OKC Barons Swap 1st Round Picks with Jaguars

  • By Joren De Dios, Day 1, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY - As the first official OKC Barons move as a part of the league, the team moved up to the draft by swapping 1st rounds with the Jaguars moving from #10 to #3 to be in a position grab a top 5 talent in the draft. OKC will send a future 1st round pick (2023) and will receive forward Sidney Cavenell from the Jaguars. Cavenell will be the first ever player that the team acquires.

"We have engaged and reached out with a few GMs in the top 5 in this year's draft and we are lucky that GM Grunter listened to our proposal that eventually led to our deal. We wanted to move up to have a chance to get a top 5 talent in this draft."

The acquisition of Sidney Cavenell is more of a salary dumping move to create space for the Jaguars this offseason and it will benefit OKC because he is a veteran in which can be a locker room presence for the coming season at least. #3 is a good position to have as they will have the chance to draft a potential leader of the franchise. Team will lose a 1st round draft pick in 2023 but their 2022 1st round draft pick will be locked now as part of a rule regarding picks.