Partial Draft Document Leaked From Mustangs

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 1, 2025

DETROIT - Here at WDET, we typically try and publish newsworthy information obtained on the up and up. However, sometimes the information we receive through dubious channels is too juicy to ignore. A few hours after our story on the Mustangs team options ran, we got an envelope addressed to myself sent by courier. Inside was a partially wrinkled piece of paper bearing the Detroit Mustangs letterhead. It appeared to be an internal memo between the staff and the GM. It was dated last Friday and was titled "Our likely #10 pick".

I quickly made a call to DI, who was still fuming after I apparently insulted him. After explaining I didn't mean to offend by my questioning of declining Hood's option and calming him down, for now, I simply asked him if their #10 pick selection could shock people and if it was already decided. He replied "Yes, we have a shortlist we have here, but I think our pick is solidified and we are certain he will be there at #10."

We continued with small chat about the trades of the day, to which he would neither confirm nor deny he was involved with any discussions following the main trades. We also discussed likely #10 targets, all the while I'm staring at this memo that says it will not be a likely target. I steered the conversation away from #10 and onto late 1st and possible early 2nd round prospects to try and judge what his reaction would be when I drop the name on this memo.

It worked better than I had hoped. As soon as I mentioned Ezra Kiris, he possibly slipped by saying, "Oh he won't be there that late. He's a polished senior and I have him much higher than that." But when I pressed, he refused to comment further on where he lands on the Mustangs big board. However, my memo says otherwise.

I feel I have fulled verified the memo contents. So here are it's contents verbatim:


The scouting and coaching staff have worked tirelessly the past few days analyzing film and notes. Please find our recommended picks for #10. We feel Kiris will be there but Acosta will not:

Ezra Kiris. - Polished senior who will likely complement Robinson’s game well. As we’ve seen with Robinson and Tomes, seniors seem to be able to step up and contribute much sooner than freshmen. He had a good workout with us, and we feel his fit is perfect. He does have some issues with motivation, but Wells thinks he can fix that! If he’s here, which he should be, TAKE HIM.”

It appears I was not given all the pages of the memo, as it mentions “picks” and even names Acosta. I can only deduce that there are more pages to this memo.

Mr. Peanutbutter did submit this based on his own vetting process, but the editors at WDET felt we needed to contact the front office to confirm the memo’s authenticity. We did get it verified, but the person who verified it wished to be left unnamed due to the sensitivity of the content.