2024 JBL Play Type Analysis

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 201, 2024

2024 JBL Play Type Analysis

Now that we have completed our first season with Play Type results, it’s only fitting to break down the data to see what trends we uncover, which teams need to increase their focus and which teams need to do a complete 360.

In this article we will break down each of the new play types by the following:
• Top 5 teams per play type by % of plays run
• Bottom 5 teams per play type by % of plays run
• Top 5 teams per play type by Points Per Possession (PPP)
• Bottom 5 teams per play type by PPP

Spot Up: 19.5% of all JBL plays. Ranked #1
League Average PPP = 0.841

Teams with top USG:
Lightning: 26.3%
Rockets: 26.1%
Crusaders: 25.4%
Blizzards: 24.8%
Bullets: 23.5%

Teams with lowest USG:
Vultures: 11.7%
Colonels: 14.6%
Devils: 15.2%
Dragons: 15.2%
Renegades 15.5%

Highest PPP:
Hurricanes: .909
Huskies: .896
Renegades: .891
Mustangs: .885
Jaguars: .876

Lowest PPP:
Stars: .737
Lightning: .776
Crusaders: .786
Dragons: .790
Knights: .809

The Lightning and Crusaders see their names on the highest usage and lowest PPP lists. Houston is dragged down by Jarrell Harrison who saw 818 Spot Up opportunities (#2 in the JBL) with an eFG% of 39.9 good for 0.74 PPP. The Crusaders did not have any one player who stood out rather they had eight players who ended up with over 150 Spot Up opportunities with only Tyrese Porter (.890) and Kenyon Fuller (.902) above the league average PPP. Meanwhile, the Renegades see one of the lowest usage rates, but they finish with the 3rd best PPP as a team. They have six players with 143 opportunities or higher and all but Omari Kamga are below the league average PPP. Jerome Bradley leads the way at 1.04 PPP on 303 chances.

PnR Ball Hander: 15.5% of all JBL plays. Ranked #2
League Average PPP = 0.921

Teams with top USG:
Jailbirds: 23.3%
Colonels: 18.7%
Huskies: 18.3%
Kings: 18.2%
Dragons: 17.8%

Teams with lowest USG:
Drones: 10.2%
Vipers: 10.6%
Mustangs: 10.9%
Renegades: 11.4%
Lumberjacks: 11.9%

Highest PPP:
Jailbirds: 1.017
Huskies: 1.007
Skyhawks: 1.002
Thunder: .993
Warriors: .991

Lowest PPP:
Lumberjacks: .828
Renegades: .833
Lightning: .837
Predators: .860
Knights: .860

This category is definitely an indication of elite level talent. One look at the teams with the highest PPP you see they are led by Jason Chaeney (#1 total PnRBH plays at 1.1 PPP) & Keydran Carter (1.2), Darius Barry (1.14) & Vionte Houston (1.1), Tezale Craig (1.11) & Jamal Johnson (1.02), Andrew Phifer (1.13) and Alonzo Weaver (1.03) & Jordan Carstensen (1.02). What do the bottom five teams in terms of PPP have in common? All their PG’s struggle running the PnR. Kenyon Barber leads the group with 827 plays which led to .81 PPP followed by Keith Humphries (529 at .80 PPP), Darius Whiteside (489 at .79 PPP), Jaylen Barker (395 at .81 PPP) and DeAndre Buie (354 at .79 PPP). We have to give credit to the Knights GM for moving Matt Mueller into the starting lineup as he helped bring the PPP number back up after replacing Barker in the starting lineup (478 at .85 PPP).

Transition: 13.1% of all JBL plays. Ranked #3
League Average PPP = 1.008

Teams with top USG:
Blizzards: 20.2%
Rockets: 19.1%
Fireballs: 18.0%
Thunder: 17.4%
Bullets: 17.4%

Teams with lowest USG:
Knights: 7.0%
Lumberjacks: 7.6%
Hurricanes: 8.1%
Devils: 8.7%
Warriors: 9.4%

Highest PPP:
Fireballs: 1.087
Lumberjacks: 1.086
Bullets: 1.079
Kings: 1.078
Vultures: 1.065

Lowest PPP:
Mustangs: .896
Devils: .920
Stars: .925
Knights: .931
Lightning: .943

No surprise here as we see the Fireballs Run-n-Gun style here close to the top in terms of overall usage and at #1 in PPP. LaCruz had 400 chances scoring 1.18 PPP while his running mate, Jermaine Curry, had 382 plays scoring 1.13 PPP. Also no surprise to see the Knights at the very bottom of this list as Hawes wants his Post Up chances. Jordan Timberlake and JaDante Hicks were the two biggest drags on the bottom 5 PPP teams. Timberlake would end up with 275 plays in transition which led to only .81 PPP and Hicks’ 208 plays led to a god awful .74 PPP.

Isolation: 10.9% of all JBL plays. Ranked #4
League Average PPP = 0.925

Teams with top USG:
Huskies: 15.9%
Colonels: 15.3%
Fireballs: 15.0%
Vultures: 13.7%
Scorpions: 13.6%

Teams with lowest USG:
Lumberjacks: 5.0%
Blizzards: 6.1%
Vipers: 6.1%
Knights: 8.1%
Lightning: 8.3%

Highest PPP:
Vultures: 1.010
Lumberjacks: .996
Skyhawks: .982
Kings: .979
Huskies: .972

Lowest PPP:
Vipers: .793
Stars: .830
Rockets: .856
Warriors: .876
Drones: .879

Much like the PnR Ball Handler category, we see a lot of familiar names at the top of this list as the Huskies are led by Darius Barry’s JBL leading 615 ISO plays which led to 1.06 PPP. LaCruz would finish 2nd in the league with 549 plays leading to .97 PPP. The Vultures like the ISO play as they are #4 in usage leading to a JBL leading 1.01 PPP. 7 players on their team saw 100+ plays in the ISO format with all of them surpassing at least .98 PPP. The only exception was Sasha Vidmar who was 2nd on the team with 226 plays at .88 PPP. Deon Hellums would finish with the 7th most ISO plays in 2024 (386) leading to only .84 PPP Lucas Rush wasn’t far behind as his 366 plays (9th in the JBL) led to .80 PPP dragging down the Drones in this category and the $28M dollar man, Tyler Davis, would run 267 ISO plays leading to .76 PPP while laughing all the way to the bank.

Cut: 8.8% of all JBL plays. Ranked #5
League Average PPP = 1.155

Teams with top USG:
Renegades: 12.1%
Vultures: 11.1%
Lumberjacks: 11.1%
Vipers: 10.9%
Devils: 10.6%

Teams with lowest USG:
Bullets: 4.4%
Huskies: 6.0%
Drones: 6.4%
Scorpions: 6.5%
Skyhawks: 6.6%

Highest PPP:
Barons: 1.261
Kings: 1.255
Lumberjacks: 1.247
Hurricanes: 1.241
Vultures: 1.225

Lowest PPP:
Mustangs: 1.011
Colonels: 1.060
Lightning: 1.070
Crusaders: 1.081
Vipers: 1.089

The Vultures and Lumberjacks once again find themselves in the Top 5 of another category in terms of PPP as the big men get involved. Drayton Banks of the Vultures had 362 plays (6th in the JBL) good for 1.28 PPP while Akieem Martin of the Lumberjacks had 331 plays (9th in the JBL) good for 1.26 PPP. Austin Bryant and Dedrick Clayton would both top 1.43 PPP on over 140 plays each. The Barons led the JBL in PPP in this category thanks to the trio of Roy Ellington (206 at 1.26 PPP), Isiah Harris (200 at 1.32 PPP) and Dondre Mitchell (106 at 1.34 PPP). The bottom five teams were dragged down by some of the younger players still learning how to finish off a cut play in the JBL. Keion Worthington was featured in 401 plays (3rd in the JBL) leading to 1.06 PPP and odds on favorite for ROY, Josiah Robinson, had 168 plays which led to .94 PPP. Robinson’s teammate, Uman Akele, would fare a little better with 157 plays good for 1.06 PPP; however, that was still well below league average. The Vipers Hassan Bundu would also struggle on his 166 plays as they would only lead to 1.02 PPP.

Post Up: 8.5% of all JBL plays. Ranked #6
League Average PPP = 1.076

Teams with top USG:
Devils: 16.0%
Lumberjacks: 15.1%
Vipers: 13.2%
Warriors: 11.9%
Knights: 11.7%

Teams with lowest USG:
Crusaders: 3.0%
Jailbirds: 3.5%
Rockets: 3.5%
Bullets: 4.1%
Kings: 4.2%

Highest PPP:
Vultures: 1.150
Jailbirds: 1.143
Scorpions: 1.132
Thunder: 1.123
Devils: 1.113

Lowest PPP:
Crusaders: .836
Mustangs: .984
Vipers: 1.010
Huskies: 1.015
Colonels: 1.027

The Crusaders are the first team to nail their weakness as they score the least amount of PPP in this category while at the same time minimizing this weakness by running the Post Up at a league low rate of 3.0%. Once again, we see the Vultures in the Top 5 led by Drayton Banks who posted up 619 times (2nd in the JBL) scoring 1.23 PPP. The Devils find themselves in the Top 5 thanks to Taquan Slattery’s 873 plays (1st in the JBL) which led to 1.13 PPP. Although the Knights didn’t crack the list in PPP or usage, I would be remiss not to mention Kelvin Hawes. Hawes would end up with 522 plays (4th in the JBL) leading to a JBL best 1.25 PPP making one ponder, why is the league’s best post player 300+ plays behind Slattery???

PnR Roll Man: 8.1% of all JBL plays. Ranked #7
League Average PPP = 1.012

Teams with top USG:
Renegades: 12.2%
Skyhawks: 11.4%
Kings: 11.0%
Drones: 10.2%
Predators: 9.9%

Teams with lowest USG:
Fireballs: 5.2%
Bullets: 5.3%
Colonels: 5.9%
Thunder: 6.1%
Warriors: 6.3%

Highest PPP:
Bullets: 1.127
Hurricanes: 1.110
Huskies: 1.104
Lumberjacks: 1.103
Vultures: 1.083

Lowest PPP:
Crusaders: .852
Vipers: .901
Lightning: .914
Stars: .952
Skyhawks: .956

Do the Lumberjacks and Vultures have a weakness as they both show up in the top 5 in PPP? Leon Bowen’s 299 plays at 1.15 PPP helps lead the Canes to the #2 spot in this category. Trayvon Gibbs (177 plays at 1.16 PPP) and Dzaflo Taybron (170 plays at 1.19 PPP) are two other highly efficient players amongst the top teams. Chris Funk of the Crusaders would see 250 plays leading to .84 PPP and Trayvon Miller’s 309 plays at .88 PPP would ensure the Vipers end towards the bottom as well.

Putback: 6.3% of all JBL plays. Ranked #8
League Average PPP = 1.229

Teams with top USG:
Crusaders: 7.1%
Scorpions: 6.9%
Stars: 6.9%
Jaguars: 6.8%
Cyclones: 6.7%

Teams with lowest USG:
Renegades: 5.2%
Jailbirds: 5.2%
Barons: 5.3%
Hurricanes: 5.5%
Vipers: 5.7%

Highest PPP:
Huskies: 1.319
Predators: 1.293
Barons: 1.285
Thunder: 1.280
Colonels: 1.275

Lowest PPP:
Rockets: 1.165
Devils: 1.166
Blizzards: 1.172
Skyhawks: 1.180
Vultures: 1.180

This is category is more a story of who rebounds the ball the best on the offensive end as all but the Cyclones sit in the Top 8 in Team Offensive Rebounding. The Rockets who own the #1 pick in the upcoming draft might want to check out their inability to score on putbacks as they rank 32nd in the JBL. With Jamar Walcutt waiting to go #1, he could lift them up significantly by himself in this category.

Off Screen: 5.6% of all JBL plays. Ranked #9
League Average PPP = 0.922

Teams with top USG:
Mustangs: 9.3%
Bullets: 9.1%
Lumberjacks: 8.3%
Drones: 7.55
Vipers: 7.5%

Teams with lowest USG:
Vultures: 2.9%
Jailbirds: 3.5%
Devils: 3.6%
Blizzards: 3.6%
Predators: 3.7%

Highest PPP:
Warriors: 1.060
Bullets: 1.039
Renegades: 1.022
Huskies: 1.000
Devils: .982

Lowest PPP:
Dragons: .808
Lightning: .816
Stars: .821
Colonels: .847
Cyclones: .849

The Bullets find themselves at #2 in usage and PPP as Reggie Goodwin ranked 4th in number of plays with 331 leading to a JBL best 1.11 PPP. The Renegades would get contribution from two players as Jerome Bradley (186 plays at 1.1 PPP) and Josh Damaska (109 at 1.06 PPP) place NY in the top 3. Players who struggled knocking down the jump shot coming off a screen included Kendall Love’s 257 plays (7th in the JBL) at .82 PPP, Deon Hellums (151 at .87 PPP), Keyshawn Benjamin (141 at .77 PPP) and Jordan Timberlake (124 at .78 PPP). We’ll give the Dragons some credit as although they rank as the worst team in PPP thanks to Reggie Fortier’s 50 plays leading to .64 PPP, they were also 6th lowest in usage in Off Screen plays.

Hand Off: 3.7% of all JBL plays. Ranked #10
League Average PPP = 0.892

Teams with top USG:
Vipers: 5.0%
Rockets: 4.5%
Mustangs: 4.4%
Scorpions: 4.4%
Bullets: 4.2%

Teams with lowest USG:
Predators: 2.6%
Devils: 2.9%
Blizzards: 2.9%
Huskies: 3.0%
Skyhawks: 3.0%

Highest PPP:
Dragons: 1.003
Huskies: .993
Mustangs: .991
Scorpions: .988
Fireballs: .982

Lowest PPP:
Predators: .669
Stars: .741
Vipers: .773
Tritons: .788
Cyclones: .794

The Mustangs and Scorpions both find themselves in the top 5 in both usage and PPP. The Stangs found one category where JaDante Hicks could succeed in as his 115 plays led to .98 PPP. Lamar Francis saw 208 plays (1st in the JBL) for the Scorpions on the Hand Off leading to .92 PPP. Kendall Love finds himself on the wrong side of another category as his 90 plays led to .69 PPP for the Stars. Hassan Bundu ( 57 at .65 PPP), Terrell Sanford (56 at .61 PPP) and Tyler Davis (52 at .75 PPP) were all contributors to their team’s struggles.

Most Top 5 USG Plays:
4 – Bullets, Vipers
3 – Lumberjacks, Rockets, Scorpions
0 – Barons, Hurricanes, Tritons

Most Bottom 5 USG Plays:
4 – Devils
3 – Bullets, Vipers, Lumberjacks, Blizzards, Renegades, Jailbirds
0 – Cyclones, Jaguars, Stars, Tritons

Most Top 5 Highest PPP Plays:
7 – Huskies
5 – Vultures
4 – Lumberjacks
3 – Bullets, Hurricanes, Kings, Thunder
0 – Vipers, Blizzards, Drones, Knights, Rockets, Crusaders, Lightning, Cyclones, Stars, Tritons

Most Bottom 5 Highest PPP Plays:
6 – Lightning, Stars
5 – Vipers
4 – Crusaders
3 – Mustangs, Colonels, Knights
0 – Bullets, Hurricanes, Kings, Thunder, Jailbirds, Scorpions, Fireballs, Barons, Jaguars