Plans for Off Season Up In The Air as GM Meddles in Coaches Business.

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2025

With whisky and cigar in hand, the Crusaders GM was open with his thoughts during a wide-ranging interview about his thoughts for the upcoming draft and FA period.

“Coach Jackson wants me to trade up,” Jones said, “he’s got his heart set on Walcutt. We’ve got Fuller already. I’m pretty sure he won’t stab anyone so we should be okay with him filling that role. And, at 7 foot tall he’s able to jump in the C position.”

The GM went on to suggest that the Crusaders would likely look at drafting another PF and look at an SF for their second R1 pick - someone to fill a supporting role for West and Porter.

GM Jones didn’t rule out a big FA play either.

“We’ve got an up and coming squad that gets better year on year,” the GM argued, “and with some small gaps filled it won’t be long before we are knocking on the playoff doors. Who wouldn’t want to come to Boston?”

Jones went off on a tangent talking about tourist attractions and real estate opportunities.