Baltimore Bullets First Trade

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 146, 2020

BALTIMORE - Less than 24hrs after signing his contract with the Baltimore Bullets inaugural GM Andrew Taylor has completed his first trade. Wasting no time, the deal was struck literally minutes after the commencement of the 2021 offseason, proving that Trader Bed is back and open for business.

The completed trade will send the Bullet’s 2021 1st round pick (#18) to the Seattle Thunder in exchange for the Tritons 1st round pick (#27) and Thunder’s 1st (#29) and 2nd round (#59) picks.

Bedouin, who is at the CJBL tournament, provided the following short statement for the media.

“As a new franchise I believe our primary goal should be to accrue the largest base of assets possible. This will grant us the flexibility to pursue the widest range of opportunities as we work to construct a contending team over the coming seasons.”

“I want to assure our fans that this trade should not be taken as a sign that I don’t value the draft, an accusation that has followed me for many years. I simply believed that the flexibility provided by multiple lower first round selections was more valuable than the 18th selection. While there will no doubt be talent available at the 18th pick there are no guarantees in this league. Rest assured I’m not at this year’s tournament as a spectator; this organization still has an active interest in this draft.”

“Given my commitments at the tournament and the fact that I believe we will be a highly active front office this offseason I will not hold a press conference at this time. At the conclusion of the offseason I will hold my first official press conference with the Bullets and answer any and all questions about this move and the moves to come.”