price projects as possibly the best defender of this draft and he has enough scoring capabilities, especially from 3, to warrant this pick. He’s the best player available for Dallas and that should be their strategy. (Austin)

7. Boston (Previous: Pape Diop ) - Pape Diop - SF - A lot of talk, and it’s just talk, that Diop could fall out of the top ten. I think that talk is unjustified, and while Diop might not be a complete two way player, he should fit in really nicely in Boston. He has the tools to be a versatile player and it seems like the small forward spot could use an upgrade on this roster. (Billy)

8. Louisville (Previous: Nicolas Acosta ) - Antoine Murray - PG -Probably not their first choice of PG’s, but a lack of movement after pick 3 made it hard to move up. Murray is a nice PG who can hopefully not learn to much from Kuberka. Murray is a Sophomore PG from New Mexico who is known for his scoring ability and should work well with Benjamin and Knox and allow Akele to facilitate from the wing and Campbell to be a defensive presence. (Kyle)

9. Minneapolis (Previous: Nate Duncan ) - Adam Vanderberg - SG- Vanderberg might be the perfect fit alongside Deleon Slay, Where Slay has size,handling and playmaking, Vanderberg has an extremely developed scoring repetroire for a 18 year old. This would made an interesting backcourt of the future in Minneapolis. (Austin)

10. Detroit (Previous: Adam Vanderburg ) - Nate Duncan - SF/PF - The Mustangs have been pretty quiet over the off season and they have a couple of holes to fill. I think point guard is their biggest need, but with Murray gone I just can’t see them jumping in at 10 to take any of the point guards left on the board. A possible trade candidate maybe? If nothing works out there, I think taking Duncan who can play both forward spots and kind of just blend in with Robinson might be a good idea. (Billy)

11.Oklahoma City (Previous: Aiden McDyess ) - Dominic Lockhart - PF - Roy Ellington had a breakout year offensively for the Barons, averaging 17 PPG. But even with the increase in usage, his rebounding numbers actually declined. He’s 27 years old and not a candidate for a max contract. Lockhart is a defensive savant and should be able to backup both post positions next year and is great value at the #11 spot for the Barons. This allows them to resign Berkley and not stress his defense and focus on the other wing spot via FA. They could take Kyle Henriquez here as well, if they wanted to worry about PF elsewhere, but he’s best player available. (Kyle)

12. Atlanta (Previous: Chris Dillinger ) - Davin Whiting - C - Dillinger didn’t declare, so the Devils draft another Center and that guy is Davin Whiting. Whiting is sneakily underrated and seldom spoken about, but that just benefits Atlanta who pick up a guy who I think could make the all rookie team after his first season if he gets the start, or as a backup behind Aririguzoh can become a formidable backup or spot starter. (Billy)

13. Minneapolis (Previous: Kyle Henriquez ) - Aiden McDyess - PF/SF- After selecting Vanderberg for Minneapolis I think they look at a big man. McDyess is someone who can play both forward postions, is a solid rebounder, defender, and looks to be able to develop a consistent three point shot. He will be able to get minutes at both positions and add to Minneapolis’ growing depth. (Austin)

14. Las Vegas (Previous: Antoine Murray ) - Kyle Henriquez - SF/SG - With the moves last year, it left a big hole at the SF spot. With Francis being such a ball dominant figure in the lineup at SG, they could use a defensive minded 3&D at the other wing spot. I mean, unless they think Damon Murray is the answer there. (Kyle)

15. New Orleans (Previous: Deon Bell ) - Ronshad Fox SG/PG - Loyola has played well in New Orleans, but it doesn’t hurt to add a solid backup like Fox. Ronshad played well in the tournament and lead UCLA further than most would have thought. It’s a plus he can play the shooting guard position which further cements this pick. Fox likely needs a little time to develop, but will likely be a solid player before the Hurricanes know it. (Austin)

16. New York (Previous: Josh Potter ) - Josh Potter PG - The draft has changed around a bit until now but I think New York get lucky and can afford to take a gamble on Josh Potter. The Renegades lineup looks pretty set, and Potter appears to be a player than can play the point and has the size at least to play shooting guard also. A really versatile guard that can just blend into the Renegades lineup. (Billy)

17. Chicago (Previous: Marcus Collins ) - Deon Bell SG/SF - Bell is pure offense for the J-Birds. I dont think they really need to address a starter, but Carter is getting long in the tooth and while Bell is terrible on D, Carter isn’t really that much better. He probably doesn’t fit with Cheaney for awhile, but could very well be the anchor off the bench and with the second unit. (Kyle)

18. Philadelphia (Previous: Ronshad Fox ) - Marcus Collins - Collins is the best player available for Philly and the fit works. Collins is an uber scorer especially from deep. Philly already has the best player in the league to draw double teams and allow for easy kick out three pointers. If the Warriors can successfully hide Collins on the defensive end, this is a great pick. (Austin)

19. Cincinnati (Previous: Dallas Kabengele ) - Spencer Gallineau - SF - The Kings have a pretty set lineup albeit at the point guard position with Vickery a free agent and rookie turn sophomore Marcus Richardson. I think another point guard if they lose Vickery is an option, but again I just don’t see a point guard that fits the bill here for the Kings. Seems silly to add Gallineau to a rotation that already has Olajapoke and Prince, but Galliineau just seems like an under the rader guy that the Kings will like. Also I could just be completely wrong. (Billy)

20. Portland (Previous: Spencer Gallineau ) - Avery Morrison - C - Dillinger returning to college was a huge blow and it came down to Morrison or Parsons and felt like Morrison’s style fit better. Martin, as a grown ass 31 year old man is still a smaller figure than Morrison despite being 7’0 and 253 pounds. Parsons is undersized and possibly better all-around than Morrison, Avery is a better figure down low. (Kyle)

21. Miami (Previous: Nikos Koutsolouka ) - Nikos Koutsolouka - SF/SG - Miami has time to wait and Nikos is a player who will likely start slow but have a good career arc. He comes in as a solid defender with the perfect measurables for a SF/SG, but has the potential to be much more. After taking Acosta at #3 as their SF of the future, the other Niko can look to be their SG of the future. A Nico/Niko wing tandem with length and scoring will devastate the league! (Austin)

22. Miami (Previous: Davin Whiting ) - Courtney Parsons - PF/C - Neither Holden or Black are on the roster still, and it’s not a sure thing that Hawkins is the answer. Parsons can play both post positions and can do a little scoring and a little defending. No matter which way he develops, either would be a nice asset to have at either position. (Billy)

23. Las Vegas (Previous: Ezra Kiris ) - Alex Baptiste - PG - Brown is probably not the answer and Baptiste can shoot the 3 and distribute the ball, which is what you need next to the Franchise. Defense is a little suspect, ok a lot suspect, but should fit in nicely with the remaining stars on the roster. (Kyle)

24. Phoenix (Previous: Courtney Parson ) - Dennis Howard - SF/SG - Howard made a nice run in the CJBL tournament along with Ronshad Fox for UCLA Bruins. He could fit nicely as the wing tandem of the future in Phoenix alongside Demetrius Stith. (Austin)

25. Oakland (Previous: Evan Meade ) - Ezra Kiris - PF/SF - The most hotly debated rookie comes with a poor workout and personality in spades. But is he too good to not pass up? He’s a 3&D type of player who can guard both inside and out, while also hitting 3’s. You will either love or hate him, but I think most GM’s will love him and he’ll be a solid role player on his rookie deal in Oakland. (Billy)

26. Boston (Previous: Avery Morrison ) - Travon Holland - C I felt like they needed an affective post next to Fuller and there was a lack of a good PF, though I debated Andaya, so the Crusaders take Travon Holland, a brilliant defender at the C position. Not as good of a scorer as Fuller, Holland does give him a chance to take the defensive side off occasionally and focus on his scoring potential. If the Crusaders decided to focus on a PF, I would say J. Marshall wouldn’t be a bad option either.

27. Charlotte (Previous: Dennis Howard ) - Quincy Reed - C - Charlotte has a new playmaker and now has a need for a backup big man. Reed projects to need some time but should be able to take the minutes of current Hornets backup Jason Sutton from day 1 as he progresses. (Austin)

28. Miami (Previous: Travon Holland ) - Dallas Kabengele - SF/PF - A legit upside pick, he’s not really needed that badly here, but he’s projected as a top 20 player in this draft, so getting him here is a steal. He’s going to compete with time with Milos, but Milos is a hot commodity and assets are always nice to have. (Billy)

29. Louisville (Previous: Axel Fraizer ) - Jontray Marshall - PF/C - With Ratliff’s contract ending and uncertainty of who plays PF in this system with two big wings and two centers, Marshall is a scoring post who can play both PF and C, which means he can spell Campbell and whichever of the wings goes up in position. He’s a two-way forward that, with a little more seasoning, could see himself as a starter when they figure out their team further. (Kyle)

30. Toronto (Previous: Vince Collier ) - Marquise Sasser - SG/SF - Toronto’s system requires good three point shooters and Sasser is just that. He should be able to pick up scrap minutes at SG and SF as he develops in the Huskies system. (Austin)