A Trade..Already?!!??

  • By Luke Forte, Day 146, 2020

Well that did't take long. 5 seconds into the 2021 season and GM Luke Forte and recently appointed GM at the Baltimore Bullets, Andrew Taylor have traded multiple picks to get the ball rolling on the highly anticipated first expansion season.

Seattle sends their 2021 1st round pick (#29) and 2021 2nd round for (#59) and the Tritons 2021 1st round pick (#27) for Baltimore's 2021 1st round pick (#18).

I caught GM Luke Forte briefly as he was heading into the locker room after a meeting with Devan Carroll (more to come on that story) and all he said was this, "Onwards and upwards".

I believe the point GM Forte is making is that it's business as usual. It's become a thing to expect from these two GM's as there has been 12 trades between them in the past 2 years. And I am sure this is the first of many to come.

JC Pennypacker reporting for Channel 9 news.