Press conference for Nashville Stars

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 146, 2020

A slightly bleary eyed GM Phayd walks into the press conference with a skip in his step, his usual professional suited and booted manner looking a little worse for wear.

Phayd - “Wow what a post season!

ESPN – “Fantastic win there Phayd, you must be overjoyed to bring the Championship to Nashville?”

Phayd – “Woohoo!! It’s been a long time coming for this great city” crowd cheers. “Thankyou Nashville for your support. 5 years I’ve been working with this great club and each year the support we receive get’s stronger and stronger. Where do we go from here?”

Nashville Tribune – “It looked like a tough championship this year Phayd”

Phayd – “Competition was tough this year as it is every year – Jron and the Fireballs have done an incredible job this season getting to the finals. On another day this forum would be his, and the way they play phew that team is explosive. I think the final scores flatter us a little as two big 7 game stretches for them against both the Rockets and the Scorpions must have taken some of the wind out of their sails. Luke and the Thunder as well – what that guy has managed to achieve in 2 seasons is fantastic – he has a bright future ahead. But today is our day, the last championship before the big expansions and the first championship in Stars history. We’re in the books baby!!”

Crowd cheers

Stars TV – “The Jailbirds looked like they were going to walk the playoffs with the form they were in. What did you do to close out that series?”

Phayd – “It’s all about trust. We’d put the building blocks of a solid team in place and we just had to trust in the system. Winning the first game away from home gave us a huge advantage – if you look at that game alone you can see the depth we were able to field. In a post season everyone needs to play, your starters can’t carry you across the line on their own. We had depth at every position, that first game was won by our bench – they scored more than a third of our overall points. That’s the system. That’s the trust. Last year we didn’t have enough to get past the Renegades but the building blocks were there. We knew we need one piece and we got that piece in Kaiser Anderson – his experience helped lock things down. It was a great feeling to be able to work with him in obtaining his second Championship ring he was a stalwart on and off the court bringing great leadership qualities. If he chooses to retire on a high I hope he keeps those qualities in the game with a role in the back office.”

Nashville Tribune – “Was there ever a point where you didn’t think you’d make the playoffs?”

Phayd – “Hey you know how tough our conference has been the last few years. We ended up with the exact same record as 2019 and 4th spot despite being named as season Favourites by some before the first ball had been tipped. For a large part of the start of the season we looked in control but 9 games out for your top scorer has a huge impact in a 56 game season and we dropped right back into the race, the Renegades were coming on strong, the Tritons dropped us into 4th spot and the Jailbirds just couldn’t put a foot wrong in the second half of the regular season. Sure I had my moments there, but nobody wants to come 5th and we put the right things together at the right time. In hind sight with Craig out injured the rest of the team had to step up and when Craig came back everyones output was high.”

ESPN – “What’s next then Phayd?”

Phayd – “You mean after the party and the after party?” Phayd grins “We have a title here to defend and with the expanded league that title next season is going to be historic – The first title in a 30 club season? I want that! Some of my GM colleagues have either come to the end of their contracts or they are looking to help out the new franchises and going for a fresh challenge for me I still have work here to do in Nashville.”

With that and a huge grin GM Phayd heads back to the party.